Advantages and disadvantages of pea gravels for patio fi

Pea gravels are attractive and easy installation, have good drainage, and are versatile for almost all garden styles. Using them for a patio is also kid-friendly. Because it will not hurt the kids due to the smaller sizes than pebbles. It is also slightly softer. So, many people use pea gravel to fill their backyard. While in this article we are going to show the pros and cons of using pea gravel for the backyard patio. It will be much better to know the advantages and disadvantages of gravel before using them, right?

So, the advantages of using pea gravels are:

Cheap And Low Maintenance

It is not a secret that pea gravels are cheap and low maintenance. You can buy these materials in the store at a lower price. Using them will cut costs of materials and labor. Furthermore, you don’t need to do anything to keep them. They are durable and strong. No matter what the season, gravel will always be there in your garden.

Free to Design

Feel free to put gravels anywhere on your patio. Pea gravels come with more shapes, colors, and sizes that will work well with any garden design. Even you can choose a variety of colors like tan, yellow, grey, and brown to fit your necessities. Furthermore, they are easy to combine with brick, concrete, or other materials. You can build up your patio with gravel.



Easy to Walk

Unlike other stones, gravels are smaller and smoother. Even you can walk on them without shoes or sandals. We are sure that you will not be hurt. Apply them as many as you need to prevent weed growth. Then, enjoy your patio with a weed-free and easy walk every day.

However, the disadvantages of using pea gravels are:

More Problem With Snow

When winter comes with the snow outside, It will be hard to remove them from your patio. Some snows can be hidden between the small gravels. And, the snow will always be in your backyard along winter.

Gravels are Easy to Shift

With the smaller sizes than pebbles or other stones, gravels are easy to shit. We don’t have any guarantee that they will stay in place forever. Where there is human movement, the gravels will do so. They can sink as well because of the rain day by day.

Potentially Hard To Add Heavy Furniture

Well. It will be hard to add heavy furniture items to the backyard. They will sink on the soil because the gravels move. Think over before using gravels for the backyard if you want to add more furniture. And, don’t forget to install an edge barrier to keep the gravels in your patio.

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