Essential tips to design minimalist kitchen of your dreams fi

Living in a small city will force some of us to have a minimalist home. Then, there will be a minimalist kitchen too inside. However, a minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean to look crowded and narrow. We can give our magic touches to keep it sleek and airy. Even, you can have a dreamy kitchen without much time. In this article, we have essential tips to design a minimalist kitchen in minutes. Check out our easy ways further below and get inspired!

Essential tips to design minimalist kitchen of your dreams 1

Sleek Kitchen With Silver And Gray Cabinets

Sleek kitchen with silver and gray cabinets


Designing a minimalist kitchen will deal with clean lines and light colors. These ways bring a kitchen to look clean. We can choose geometric shapes and sparing decor to show a minimalist feel. This kitchen looks sleek because of the silver and gray cabinet.

Add a rug in the Kitchen

Add a rug in the kitchen


In a minimalist kitchen, adding a rug will visual appeal and improve the room to be more comfortable. As seen in this picture, the kitchen is gorgeous with white cabinets, black light fixtures, and a tan rug. Those elements make a minimalist kitchen look sleek and nice. Anyone who cooks here will be calm and smile.

Use Vinyl Panel Flooring Rather Hardwood Flooring

Look at the vinyl panel flooring! It works well with the white cabinets and black light fixtures. The kitchen appears more spacious. If you don’t want to use a viny panel for flooring, you can change it with polished concrete or ceramic tiles. Those materials will be easy to clean and make the kitchen brighter.

Improve With Some Plants

Transform your sterile kitchen into a cozy cooking space by adding some plants. In this kitchen, we see the windowsill with more plants. Feel free to put succulents, herbs, or even flowers. Sure, you are free to mix those plants in one space to add a more natural feeling.

Food And Spices In Clear Jars On White Shelves

Clear jars on white shelves aren’t just storage items but also decorative accents. They are pretty and cute. Forget about Sloopy storage. Use this minimalist storage and make your dreamy kitchen come true sooner.

White Kitchen Backsplash

Keep your kitchen clean and sleek by using a kitchen backsplash. It will break up the texture of the kitchen wall. You are free to apply subway tiles or marble tiles to spruce up this minimalist space. The kitchen backsplash will be easy to clean. So, you can keep this sleek and neat.

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