Tips on how to decorate a long and narrow living room fi

In a long and narrow living room, you will see a small space to turn around. However, it doesn’t mean that this area cannot be decorated beautifully. Too many furniture items will make it too crowded. While too few home items will make it looks so empty. If you have a long and narrow living room, you might want to make it wider. In this article, there are simple tips on how to decorate long and narrow living rooms as follows. Check out and get inspired!

Tips on how to decorate a long and narrow living room 1

Consider to Add Accessories

Consider to add accessories


Think over your living room color scheme. In this picture, the owner adds a rug under the seating space to create a wider space. It will be nice to add a similar color tone to get a larger illusion. When you use white hues on the walls, try a white shade of rug that will make the room brighter.

Create a Cute Path Through the Room

Create a cute path through the room


Maximize the room with zones. For example, in the first zone, you can apply a sofa with neutral colors such as white, light brown, or cream. Then, make another zone with acrylic chairs with a round table. This way will create a perfect space for a small and long living area.

Apply L-Shaped Seating Area

To break up the lengths of the room, you can place a sofa on the wall. Then, add two love chairs too at the end of it. This will make an L-shaped seating area that works well for a narrow living room. You are free to create a U-shaped seating area as well to create a larger room illusion.

Light Up A Narrow Living Room Space

Enlighten up your narrow living room will create a brighter look. In this room, the owner adds sheer window treatment to get a brighter room. More natural lights will make a narrow living room looks wider and brighter.  This interior shows a nice and comfy living room with glass windows.

Use Gradation Of Shade And Color Of Paint

In this living room, we see a darker color shade on the opposing wall. It is a great way to create a wider illusion of a long living room. Paint two ends wall with dark colors. Dark hues will create a long distance and make it look larger.

Install Circular Furniture Items

For a long and narrow living room, the furniture items used will affect the room. Consider using a circular table to get a wider space. Then, keep the room free from any clutter.

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