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Considering to take concern in maintaining the gutter is quite important. It is the part of your home exterior that should be in good performance so that you can live in your home comfortably. It will be really annoying when the rain falls and you should face the fact that your gutter can’t work well because of the limited maintenance that you did. You should know that although the weather is great and there is no rain falls making sure that your gutter is in a good condition will always benefit you. Maintaining is better than buying, right?!

24 how to treat your gutter well 1

Anyway, for you who live in four seasons countries, treating the gutter well, especially after each season changes is such a must. We all know that each season has its own characteristic that may influence the gutter performance. That is why we do recommend you check on your gutter when each season is changing. Here are some gutter problems that you should face based on the season:

1. Winter

Winter is the season that you should consider well when talking about the gutter. It is bad how winter can damage the gutter with snow, wind, and ice. That is why, without good maintenance, there will be some gutter problems that you will face such as clogs, cracks, and sag. It can be said as the riskiest season for your gutter.

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Getting frozen in winter is a problem that you often experience with gutters in your home. Therefore you have to do regular maintenance to keep your gutter safe and not clogged. Here you can clear the snow before it piles up and causes your gutters to freeze. Using a snow shovel or spraying with water will keep you safe in winter. Frozen Gutter from @joeshlabotnik.


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Don’t let snow clog your gutters! You can do this by cleaning the snow that is in the gutters so that it will keep it smooth. An easy way that you can do to clean the gutter is by spraying high-voltage water on the snow that is in your gutters so that you will avoid the problem of snow clogging the gutters. Ice Clogged from @barfhaus.

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Make sure there are no problems with your gutters this winter. You can do this by cleaning the gutters regularly and not letting snow accumulate. Remove the snow using a snow shovel so it will look clean and won’t clog your gutters. You must do this method to avoid problems with your gutter this winter. Snow Covered Gutters from @mymanjoe.

2. Spring

There are so many good things during spring when the flowers bloom and the colors are really pretty. However, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any problem with your gutter. During spring, there will be some bugs, bugs, squirrels, and even snakes that can clog your gutter. Also, some foliage or petals may clog your gutter too.

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Growing plants in the gutter is one of the most common problems you get in the spring. To avoid this, do activities to clean the gutter from whatever is there. You can do it once a week or according to the schedule you want. By doing regular gutter cleaning activities, your gutter will have no problems in the spring. Overgrown with Wild Plants from @gorilla_grip_gloves.

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There are many ways you can do to keep your gutters safe in any season, including winter. If your gutter is covered with green grass, you can clean it by pulling it out before it grows more. Another thing you have to do is clean up rotting leaves and cause your gutters to get clogged and not run smoothly anymore. Clogged by Foliage and Green Grass from @meltingspace.


Look at the gutter this spring! There are often snakes and other types of insects in your gutters. Therefore, you must keep your gutter clean so that it won’t become a nesting site for any animals. Here you have to make sure your gutter is clean from leaves and wild plants. With this, insects or other animals will not be there and will not clog your gutter. Snake Gutter from @superbellabeau.


Do you often experience gutter problems in your home? If so, you can follow the following method. The easy thing is to check and clean your gutter. Here you can keep your gutter away from leaves and sesame seeds so there will be no animals such as insects and squirrels thereby avoiding trolls in your gutter. Squirrel Gutter from @edgypix.

3. Autumn/Fall

For autumn, it is really clear that the dry foliage will be the biggest problem. It will cover the gutter and if you don’t clean it soon, it will decompose and make your gutter condition becomes worse. Cleaning the decomposed foliage is difficult and it may leave stains. Well, this autumn gutter problem will make you clean the gutter periodically and frequently.

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It is certain that autumn will cause your gutters to be filled with fallen leaves and cause blockage of this gutter canal. You can do prevention by cleaning the gutter from the leaves before it accumulates a lot. Don’t leave the leaves too long and cause your gutters to clog and make it more difficult to clean. Clogged Fall Leaves from @yama_san_nyc.


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Look at the gutter in my house! Lots of leaves in there. To prevent this from happening to the gutters in your home, you should clean them every few days so they don’t build up and cause bigger problems in your gutters. You can apply this idea in your home and will keep your gutters safe and sound in any season including autumn. Dried Leaves from @maddisonspropertyservices.

