Smart ways decorating with stripes to enhance your rooms fi

Have you found the best room decorating style this year? Why don’t you try to decorate your rooms with stripes? If you wish to have a timeless design that brings order and structure, you should try decorating with stripes. Don’t think just black and white, you are free to customize the colors you like. Then, stripes work well for almost home styles. In this article, we have gathered smart ways of decorating with stripes for every room. Check them out further below and get inspired more!

Smart ways decorating with stripes to enhance your rooms 1

Stripes Layering In Dining Room

Stripes layering in dining room


What an amazing look is this! The designer layers stripes in the dining room with green and white. It seems like we will eat in a garden, don’t we? This way brings a sense of playfulness that directly attracts our attention. No matter what, white and green look fresh and natural in this room.

Decorating Stripes With A Twist For Any Room

Decorating stripes with a twist for any room


This elegant room shows embellished stripes on the chairs. You will pay attention to the chairs the first time coming to this room. Look at the spot and arrow on the wall that seems so great to create a higher ceiling. One thing to consider in a room with stripes is that the use of lighting. You need more light to show the beauty of stripes inside.

Layer Stripes Of Different Sizes

Blue stripes in this bedroom give a serenity feel. The owner layers stripes of different sizes in this room to show a dramatic yet classic look. The colors bring a joyful expression that will make anyone who comes to this room feel happy. This attractive room will never go out of fashion. You can redecorate your bedroom with this style again and again.

Room With Textural Striped Wallpaper

This reading nook shows a cozy space to read with striped wallpaper. We don’t have to go bold. This room with narrow stripes draws the eyes upward and makes the room appear taller. Furthermore, the stripes also bring an airy feel. Even, the throw pillow with similar stripes adds a more interesting look to this nook. Completed well with striking artwork, this room looks so adorable.

Combine Stripes With Florals

Mixing patterns is not a mistake. We see an attractive room decoration with stripes and stripes here. The window drapes blend into the subtler prints on the wall. Then, the stripes chairs take the major interest in this room. Sure, it looks nice with white and green that brings a fresh and natural feel as well.

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