How to design luxury living room to suit every home fi
What is your home style? Can we design a luxury living room in rustic home? Yes, it can. No one will forbid you to design a luxury living room in an open-plan, shared family, or expansive room style. You are free to design your living space with luxurious touches no matter the size. What you need to consider are the colors, layouts, and art pieces. In this article, we have gathered luxury living room examples. Consider using them for your next renovation. Check out!
How to design luxury living room to suit every home

Consider Your Window Treatment

Consider your window treatmentOne of the keys to making a luxurious living room is to apply a patterned curtain. A well-dressed window will bring your living room to the next level. Choose the bold pattern with a large scale to become the focal interest of a living room. In this way, you will get a luxury living room in cheaper.

Styling Shelves For A Luxury Living Room

Styling shelves for a luxury living roomMix the height and depth of the objects that you want to display on the shelves. Style them in an eye-catching way to sure that they are attractive. Incorporate some arts and plants in a genius look to meet a more luxurious feeling for your living area. See the living space with built-in shelves in this picture that built-in make a sense of worth.

Make Sure To Plan The Placement Of Rugs

Make sure to plan the placement of rugsInstalling a larger rug in a living room can help it echo. A carpet in the living room will add softness and comfort. Furthermore, it brings a warm atmosphere and improves the floor. It is great to place all the furniture on the carpet to define the space. It will unify the pieces in the living room. This is a simple treatment but brings a big impact on the luxury of your living room.

Modern Luxury Living Room

Modern luxury living roomA luxury living room doesn’t mean in classic design. You can design your living room in a modern luxury living room by considering the color palette. Look at the picture! It shows a pretty blue living room. There are artworks, images, or furniture with similar color schemes. For a large living room, it will be better to take a looser palette. While in the smaller living room, make it more concise.

Symmetry Living Room Design

Symmetry living room designThe symmetrical design will create harmony. Like the space around the fireplace. It will be much easier if this space has a pair of identical windows. Choose identical candles, table lamps, and mirrors to show an identical symmetrical design.

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