How to put tons of personality and creativity into tiny living space2
Do you want to upgrade your tiny living room design? Well, a tiny living room doesn’t have to look small. Though it has a small area. But, we can put more furniture. You should consider adding more natural light throughout the day to get a larger look. Then, add more lighting fixtures to look bright at night. In this article, we have gathered tiny living room decorating styles that you can copy for your own space. Check out further and get more inspiration!
How to put tons of personality and creativity into tiny living space1

Living Room with Circular Window

This eye-catching living room has a 6×6 window. Though not big, it makes more natural light come into the tiny living space every day. The owner decorates it well by adding some chairs and tables. Even, it looks pretty with sconces and pendant light. The white walls lead this room to look bright and airy.

Tiny Bohemian Living Space

Look at this living room that looks larger because of the bare plywood walls. Furthermore, it shows a Scandinavian tone as well. Pay attention to the Balinese style with potted plants and a wicker lampshade. Those elements make this tiny living space more gorgeous. There are throw pillows dan shag blankets that add warmth to this pace. Then, a woven rug finishes this design with a Bohemian feeling. 

Tiny Modern Minimalist Living Room

Tiny modern minimalist living room


What do you think of this tiny living room? It is about 65 square but gives the owner enough modern sensation. There is a built-in couch with more storage space to keep anything. So, this room is free from clutter. It makes a bright, airy, and clean living space. The clean lines and open spaces of this living room lead the space feel much larger.

Minimalist Scandinavian Design

The combination of minimalist and Scandinavian looks so adorable. We love the plywood that creates interest. The matching color of wood on the wall and floor create a nice look. Furthermore, white walls and earthy hues in this living space cause a larger room. A living room with a monochrome theme will never be out of date.

Cozy Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Cozy rustic farmhouse living room


If you wish for a warmer living room, adding more rustic elements is the key. In this tiny living room, the designer adds a tiny wood stove. There are more leathers and furs in this living space as well. The wood textures and shiplap lead this room into a warm rustic feeling.

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