Important things you should provide when building a house2

Building a new house will be something exciting but needs many considerations. Well, you might already know about things such as the interior and exterior designs that you should provide for your new home, but there are some things that you should add. Not only about the trends but also about the best facilities that you can provide for your home. Remember that beauty is important for a home, but the functions are way more important to be considered before the beauty.

Important things you should provide when building a house1

What we are trying to talk about here is how you can make your home more comfortable, convenient, and has high security. There are some lists that you should provide to get that specification of a house that might not be provided for some houses even when you should rent the facilities such as the solar panel or stairlift rental. You should check the following list and consider having them for your new house.

Smart Home Technology

To give you ease in doing your life at home, smart technology is really needed. It is great how smart technology already comes in varied products. For those who are too busy doing things manually and forget a lot of things frequently, smart technology is all that you need. Here are some possible smart technologies that you can have for your home.

Smart Lock

This one is really useful to add security to your home. Especially if you have such a big house that looks really luxurious, the criminals will make your home to be their target. Don’t think twice and make sure that you use the smart lock for your doors.

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The door lock is one of the things you should pay attention to. Using a smart lock is highly recommended because a smart lock will provide perfect security. This time you can use a lock that can be accessed using gadgets so that it cannot be accessed by anyone other than family. Gadget Lock from @omni_controls

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There are many smart locks that you can use for your home, one of which is a WIFI Lock. This smart lock works by connecting it to a WIFI fan and can be operated using a handphone. By using this smart lock, your home is more modern and protected from various kinds of crime. WIFI Lock from @myeufy.official

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Keep your home safe by using a smart lock. This time you can use a password lock so that this door cannot be accessed by strangers who don’t know the password. Therefore you will never fail to use this type of smart lock to maintain security in your home. Pin Lock from @yalehomeus

Smart Appliance

After a tiring day of work, doing another responsibility at home will be really exhausting. Here, smart appliances are things that you need more than anything. We have some examples of smart appliances that you can have.

4 snapinsta.app_1080_85237287_1057026131321301_8182896298109756510_n

Using smart appliances to complement your home decor is one way to make things easier for you. This time you can use this smart dryer. Here you can operate it by using a handphone so that it can be accessed remotely. So you will never fail to use this one smart tool. Smart Washer Dryer from @tanya.whitlock

5 snapinsta.app_1080_98081219_193740355034088_4485698743915588752_n

A smart refrigerator is one of the tools that you can add to your home decor. By using this refrigerator, it is easier for you to operate it because it has several advantages, one of which is that it can be operated easily. Therefore, you will never fail to use a smart refrigerator to complement your home. Smart Refrigerator from @american_coach

6 snapinsta.app_1080_21690532_147991359134445_2000532364169576448_n

Apart from refrigerators and tumble dryers, a smart coffee machine is another must-have tool. Check out this coffee machine above! This tool is operated using a handphone that is connected to WIFI. The reason is you can make coffee remotely by operating it with a handphone. Smart Coffee Machine from @behmor

Smart Lighting

Besides really effective since you don’t need to push any button to turn it on, the smart lighting can also help you to save your electricity budget. Why? It can’t be doubted that we forget to turn off the lamps most of the time even when we don’t need them. That thing can increase your electricity cost unexpectedly. We recommend you install smart lighting for your new house.

28 snapinsta.app_1080_281581565_135574079059001_5136124712723057891_n

You can never fail to use a smart lamp to complete your lighting ideas in your home. This time you can use the sensor lamp in the area of the wall next to the stairs. This lamp will work by turning on when there is a movement of the foot that passes through this lamp. So that it will make you more comfortable and facilitate your activities. Sensor Lamp from @qushini

8 snapinsta.app_1080_296848605_3238597133126352_4418899227603083866_n

There are many types of lights that you can use to complement your home decor, one of which is smart lighting. Here you can apply this smart lamp on the ceiling and also on the desk. This smart lighting is operated by using WIFI so that it makes your work easier and presents a modern look. Smart Lighting with WIFI Control from @masonwattss

Smart Security

Besides the smart lock, smart security is also needed to add security to your home. It comes in form of a camera or fingerprint that can be installed not only for the door but also for your safe-deposit box.