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This gutter is filled with dry leaves so that it blocks the flow of water in your gutter. You can avoid this by cleaning the gutter using a broom and making sure your gutter is clean of anything. This idea is quite easy to do but very effective and efficient way to avoid gutter blockages this year’s fall season. Lots of Dry Leaves from @thatlawndude.

4. Summer

Well, summer will be the season when you spend your time outdoors. Also, it can be said as the perfect season when you don’t need to worry about your gutter. However, as we have said before that you can’t ignore your gutter no matter what the season is going through. During summer, you’ll find out that there will be some debris in the gutter. It might be not as much as that but can be a problem when you don’t clean it soon. The debris will crust and damage the gutter.

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Who knows if summer will give your gutter problems? Look at the gutter picture above, it looks messy, doesn’t it? This is caused by the leaves and twigs that are stuck in your gutter, causing the gutter to not run smoothly. You can avoid this by pruning trees that are close to your gutter area so that this mess will be avoided. Not only that, here you can also clean it by sweeping the gutter with a special broom. Stuck in Dry Leaves and Twig from @sparkleshamptons.


10 snapinsta.app_1080_120200199_652862985394704_5712006626638878333_n

There are lots of treatment ideas you can do to keep your gutters running smoothly in any season including summer. The easiest thing is to prevent your gutters from getting clogged with anything including leaves and twigs which are common in summer. By cutting a tree that is near the gutter is one thing that is very effective and efficient in keeping your gutter clean from anything. Lots of Branches and Twigs from @bensgutters.

Comprehending the problems can give us the ability to deal with the solution well. The gutter problems that we have elaborated on are the key for you to prepare plans about how to treat your gutter well. Just don’t wait until your gutter is broken. If it is possible, better for you to maintain the gutter well because buying and installing the new gutter will spend so much more money for sure.

Basically, asking for a professional will be so much easier and quicker. However, if you are capable enough to do the maintenance, then just do it yourself to save the budget. Here, we have some ideas and suggestions for you to maintain your gutter that will be effective to make your gutter always has its best performance each and any season in a year.

1. Do the Repair when the Gutter is Cracking and Sagging

The problems that we have mentioned above will make the gutter crack and sag. Those two are the most common problems that you should face in all seasons. So, in maintaining your gutter, the first thing first that you should do is repair the gutter when it is cracking and sagging. For the cracking gutter, if it is still possible, you don’t need to buy and install the new one. You can simply use the glue that can cover the crack. Of course, you should choose the waterproof one. Then, when the gutter is sagging, you can support it or tie it so that it won’t sag.

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We have damage to the gutter caused by seasonal factors. With this, we have to make repairs to the gutter in our house to keep it working properly. The first thing you should do is identify damage to your gutter. Then make improvements by tightening the support that supports the gutter so that it remains strong and can function properly. The damage we took on Angled Gutters from @regalhomeimprovement.


21 snapinsta.app_1080_49601136_365957160651735_3231251366558644926_n

Look at the gutter in this house! This gutter has patches that cause water to leak and can cause damage to other objects. No need to buy new! Here you can use dull glue to cover the patches on this gutter so it can work properly as before. This method is very easy to do and remains at an affordable cost. Therefore it is highly recommended. Cracked Gutters from @gutterkingwichita.


22 snapinsta.app_1080_302992349_599604168377239_1106347828816418269_n

Some of the bolts on this gutter are loose and result in your gutter not working optimally. Make repairs by tightening the loosened bolts to keep them tight and strong. However, if this is not possible, you can replace the old bolts with new ones so that they are stronger and your gutter problem will be resolved quickly. Loose Gutter Bolts from @benpearcehandymanservices.


