Outstanding coffee table ideas to anchor your living space fi

Do you want to install new furniture items in your living room? What about a new coffee table? Talking about coffee tables will remind us about wonderful wooden coffee table ideas. Woods are warm and versatile. Wooden coffee tables aren’t just furniture items to improve your decor but they are also functional. You keep some books or display your tiny things. In this article, we will give coffee table ideas for you. All of them are chic and cool to improve your living room decor. Check out and make choice!

Outstanding coffee table ideas to anchor your living space 1

Coffee Table With Wooden Sculptural Leg

Coffee table with wooden sculptural leg

This coffee table is finished with walnut legs that look so gorgeous. The coffee table comes with a transparent tabletop that shows the legs dramatically and brings an unobstructed view. For anyone who loves beauty and elegant things, this coffee table should be on their list.

Mid Century Round Pedestal Table

Mid century round pedestal table

Well, better to say that this table works well for mid-century, bohemian, or even contemporary style. With a lightly lipped tabletop, this table keeps tiny things not rolling away. We do expect the bold base to keep this table stable in any condition. Made of walnut, this table is easy to coordinate with other pieces in your living room.

Wooden Coffee Table With Tray Top

Wooden coffee table with tray top

Adding this table to a living room will not break up the design. The tray top construction keeps any small things from rolling away to the floor. Furthermore, this table is made of a combination of warm walnut and black metal. So, it will be much more durable and give timeless look. With a modern design and simple look, you can put this table anywhere in your living room.

Wood Nesting Coffee Table Set

Wood nesting coffee table set

Voila! You will get two coffee tables when buying this nesting coffee table. You can use both of them in one area, or just separate them to create a more interesting look. For example, you just need to put one table at the center while another beside the chair. Or, any style you like. This table set is budget-friendly and works well for small living spaces too.

Gorgeous Splay-Leg Coffee Table

Gorgeous splay-leg coffee table

It is not a mistake to install old-style pieces in your modern room. This coffee table design come in 1946 but still works well to use nowadays. The design is simple with four legs. With its unique appearance, this table will never go out of fashion. At first sight, you may think that this table adopts a mid-century style but it will work with any decor you want.


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