9 snapinsta.app_1080_89445651_868127046983045_5470132430347400401_n

One of the smart security that you can apply in your home is CCTV. By using this CCTV, you can find out whatever is happening and record by CCTV. This time you can install this CCTV in an outdoor area so that it will work perfectly. Cctv from @lucksome_technology_tz

10 snapinsta.app_1080_35336283_249560132498907_4704327462274727936_n

Currently replacing your old deadbolt with a smart deadbolt. In this way your home will remain safe from all crimes committed by strangers. The reason is that this door is equipped with a latch which is equipped with a pin and can be operated with a cellphone that has a WIFI connection. Smart Deadbolt from @meetlockly

11 snapinsta.app_1080_212053483_777590149596902_8344678926599784908_n

Talking about smart security, a video doorbell is one of the smart tools that you can use. This video doorbell fits perfectly on the side wall of a door so it works great. This tool can make it easier for you to find out who is coming because this tool is connected to WIFI and can be seen through your cellphone. Video Doorbell from @jk_electrical

Air Quality System

The air quality of your home can really affect your health. That is why we list them as things to be considered when building a new house. There will be some things that can influence the air quality of your house that you can find below.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is needed to maintain the humidity of your house. Also, it keeps you comfortable with the temperature control that you can do by using the air conditioner. There are some air conditioner types that you can provide for your home. You can pick one of them based on your room’s needs and characteristics.

Central Air Conditioner: If you want to install the air conditioner in such a spacious room, then the central air conditioner is the best choice for you. It can cover all the space in a room because the range is wide.

20 snapinsta.app_1080_291703454_448279853464905_5486090773037860594_n

There are many types of air conditioners that you can use to complement your home decor, one of which is central air conditioning. Place the air conditioner on the ceiling so that it will work properly to provide cold air in the indoor area. In addition, it is also very space-saving so it is suitable for small home decorations. Central Air Conditioning from @aadi2212

Portable Air Conditioner: For you who need an air conditioner in only a small bedroom space, then you can choose the portable air conditioner. Also, this one is movable so that you can bring it anywhere if you want to move to another room.

12 snapinsta.app_1080_13557299_1206881402677399_2082242197_n

Choosing to use a portable AC is the perfect idea if you live in a small house. The reason is that this portable AC has small size and is very easy to move without having to damage its function. This time you can place it in the family room and at any time you can move it to another room. White Portable AC from @kimmietan26


Portable AC is one type of air conditioner that you can apply in your home. By using this air conditioner, you will get several advantages, namely more space saving and easy to move. But even so, this Portable AC will still work well to provide cool air in your home. Slim Air Conditioning from @namair

Smart Air Conditioner: This one will be quite pricey but you can get such a great benefit for the smart air conditioner since you can control it by using your smartphone.

13 snapinsta.app_1080_273943357_1109457113162987_142308178598638147_n

You will never fail to use this smart air conditioner. The reason is that it will provide convenience in everyday life, this type of air conditioner can be operated using a remote control and also using a cellphone connected to WIFI. This type of air conditioner will give a modern look and also give a perfect cool look to your home. Smart WIFI from

14 snapinsta.app_1080_282027995_1062767121303089_3969998047665570071_n

The selection of facilities is important for comfort in your home. Using a smart AC will make it easier to operate it because you can operate this AC using a smartphone. In addition, this air conditioner will also provide cooler air and will make your home more comfortable. Air Conditioning With Gadget Control from @daikinproshopmmi


To keep your house clear from the germ or dust, then you should provide a good ventilation system. The air in your house should have good circulation so that you can have a healthy house.

