Previously, we talked about the importance of storefront doors to commercial entities and how they can make a lasting first impression on customers. But business premises with landed compounds require more than attractive front doors. Such businesses require security gates. 

Like storefront doors, security gates on commercial properties serve various purposes. They also contribute to building the business. 

But how do you pick the best? Three crucial factors come into play: it must be robust, functionally appropriate, and aesthetically pleasing. Read on and learn simple steps you can take and choose the best security gates for your commercial properties. But first, a quick look into why your business needs a security gate.


Why your commercial property requires a security gate

The need for a security gate on your commercial property may seem obvious, but here is an overview of the benefits your business will gain.

  • It protects your business from intruders.
  • It enhances your privacy. Staff can work comfortably without thinking about passers-by, salespeople, or other “unwanted guests” walking in and disrupting workflow.  
  • It boosts security within the business premises and could lower your insurance premiums. 
  • A well-designed security gate improves the look and feel of your business. It is appealing to customers – it makes an excellent first impression. 

That said, here is how to choose the best security gate for your commercial property.

Define its purpose

Security gates serve different functions in commercial setups. You should be clear about why you want a security gate and what you would like to achieve through it. For example, Do you want a gate to control vehicle traffic? A gate to regulate the movement of people? Gates to prevent entry but still provide some visual access? Or do you want a gate to control access to the property and prevent intruders?

Once you have described the purpose, you can move on to the next steps.

Know the types of security gates

There are various types of security gates. The suitability of a particular type depends on the purpose and other factors like space. Here is a quick look at some of the security gates used in commercial properties:

  • Sliding gates open by sliding to the side and are often used on driveways. The gate would have rollers at the bottom to facilitate sliding. 
  • Swinging gates: The gate is connected to the wall by hinges and swings to the left or right to open. There are various designs like single swing or double swing. 
  • Vertical lift gates: They work like sliding gates. But, the gate could slide up or roll up to open and then roll back down to close. They are often used in warehouse entry points and as an extra security measure on storefront doors. 
  • Scissor gates: Appear like scissors or a web that can fold to allow access and restrict access when stretched. Scissor gates are often used on hallways, receiving doors, and entranceways because they provide a barrier but allow visual access and ventilation. 

Choose a mode of operation: Automated or manual

Do you want a person to hold a key and stand by the gate to open and close each time access is required? Or would you rather machines do that job?

Manual security gates may seem less attractive than automatic gates. But, automatic gates are more expensive to set up. Your choice should depend on your unique circumstances. There are cases where having a manual gate could be a better option. For example, if the gate controls entrance to infrequently accessed areas. 

Think about the access mechanism

Gone are the days when businesses required locks and keys and a guard by the gate. Automatic gates are more practical. Access mechanisms have become sophisticated. Just as the access door varies with the setup, the access mechanism of the gate should complement the design and purpose of the gate as follows:

  • Key cards are used in parking lots and areas where contractors need access. 
  • Fingerprint readers are used on gates securing highly private sections of the business. 
  • Remote control and phone control mechanisms are often installed on the driveway and access gates.


Pick an appealing style design and color

Fortunately, today you can fabricate a custom security gate to complement the style and theme of your commercial property. Many designers will give different templates, and you can choose and craft an appealing design from it. 

Remember, the design, style, and color should be appealing to the customers. 

Concluding remarks

Cost is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best security gate for your commercial property. Although a well-designed, automatic gate could cost more, it is also easier to manage and leave lasting impressions on customers. Such gates contribute to the bottom line. These long-term benefits surpass the initial cost and are worth the extra investment. 

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