Inspiring home design with industrial style concrete themed interior fi

Industrial home designs deal with concrete and greys here and there. Though some people are ignorant about using this theme for their interior due to the darkness, others adore it for a strong and masculine atmosphere. Furthermore, concretes are versatile and cheaper than tiles. With these materials, you can gain a cool interior with a fewer budget. In this article, we will show you a home interior with a concrete theme that looks so grey with other colors to bring a serenity place. Check out!

Inspiring home design with industrial style concrete themed interior 1

Concrete decor living roomIn this living room, we see a raw grey interior that looks so strong. A black lounge chair works well with other deep hues in this area. The coffee tables are nice in white colors that break up the entire dark colors around. There is a floor to ceiling shelves to display any home items. Anyone who sits here will feel like in another world.

Industrial staircase designWe see more concrete blocks here. The staircase looks so cool with metal balustrades descending. This metal ceiling shows a modern feel in an industrial theme. Imagine you are stepping the staircase to go up while seeing the dark hues around. It seems like living in an old castle with mysterious feels. However, it also brings you to go beyond your imagination.

Yellow bedroom in concrete themed home interiorAfter going upstairs, we will come to a bedroom with yellow touches. This bedroom has an open mini cupboard besides units that run to the entire width of the bedroom. Sure, it looks so comfy with a simple bedding decor.

Blue bedroom in concrete themed home interiorHere is another bedroom that is designed well in white and blue color bedding. Blue cushions give a touch of pop color among other neutral hues. Well, anyone can sleep in this bedroom, men or women. Even this place has a reading nook near the window.

Mid century bedroom in industrial themeThe third bedroom shows stunning modern artwork drops on the wall that is eye-catching. The colors of blue and gold give a new touch among other neutral tones. The mid-century modern sofa and wooden table work well to complete this room design.

Industrial kitchen decor with woodsStepping to the kitchen, we will find grey wood planks that meld with cool concrete. It creates a warm and stunning look. The kitchen island with a high gloss white countertop makes this area clean and sleek. The concrete surrounding them looks like the protector of this area.

Bathroom in industrial home themeIn this bathroom, we find a modern design with faux tilework on the walls. We adore the flooring with grey touches. The vanity looks so beautiful with a potted houseplant on a dark tray. A rectangular mirror over the sink reflects light to make this room brighter.


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