Spot Ventilation: This one is simple but really needed and can give you trouble if you don’t provide it. Examples of spot ventilation are the kitchen hook and the blower in your bathroom to maintain the humidity.

21 snapinsta.app_1080_288620488_1080013359270239_536323962538852212_n

Make the air in your kitchen area stay healthy and smooth. This can be done by installing a kitchen hood in the kitchen area. Place the kitchen hood right above the stove, as a result, the smoke will escape through the kitchen hood and make the air in your kitchen healthier and smokeless. Kitchen Hood from @balikitchencabinet

22 snapinsta.app_1080_327973016_109939938674847_8887372923953761773_n

This time you can use a blower fan for ventilation ideas in your bathroom. Install ventilation in the wall area so that it is more space-saving and can still work perfectly. This one ventilation idea will never fail to keep the humidity in your bathroom area. Bathroom Fan Blower Window from @nfinnertyelectrical

23 snapinsta.app_1080_281783132_1211063909429637_4130518061934358793_n

Ventilation is one of the things that support comfort in your home. This time you can use a fan blower for ventilation ideas in your bathroom so that it will keep your bathroom from getting damp and keep the occupants comfortable. This time you can install a fan blower in the ceiling area so it can work perfectly. Ceiling Fan Blower from @6scleanness

Natural Ventilation: Natural ventilation is not something that comes from your window when you open it but a ventilation that you provide to make the air that enters your house can be filtered and go out of the house. It is commonly installed near the door or window.

24 snapinsta.app_1080_10601662_780762915309387_1352255021_n

Apart from trickle ventilation, stack ventilation is a type of natural ventilation that you can apply to your home. This time, you can install ventilation stacks in the wall area and above the stairs. Installing it in the wall area will make it more space saving but still work perfectly as ventilation in your home. Above Stair Ventilation from @iamgraphik

25 snapinsta.app_1080_25011264_1524145824336336_8614919297229127680_n

Trickle ventilation is one type of ventilation that you can install above windows. It will work by minimizing dust and pollution that enters your home. By using natural ventilation, your home will be protected from moisture and also stay healthy. Therefore you will never fail to use it. Window Ventilation from @everyday_energy

Solar Panels

The existence of solar panels can help you to save your electricity cost. You may need the budget to buy the panels and for the installation cost but after all things are set, you will get the benefit. Even when, you can rent the panels so that you can minimize the budget. Anyway, if you are not too ready to have the solar panels for all your electricity need, then you can mix it with the common electricity service you have.

18 snapinsta.app_1080_311904310_855904195403889_7473560808367165571_n

Power generation is something that you should pay attention to to build a house. Using solar panels will provide benefits for you such as being environmentally friendly, saving expenses and more. In addition, this solar panel can be installed anywhere, including on the roof, so it will not interfere with your activities. Roof Solar Panels from @voltsenergies

19 snapinsta.app_1080_278808218_5082608605149094_3044305808133871353_n

There are many things that you have to pay attention to when building a house, one of which is a power plant. Solar panels are a perfect choice because solar panels generate electricity using sunlight, making it more environmentally friendly. This time you can use a standing solar panel so that it is simpler and can still work perfectly. Standing Solar Panels from @unrivaled_solar

Pest Control

You should know that the pest can give you trouble. Not only for the appliances and the building but also for your health. When you are building a new house, make sure that you provide things for pest control. You may ask for a professional but it is possible for you to have the DIY projects for this need. Here are the references that you can follow.

26 snapinsta.app_1080_332688766_596061775712835_4968481003750035336_n

Make sure there are no gaps between the windows and walls in your home. This time you can use foam and trim so that you can cover the blemishes perfectly. This method is quite simple but is perfect for pest control ideas. Caulk the Gaps from @faringsohuset


The foundation is one of the things that you should pay attention to when building a house. This time you have to make sure your foundation is strong and doesn’t have the slightest blemish. This idea is one of the right ways to control pest control so that your house will be protected from insects and will not cause damage. Copper Mesh from @incorpolishedconcrete


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