Easy tricks to apply colors for your small room fi

Small rooms need some tricks to get them to appear larger. Consider using bright colors to see the brighter and wider room. However, using dark colors is not a mistake as long as you can combine them with the right lighting styles, trim colors, and accessories. So, what colors that you want to apply to your small spaces? In this article, we have gathered easy tricks to using colors in small rooms. Check out the ideas further and get more inspiration further below!

Easy tricks to apply colors for your small room 1

Soft Purple In Small Space

Soft purple in small space


Soft purple is very feminine and brings room to a more elegant look. In this small space, the owner has lighter furniture that combined well with the wall. Furthermore, the dark cabinet with white accents in this room gives a luxurious feel.

Ivory Cream In Small Space

Ivory cream in small space


Natural paint colors make a room look relaxed and traditional. This neutral color palette doesn’t need artwork or anything to shoot the room. Furthermore, ivory cream is timeless and easy to layer. You will enjoy a simple design with ivory cream like this, won’t you?

Bold Blue In Small Space

Bold blue creates a lot of depth in this small space. You can see in this picture white moldings and trims. For the one who loves bold colors that pop with bright energy, this bold blue might be what they need. Look at the wall that stands out with a white gallery.

Sea Salt Color In Small Room

This bathroom is small but looks larger because of the wall color. The designer applies sea salt color on the wall and ceiling to get a larger look. And, it looks great. You can do so for your own room if you wish your small room appears larger.

Baby Seal Black In Small Room

Sometimes, a TV could be a sore thumb in a small room. We need a wider view on the wall but the TV breaks all. In this room, we see the TV is hidden well because of the wall color. So, this living room looks larger after the designer applies baby seal black that has a similar tone as the TV.

Natural Light Color In Small Space

Well, we see a bright room with a natural sensation in this area. The designer doesn’t need other colors to spruce up the wall design. This dining room has shows its great design with the light grey wall color. Furthermore, it makes other things in this room pop.

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