Are you going to use green color for your home decoration here are the ways!2

Green is versatile for interiors. It will work well for all rooms. No matter big or small. Anyone who loves greens will love these colors in their room. But, someone who loves other rooms should try to decorate their room in greens. Starting from pale to bold, this color will make your room fresh and chic. The fact is greens will work well for almost all colors. Just like in nature, green leaves go well with pink, red, and yellow.

Are you going to use green color for your home decoration here are the ways!1

Use Pale Green for Small or Big Room

Use pale green for small or big room


Look at this bedroom that looks so calm and peaceful. Applying pale green is the best way to create a neutral tone. In this way, you can combine pale green with any other colors you like. In the bedroom, the designer combines it with white and mustard. Or, you can use earthy tones for your pale green bedroom.

Go With Bold Green for Small Bathroom

Go with bold green for small bathroom


Is your bathroom small? It will be great to add bold green wallpapers on the walls. In a small room, you need something that will pop. And, you can use bold green wallpaper with a natural pattern. It will bring a tropical feel to your bathroom. So, you will get a natural sensation without bringing many plants into your small bathroom. Furthermore, wallpapering is cheaper than painting, isn’t it?

Consider Natural Light in a Green Living Room

If you wish to improve your living room this year in green, consider the lighting. Open your window throughout the day to catch more natural light. At night, you should switch on the lights to make the living room bright. In this way, you can see the greens in your living room anytime. And, it will not make a dull or gloomy atmosphere. Greens are great at day. But, they will dull at night without good lighting.

Dark Sage Green for Kitchen

For the kitchen cabinetry, a darker green will make a statement. Like this kitchen with the dark sage green that looks so elegant. With maximum lighting, the cabinetry shows foods, fragile items, and other things on the cabinet pop. If you want to apply dark greens to your room, consider maximizing the light.

Green Home Office

A green home office will not just be fresh, but also inspiring. Choose white furniture to make a dark green home office looks more eye-catching. In the picture, the green walls expose the white desk and chair very wall. Even, the wooden shelves are painted well in white too.

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