A large population of people spends time in the house due to the pandemic. The living room is the most common place to work or relax. Thus, its decoration, among other reasons, suits remote engagement. According to a study, 55% of Americans changed their home decor in 2021, and 71% still expressed interest in revamping their decorations in the following years. Therefore, there is a need to inform the masses of the best ideas as they change their home decor. 

Go Green

Most people are conscious of the need to preserve the environment. As a result, the “green” design is getting popularly acceptable. But why are people going green? One of the main reasons is the super stylish and energy-saving benefits. What’s more, the design is sustainable and eco-friendly. In most cases, it is one of the most straightforward designs to maintain.

Green designs include indoor plants that reflect nature and help you connect to nature. Green interior designs are comfortable while providing air quality and reducing waste and water. For example, a green interior design does not need electricity to maintain. Thus, it will cut your energy consumption and carbon footprints. One of the factors when choosing an interior designer is the sustainability of the design. The style should withstand the environmental conditions while still reducing waste. Some plants dry up when inside the house, while others emit a terrible odor not fit for a living room.

Use Mirrors Strategically

Try out using mirrors in your interior decorations for a more revamped look. They have a long history in interior design but are still relevant today. You might have seen mirrors in the gym. One of the significant contributions of mirrors in the living room is making it look more expansive. It is an illusion of depth. For example, when you strategically place the mirror on the wall of a passageway, it will visually lengthen it. You can try out the same in the living room. Again, the mirror reflects the natural lighting on the house during the day.

But how do you incorporate mirrors in your design? You can arrange one or several mirrors opposite to a window. The styles will reflect the light and the environmental view around your house. In effect, it will bring the outdoors inside the living room. Also, since most people rest in the living room, use the mirror to create a focal point. It will display a redesigned, eye-catching pattern of your living room. You can taste up the look by framing it with gorgeous designs.

Zoning Out

Times are changing, especially after the COVID pandemic. Living rooms are no longer a place for a family rest only. Living rooms are now home offices and children playing and entertaining grounds. The pattern of zoning out is likely to continue in 2022, especially amongst people whose apartments aren’t expensive. Zoning out doesn’t make your interior design complex or ugly.

The idea depends on the size of your living room and the kind of activities you want. For example, you can introduce a small desk or a multifunctional coffee table if you are currently working from home. There are dozens of furniture available in the market to help you redesign your interior for 2022. Another option is to use temporary dividers or room partitions to create a new look. Zoning out can help you switch between your working and entertainment area within the living room.

Play With the Colors

Colors have a long history that sinks past the Mona Lisa creation. Design classifies colors into primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. There is no rule of thumb when selecting the colors for your living room. Most people use them on bare walls where they cannot place a piece of art. The living room hosts family and friends for resting; therefore, energizing colors should be perfect. But prioritize your preferences and other aspects of the house.

It is vital to consider the furniture when playing with the colors. Create a rhyming pattern and use naturally reflective colors to spread light throughout the room. Despite the long history, the use of colors in the living room isn’t ending in 2022.

Customize the Pattern

Customizing and personalizing your pattern in your living room speaks to your character. A pattern helps bring energy, interest, and contrast to any design by portraying your taste. But how will having a pattern in our art help? A pattern will make your room look expansive and more dramatic to initiate excitement and conversations.

Another reason why you need a pattern in your small living room in 2022 is to portray dimensions and direction. Creating too many designs within a small space may be distracting and, therefore, balance it. Do not overemphasize.

Add Arts

The use of art, wallpapers, and wall covering has a long history in interior decoration, and it’s likely to shoot higher in 2022.  Using art and paintwork in the living room brings about drama and character. Artwork prominence in interior design is because it ignites discussion and creates memories.

Lucky for you, wallpapers and artwork are easy to find, and even some companies can help you customize them. There is no limit to the design and color you can use from floral or textured graphics. Any idea that’s dramatic and brings comfort and coziness into your living room is perfect.

Appreciate Space

If you are fond of reality shows such as Tiny House, you might have noticed that most modern families are now appreciating minimalist interior designs. A living room where anything is anywhere can be tiring and clumsy. The minimalist style is gaining popularity due to the emphasis on comfort and functional space. The technique eliminates any excesses within the house, including furniture and decorative material.

The minimalist style will spike up in 2022, especially in large windows and natural lighting households. It is the best style for anyone who values simplicity, comfort, and conciseness.


Most people spend much of their time at home either working or relaxing. Therefore, the living room happens to be the space people use the most. As a result, it is necessary to revamp its decoration to accommodate style and modernity. If you’re looking to get started, the above seven ideas serve as a good start for 2022. 

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