How to reduce the use of electricity of your refrigerator2

As we know that a refrigerator is a necessity for every home. This electronics is important because it can be used to store foods, drinks, and other frozen ingredients. So it is very helpful for every home. But, did you know that using the wrong refrigerator can cause your electricity bill to swell? It may be hard to believe, but there are actually several ways to reduce the use of electricity in your refrigerator. There are several ways and tips for using and maintaining the correct refrigerator. While you won’t be able to stop your fridge from using electricity, you can make sure that it isn’t wasting as much of it as it should be.

There are some tips that you can use to reduce refrigerator power consumption. If you want to save money on electricity, cleaning the condenser coils of your refrigerator is a great way to do it. It’s also a good way to protect the environment. Then, make sure your refrigerator is well organized. Avoid overstuffing the refrigerator or leave it completely empty. Overfilling the refrigerator will reduce the space for air circulation. So the refrigerator will require more effort to cool the room in it and thus consume more power. Meanwhile, if your refrigerator is empty, it will only waste electricity for nothing. Also, avoid hot food and drinks. Make sure to let it cool before storing it in the refrigerator.

Next, defrost your refrigerator. If you see a layer of ice anywhere inside the refrigerator the defrost it either manually or authomatically. Another consideration, you can place the refrigerator away from the stove, oven or dishwasher. Having your fridge close to the heat vents, stove or oven can make it work even harder than it needs to. If you want to keep your energy bill down, avoid placing your refrigerator near these heat sources. For other tips, you can check the door seal, temperature, make sure to close the door properly, dan have the proper amount of space.

How to reduce the use of electricity of your refrigerator1

Well Organized


Arrange all the food and drinks in your refrigerator in a neat arrangement every day, from now on you can make the best changes in an easy way to reduce refrigerator electricity usage. It’s a good idea to just remove food or drinks that don’t require cold temperatures. Because when everything is well organized, cold temperatures in the refrigerator will also be more efficient and more optimal, of course. Organize Everything Neatly from @sksappliances

Proper Space


Arrange the layout of the refrigerator against the wall so that the refrigerator you are using does not heat up easily, just set the layout of this refrigerator two inches from the wall. It’s not enough to get here, look at the ventilation that is applied at the top and bottom of this refrigerator, its presence allows clean air to enter so that your refrigerator doesn’t get too hot when you use it all day long. Proper Space from @trueresidential

Defrost the Refrigerator311280688_439877428267704_3009864677358567325_n

Cleaning your fridge on a regular basis might be better. Because in this way, the thick layer of ice in the freezer compartment will not be too much, if it does, more electrical energy will be used. It’s a good idea to defrost the freezer for a period of once a week on the weekend to fill your free time so that it is of better use. Defrost Freezer from @redmutha

Check Temperature


Set the temperature in your refrigerator according to the operation you need. Too cold temperatures used will use more electricity and cause wasteful. Pay attention to the accurate temperature that is used every day to save on spending budget to pay for electricity every month. Normal temperature or -18 °C is the best choice that you can apply. Check Temperature from @paynetompkinsrenovations

Put Only Food that needs to be Cooled


No need to put too much food or drink in your refrigerator. This is done in order to minimize the use of energy consumption that is used in this refrigerator. Just put in the food and drink that needs to be refrigerated. The stainless steel material that dominates this refrigerator does not rust easily when used for a long time. Food Cooled Only from @appliancesconnection

Keep Away from Sources


We recommend that the layout of the use of the refrigerator in the kitchen decoration needs to be considered carefully. Right now what you can do is keep the refrigerator away from heat sources such as stoves, sunlight, dishwashers and ovens. Because when the refrigerator gets the reflection of heat from other objects, the temperature of the cooler inside will work more and cause it to use more electrical energy too. The built-in refrigerator design is one of the best ideas you can try. Keep away from Heat Sources from @thewelldressedhouse

Test the Door Seal


There is no need to buy a new refrigerator to replace the presence of an old refrigerator in your home. This will save your budget even more, what you can do here is do a test or check again whether the door seal is still suitable for use or not. If the refrigerator door is still tight when closed, then you don’t need to buy a new refrigerator, you can also check it yourself. Test the Door Seal from @ajmadison

Use a Energy Afficient Appliance


The use of a stabilizer in the use of a refrigerator is a smart idea that you can do to save more energy in your home. Just put this energy-saving device somewhere out of sight to make it tidier. The outside appearance of this refrigerator is very cool because it has a fairly dark color and makes it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Proper Stabilizer Ideas from

Container Organizer


Besides looking neater, using a container box in the refrigerator is also the best idea you can do. Arrange and put all the vegetables and fruits in a transparent container to avoid any water dripping on your food or vegetables. This is done in order to avoid food from mold and perishability as well. Transparant Container Organize from

Turn off the Refrigerator Light


After finishing your activities at home, you can turn off the lights in the refrigerator to save more energy. Usually this is done at night when you are going to sleep. Turn it back on when you need something cold in the fridge, this is an easy way you can do it yourself. Do it regularly every day. Turn off the Refrigerator Light from @lg_signature

Make Sure to Close The Door Properly


When you are going to take something in the fridge, don’t forget to close the fridge door tightly. Usually this would be a reckless activity. When the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, the use of electricity will also be more wasteful because the light used will be on continuously. Just put the refrigerator right next to your kitchen cabinet with the right layout. Close the Refrigerator Door Tightly from

Avoid Hot Foot and Drink


Avoid putting hot food or drinks in the fridge. This is a careless act that you should avoid. If this happens, the temperature inside the refrigerator will be hot as well as other foods that are stored. Try to wait for the food to cool until it reaches a good temperature to put it in your fridge. This is one way so that your refrigerator is also not easily damaged. Put Only Food that needs to be Cooled from @appliancesconnection

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