Tips for saving your bill from using air conditioner in your home2

Air conditioning is an absolute necessity for every home. Almost every house today has an air conditioner installed. Using an air conditioner is a fast and effective way to cool a room. Especially in the summer. Where the outside air is very hot which of course can affect the temperature in your home. But in fact, using air conditioning also has tips. The biggest concern when installing an air conditioner is how much your monthly energy bill will be. If you don’t know how to use an AC properly it can also be a huge drain on your energy bill. Of course, you don’t want electricity bills that keep rising from month to month. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save money from using your AC. And here, we want to give a few tips for saving your bill from using AC in your home.

Tips for saving your bill from using air conditioner in your home1

Set Your Thermostat Higher

If you want to save money on your bill from using air conditioner in your home, it’s important to set your thermostat higher. This may seem like a counterintuitive step, but it will help you avoid excessive cooling and a high electricity bill. In the summer, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees (26 degrees Celsius) when you’re at home will save you money without sacrificing comfort. Keeping your home at this temperature will also keep humidity levels down, which can prevent you from feeling too hot inside.


To deal with a humid room, you can set the AC temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. How did it happen ? A lower, slower temperature of the thermostat will remove a lot of moisture from the air and certainly increase the comfort in this room. Try to hang the air conditioner on a wall away from glass windows or skylights. Set AC Temperature 30 degrees Celsius from @luxclimat


Do you still want to use the AC all the time but with a low electricity bill at the end of the month? If so, then set the speed of the AC temperature at 30 degrees Celsius to cool your hot house. The location of the thermostat installation is also very important because when it is installed on a wall close to sunlight it will not work efficiently and optimally. Turn off the AC or Set it to High from @servisliu


When you set the AC thermostat to 17 degrees Celsius, just use it for a while and turn off the AC again when the room starts to feel cooler. This is the best idea you can do to avoid a bigger electricity bill at the end of the month. Try when the room starts to feel cooler, don’t open doors, curtains or glass windows which can enter sun exposure and will release this cooling energy more quickly. Use 17 Degrees Celsius as Needed from @xzmcs_

Install Insulation

Having a well-insulated home reduces your energy consumption significantly, and can save you money on your air conditioning bills. The reason that insulation works is that it blocks the transfer of heat between different spaces within a house.There are many types of insulation, each designed to suit a specific need. Depending on your climate, you can choose from fiberglass, polystyrene, mineral wool, and more.


When you use air conditioning in your home, there are several things that need to be considered. The use of open windows affects the cooling or heating energy in the room. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, cover the shutter window with a thick enough glass panel to minimize the entry of sunlight into the room. But when the AC is off, you can open the window as wide as possible to change the air circulation in the room. Cover your Window from

Fix Leaky Ducts

If you have noticed that your energy bills seem to skyrocket suddenly without any logical reason, you might want to consider fixing leaky ducts. Leaky ducts also make it more difficult to maintain healthy indoor air quality. They allow dirty air to circulate through your ducts, and this can create particulates, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and even viruses that affect your family’s health. Seek professional help to fix the leaking in your ducts; AC replacement in Redlands, CA is an option if your ducts are no longer functional.


The use of inefficient air conditioners will increase the cost of paying electricity at the end of the month. Therefore it is necessary to carry out an inspection of the leaking pipe section. When this AC pipe leaks, not only are electricity bills expensive, but the air produced from this cooler is also unhealthy because it has dust particles that can enter through this leaky pipe. Check Pipe Section for Leaks from @airconjoshi


Routinely check your AC pipe section to avoid leaks, therefore regular maintenance of the unit is important. What happens when your AC pipe leaks? One of them is to block the air and reduce the efficiency of the unit when working. The resulting cooling temperature is not optimal and the electrical energy used is also more wasteful. Leaking pipes also produce water droplets that will damage or wet other interiors that are placed directly below this unit. Check Routinely for Leaking Channels from @micro_ojo

Avoid Direct Sunlight

To reduce excess heat in your room, you also have to make sure that your outdoor air conditioner is not installed in a direction exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. And make sure that the room where the air conditioner will be installed has a small number of windows. This is to reduce sunlight penetrating into your room. A lot of incoming sunlight will make the temperature in the room hotter, thus increasing the performance load on the air conditioner. Of course, it will add to your operating costs and bills.


Take advantage of the corner of your balcony to place an outdoor air conditioner so that it is separated from the reflection of sunlight. Because of course this balcony decoration has a fairly shady area. The layout of the outdoor air conditioner is very influential for the airflow it produces and of course when it is exposed to direct sunlight it will make this cooling unit work harder which causes a waste of electricity. Place it in the Balcony Area from @akonairsydney


Consider the layout of the outdoor refrigeration unit. Try not to be exposed to direct sunlight so as not to use excessive electrical energy. For example, you can put it in the backyard porch area which is equipped with a roof so that it is protected from sunlight as well as water droplets. Take advantage of the Backyard Porch from @akonairsydney


The garden is one area that is safe enough to apply outdoor air conditioning. Why ? Because the shade from the plants around it can provide a safe shady area for this cooling unit. Cover the AC pipe parts with thick enough insulation so they don’t leak easily due to the extreme changing weather outside. Shadows of Plants in the Garden Area from @kt_plumbing_airconditioning

Say No to Non-Stop Usage

Do not use your air conditioner 24/7 non-stop. This will put a lot of load on your AC components. When you are not in the room or when the room is cold enough, it’s better to turn off your AC unit. This will give your AC unit a break and will certainly reduce your energy bills.


Do not overuse the air conditioner in your home. This will give electricity bills that jumped so drastically. Turn on the AC when the weather in the room is just hot, after that you can turn it off again and just use other cooling units such as fans which use less electrical energy. Use Air Conditioner Moderately from


In a closed room, the air conditioner is indeed an interior or cooling unit that is very important to maintain comfort in this room. But it’s better not to use the air conditioner all day. Use the air conditioner according to your needs, for example, when you sleep you can turn it on and when you are going to work or are going to do activities outside your home you can turn it on. Turn off the AC after Cool Room Temperature from @hvacelopumak


Just use it when needed. Yes, that’s what you can do to reduce the amount of electrical energy when using air conditioning in the room. As much as possible, arrange the layout of this air conditioner to avoid exposure to sunlight that can enter through the glass windows or skylights that are used in this room. Just set the temperature of this cooling unit at 26 degrees Celsius so that it doesn’t make the electricity bill at the end of the month swell. Use as needed from @nobo__interiors

Regular Maintenance and Service

When buying an AC unit, you will be brought a manual book about service and how to maintain it from the manufacturer. Like any other machine, your air conditioner also needs to be serviced regulargy. This is to clean dust and dirt from your AC and also to ensure that all of your AC components are working properly.


Keep the filter clean to allow for good air movement and maintain the efficiency the unit can run properly. What you can do now is to schedule a service once a month or it can be adjusted according to frequent use. The AC filter may contain a lot of dust, especially when you have furry animals at home. Set Service Schedule from @sja_engineering

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