Looking ahead to the following year, it’s exciting to start thinking about what interior design trends this new era will bring. We have seen a lot of changes, with many individuals and families spending more time at home than ever before; reimagining our living spaces has been an unexpected consolation prize. Cross-cultural design, eco-friendly materials, and holistic wellness approaches are just some trending concepts that interior designers are tackling right now. 

Still, even bigger and bolder ideas await us in 2023. This article will look closely at five top interior design trends you should watch out for next year, from modern minimalism to global fusion. Let’s dive in.

The rise of green and plant-based interiors

As we strive to be more mindful of our environment and its finite resources, more homeowners are switching to eco-friendly interiors. Instead of opting for items made entirely from plastic or other synthetic materials, they’re focusing on sustainable fabrics and textiles that are produced with minimal environmental impact in mind. Plants have also gotten a makeover; they’re no longer just potted ivy or ferns but large-scale indoor installations that bring an outdoor feel inside. Living walls give us a calm oasis and can act as air purifiers.

Global fusion design

In recent years there has been a desire to create unique spaces by blending various cultures into a cohesive design concept. More and more homeowners want to express their cultural backgrounds without compromising home comfort, so designers have come up with creative solutions that blend the best of both worlds. Whether this means highlighting art and artifacts from different countries or even just incorporating bits of language into a room’s decor, it’s an exciting way to showcase your identity while creating a functional living space.

Modern minimalism

Over recent years, there has been an increasing focus on simplicity and decluttering in interior design. We have seen more people opting for warm neutrals rather than bold colors and utilizing multi-functional furniture instead of large bulky ones. Modern minimalism is about creating a clean aesthetic with plenty of breathing room; less is more.

A focus on well-being

As people become increasingly aware of the importance of well-being, there has been an uptick in interior design that prioritizes comfort and relaxation. Natural elements such as wood and stone create soothing atmospheres, while good quality lighting helps to promote healthy sleep patterns. In addition, features such as soundproofing help reduce external noise disturbances.

Digital-friendly spaces 

The last trend we’ll look at has been on the rise in recent years; digital-friendly spaces. With more people working from home, there’s been an increased demand for furniture items such as standing desks, adjustable chairs, custom-built shelves, and cabinets to store technology items. These spaces aim to do both works and play easier by providing easy access to all the gadgets you need throughout your day.

Bold and bright colors will be popular

2023 will be a year for making bold statements with color. From bright, loud statement walls to small pops of vibrant hues, it’s about expressing your personality through your home design. Whether you want to make a statement with wild wallpaper or add daring accents like colorful cushions, consider incorporating color into your interior design.

Technology will play a more significant role in interior design

Technology isn’t just enhancing our digital lives but also our physical ones. We’re seeing increasing high-tech solutions added to interiors, from motorized blinds and adjustable height desks to robotic vacuum cleaners and smart thermostats. Technology is becoming integral to interior design, allowing us to stay connected while enjoying home comforts.

Why are these trends significant?

Interior design trends are significant as they help to keep us up to date with the latest styles and ideas. They can inspire new projects and give us an idea of what’s possible when creating our unique spaces. Trends also help designers and homeowners alike stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their homes remain stylish yet timeless. Check out the ROUS hardware page to find the best trends for your home in 2023. 


The year 2023 is set to be an exciting one for interior design. With a focus on modern minimalism, well-being, digital-friendly spaces, and bold colors, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone when it comes to refreshing their home environment. The best part? You don’t have to follow all these trends at once; pick and choose the ones you like the most and incorporate them into your existing decor. You can create a stylish and functional space that is the best of both worlds.

It’s important to remember that no matter current trends or popular trends, the most important thing isn’t what your home looks like but how you feel about it. It’s all about creating a space that feels like home and brings you joy. That’s what interior design is really about.


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