Urban jungle style ideas for a comfortable natural oasis home decoration fi

Have you ever walked in a forest with more trees, grasses, and other plants around? It looks so gorgeous inhaling the fresh air that contains plenty of oxygen. It is good for your health. Furthermore, the green views look awesome in the eyes. You know, installing greenery in a home to create an indoor jungle is possible. It will improve your home decoration with a natural sensation. In this article, we have gathered urban jungle-style ideas for a comfortable natural oasis home decoration. Check out!

Urban jungle style ideas for a comfortable natural oasis home decoration 1

Urban Jungle With Earthy Materials

Urban jungle with earthy materials


This beautiful jungle decoration uses natural materials like wicker dan bamboo. Those are timeless and versatile to any home style. Furthermore, we will find more wood and terracotta in this room. However, the owner should maintain all the green plants in this living space to look gorgeous throughout the year.

Urban Jungle Staircase With Plants

Urban jungle staircase with plants


This whimsical decor will never go out of fashion. Look at the overgrown plants along the staircase that give a truly natural sensation. It seems like we walk in the jungle with plants around. Put on a pot in each staircase and let the plants grow. The plants should be treated well every day to get a real jungle atmosphere in the house.

Plant Room With Several Plants

Let the houseplants get plenty of natural light every day. Put on some hanging plants and potted plants in the room. Then, change the windows with the glass ones. So, the natural light can come into the plant room every morning. This room shows more beautiful green plants. It will not only add freshness but also make the owner healthier.

Urban Jungle Living Room With Plants

This living space is decorated well in white and beige. Put some pots on a wooden shelf over the seating area. Add more hanging pots around plus some pots on the floor. This living space will work well for any decor whether rustic, contemporary, modern or even Scandinavian styles.

Houseplants Throughout The Kitchen

Mixing some plants in a room will create a jungle look. In this kitchen, the owner plants succulents on staggered shelving that bring a pretty indoor garden. Then, there are some hanging plants in macrame plant hangers that look so gorgeous. The room is decorated well with white walls that dramatically expose the plants.

Mid-Century Modern Style With Houseplants

We see a pretty jungle in this mid-century modern style. The houseplants give a deep natural sensation in this small apartment. The owner planted pothos, hoyas, ponytail palms, monsteras, and cacti in one area.


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