Stunning wall tile ideas to give a dramatic effect to your bathroom fi

Bathroom walls should be treated well. They are often wet because of the shower. Applying wallpaper and or painting might be great things. However, you should change them periodically to avoid the walls looking dull. What about wall tiles? Since tiles are more durable than painting or wallpapering, you might keep your time more efficient. Consider choosing decorative and functional wall tiles to get a cozy bathroom look. In this article, we have wall tile ideas to give a dramatic effect to your bathroom. Check out!

Stunning wall tile ideas to give a dramatic effect to your bathroom 1

Large Scale Onyx Tiles For Bathroom Walls

Large Scale Onyx Tiles For Bathroom Walls


If you want to add a wow factor to your bathroom, look at this picture! It shows pretty bathroom walls with large-scale onyx. Applying these tiles will create a dramatic effect on the bathroom. Feel free to style with jade, pear, and beige to get a more beautiful bathroom design.

Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Marble look porcelain tiles


Natural marble tiles are luxurious and beautiful. However, they are heavy and expensive. We can change them with marble look porcelain tiles with lighter colors. See the picture that shows wonderful wall tiles that look nice for a small or large bathroom. Applying porcelain tiles generally will be more efficient.

Elegant Cliq Tiles for Bathroom Wall

You might hear that lighter wall tiles will create a spa-like bathroom design. However, using bold tiles will give you a more private area. A bathroom with bold color looks gorgeous and elegant. This bathroom has cliq tiles that appear so wonderful. Bold tiles bring a luxurious sense to the bathroom with less cost.

Marble Mosaics for Bathroom Walls

Bringing delicate texture to the bathroom is not hard. Look at this bathroom with mosaics on the wall. Each scalloped-shaped tile brings a shimmering ripple effect to the wall. If you want to make your bathroom looks bigger, using these tiles might become one of the ways. Sure, marbles are more expensive but will give wonderful look.

Herringbone Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Herringbone tiles are seen clearly even from a quite far distance. These tiles draw the eyes upward and see how stunning the bathroom design is. We will directly notice that the walls have more textures. Anyone who loves classic things will adore this design.

Create Patchwork Wall With Tiles

If you want to renovate your bathroom wall with less cost, this way might a great option. Apply different pattern tiles on the wall will create a patchwork wall. Furthermore, you can create this patchwork wall by taking some tiles from your own storage.

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