Striking house exterior ideas that’ll have you wanting to move in fi

The exterior design of a house can offer a contrasting surprise. It will hint at what’s on inside the house. We might don’t realize that the exterior is the key to showing your home atmosphere. Even though don’t judge the book by its cover has been familiar wise words, a stunning exterior is a must. In this article, we have collected striking house exterior ideas that will inspire you to improve your home’s curb appeal. Check out further the list below!

Striking house exterior ideas that’ll have you wanting to move in 2

Minnesota Colonial-Inspired

Minnesota colonial-inspired exterior

In this picture, the house shows its character by dark green shutters. Furthermore, there is an American flag that completes the colonial-era atmosphere. The white seatings complete the colonial feel in this house. Green and white in this exterior tell us more about the situation in the 1920s.

French Style House Exterior

French style house exterior

Look at the house with white hues all around the wall in this picture. It shows a truly French style with long and big windows. The doors have a similar style to the windows. Furthermore, the owner adds green living walls that bring a natural and fresh look. Anyone who stays in this house will feel like an aristocrat.

Shingle-Style Beach House Exterior

Shingle-style beach house exterior

Having this house is a great blessing. This house shows banks of windows that are so stunning. Then, the second-floor balcony looks so genius. We will enjoy every moment of life in this kind of house. Seeing the scenery around while having a cup of coffee will make us so relaxed and calm. Even, the owner of the house can enjoy sunset and or sunrise every day.

Inspiring Clean and Crisp House Exterior

Inspiring clean and crisp house exterior

A white and clean exterior might be the best choice for the one who wishes for a serenity home. In this house, no matter how many children play here will not be a problem. The building does not have dangering materials. Then, it looks like a house for vacation, does it? We will enjoy every moment of life here with all our family.

Nautical Gateway-Inspired House Exterior

Nautical gateway-inspired house exterior

Well. You don’t have to build a house near the sea or lake. But, you are free to copy the exterior design for your own house. Look at this house with bricks and dark roofs that look so gorgeous. There is an American flag as well that supports the nautical feeling.

Castle Inspired House Exterior

Castle inspired house exterior

This dreamy home features a grey tone exterior that looks so calm and chic. Furthermore, it looks more eye-catching with red and white accents. We love the wood and stone combination that brings a natural feel. It looks like this house ask us to come in.


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