2. Trim the Trees

If there are trees in your garden, then you should trim them to make sure that your gutter is safe from unwanted twigs, branches, and dry foliage. Those things can clog your gutter which will be a serious problem when you don’t deal with the cleaning. In this case, you can trim the tree by yourself but you may ask a professional because trimming a big tree can be dangerous although you may able to climb the tree and reach the branches.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_98164294_671120653433162_49824838538883540_n

Make sure your gutter stays safe from anything that could cause it to get clogged. Look at this tree! This tree partially covers the gutter and will cause problems for your gutter. With this, trimming some of the twigs that are above the gutter is a perfect idea so that it is more effective. As a result, your gutter will be spared from twigs, branches and leaves. Tree Covering Gutter from @northstarriders.


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Trees stuck in this gutter will be a big problem for your gutters. You can overcome this by trimming it so it’s safer and your gutter won’t get clogged anymore. Not only that, by pruning the tree, your gutter will not be affected by the leaves and twigs that fall from this tree. You can try this idea in your home by inviting experts. Tree Stuck in Gutter from @dodgegordon.


19 snapinsta.app_1080_118520103_1677563705739614_6283269050431264759_n

Tall trees near these gutters will cause problems for your gutters. You should avoid this by pruning trees that are above the gutter. This way your gutter will stay clear of fallen leaves and branches. This idea is quite interesting to try and will never fail for you to apply in your home. Tall Tree from @fels.llc.


3. Choose the Suit Gutter for Water System Needs

Between the water system with the gutter should be in a perfect suit. Those two are the parts of the system that completes each other. That fact becomes the reason why making them suit well is important. If you install different sizes or types, it will be risky because the connection between the gutter and the water system can leak. Also, when it doesn’t suit it won’t have its best performance.


One of the things you should pay attention to in gutter care is adjusting the gutter to water needs. Use a small gutter if the water capacity is low enough that it will look perfect. This will allow your gutter to provide a smooth flow of water and reduce the chances of it breaking and breaking. Medium Gutter from @evsheetmetal.



By adjusting the water and sewer systems, it will make your gutter more maintained. If the water system is larger it will cause damage to the joints and your gutters will crack and result in poor water flow. Therefore, adjusting the water and gutter systems is something that you should pay attention to as an effort to treat gutters in your home. Copper Gutter from @yeomanrainguard.



One of the easiest ways to treat gutters is to adapt the water system to the gutters. When you use a large-sized water system, you have to pair it with a large-sized gutter as well so that it will avoid unwanted things. In this way, your gutter will not experience cracks, cracks and leaks at the joints. White Gutter from @allseasonsseamless.


4. Clean the Gutter Periodically

Well, from all of the things that we have talked about, the main point that you should take concerned is about cleaning the gutter periodically. The difference is on the things to be cleaned that will be based on the season. Let’s say that you should clean the gutter from the snow during winter, clean the gutter from the debris during summer, clean the gutter from the foliage during autumn, and more.

11 snapinsta.app_1080_71836239_141163957189717_8729671242019860102_n

The most common thing for gutter care in your home is to clean the gutter periodically. Here you can clean it by scraping the dirt in your gutter using a special scoop. Then you can spray water on the gutter to get satisfactory results. This idea is very easy for anyone to do and will never fail for gutter treatment ideas. Cleaning with Water from @windowcleaner.

12 snapinsta.app_1080_120483504_820136658812963_7382380901787140615_n

There are many ways you can do gutter treatment ideas in your home. Here you can use a special broom to sweep all the dirt that is in your gutter. With this method, you can be sure that your gutter is clean and the water channels are very smooth. This gutter treatment idea is very effective and efficient for beginners. Sweeping Gutters from @gardena_uk.

13 snapinsta.app_1080_151050682_2599806440318377_1187967232776373209_n

Are you doing gutter treatment in your home? If so, you can try this following idea. Here you only need to collect dirt on your gutter so that it will avoid clogged gutter problems. No special tools are needed. Here you only need gloves to protect your hands when picking up dirt in the gutters. Picking Up Dirt In The Gutters from @lpm_window_cleaning.


Basically, giving the best treatment for your gutter to maintain its function is not difficult. You can keep your gutter to be able to work well for a long time in case you are not lazy to clean the gutter frequently and do the things that we have mentioned above. Otherwise, if you skip the maintenance, then you’ll make the gutter damaged and provide difficulties for you when the rain falls. So, it depends on you!

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