Steps to remodel your small laundry room to be more functional and aesthetic2

Have you thought well about your laundry room? Most laundry rooms are rarely well thought out. Especially a small laundry room. It’s true. Actually, there is no standard laundry room size, shape or layout. Often these utility rooms are placed and created in the leftover space after every other room in the house has been planned. Even laundry rooms are often in awkward places, in dark corners, small and limited. In fact, you will spend a lot of time in this room. Then, have you noticed your washing area? If you think you haven’t, you can start thinking about it from now on. Maybe you can renovate or remodel your small laundry room.

Where to start? Why did you decide to remodel your small laundry room? And what’s important to you? You must be able to answer these questions properly. This is because it will affect the decisions you will make when renovating your small laundry room. Especially with regard to the budget that you will spend. If you can answer these questions, you will know where to start for a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry room. There are a few steps you can take to remodel your small laundry room to be more aesthetic and functional. This way, you can make sure it meets your needs and matches your style. Take a look at these steps below.

Steps to remodel your small laundry room to be more functional and aesthetic1

Paint or Wallpaper the Walls

If you want to make a small laundry feel bigger and brighter, paint or wallpaper the walls. This is an easy and affordable way to make a big impact. You can paint your walls in a bright color. You can also paint the cabinets in a bold color to give your laundry a fresh new look. A deep evergreen or midnight blue works well for this.

A bold print will have a dramatic effect on a tiny space, and if you’re renting, peel-and-stick options are renter-friendly. You can also use a wallpaper that mimics natural elements like floral patterns or organic shapes to give your laundry room a more organic vibe. Another great way to make your small laundry look bigger is by using a wallpaper that has a vertical or linear print. This will create the illusion of wider walls and higher ceilings.


This light gray color scheme adds a soft, warm look to your laundry room. You can apply shiplap wood walls and cabinets for different designs. Light Gray Laundry Room from @designerappliances


The pink color and wallpaper applied to this laundry room give us the most attractive feminine impression. This design is the perfect way to make your walls feel more beautiful. Pink Wall and Wallpaper Wall Laundry a from @designerappliances


Elaborate wallpaper can make your laundry room look like a brand new laundry room design. Combined with white cabinets and patterned wooden floors for the perfect room design. Wallpaper Laundry Room from @houseliftdesign


Changing the appearance of the laundry room using this fresh wallpaper will offer a fresh and cool room design. This white wood shiplap wall adds the perfect contrast to the room. Fresh Wallpaper Laundry Room from @maplehouseharvey


Use this wallpaper to make your washing room look cool, use this white and bright blue sea themed wallpaper to make your laundry room look perfect. Blue Wallpaper Laundry Room from @beach_life_living


Gray walls will make your room look classy. The combination of white in this cabinet will also provide the perfect room contrast and have the impression of a calm and warm space. Gray Wall Laundry Room from @thefarmhouseinterior

Update the Floor

If you’re planning to remodel your small laundry to be more aesthetic and functional, there are a few steps you can take to make it happen. Start by updating the floor, which can be a big part of your overall laundry room design. Choose flooring that is moisture and stain resistant, easy to clean, and attractive. Laminate, vinyl, cork, and luxury vinyl plank are all popular options for laundry rooms. They can stand up to heavy traffic, stains, water leaks, and damage, making them ideal for your small space.


This black stone floor in a heringbone pattern adds texture and a new look to your laundry room. The use of this type of floor will not be slippery and certainly minimal maintenance. The use of this type of floor will make the room decoration luxurious and the perfect contrast. Herringbone Stone Floor from @alexanderjames_shop


You can also accentuate the beauty of your laundry room floor by choosing furniture with contrasting colors and materials. Using this black penny floor will produce an attractive design and a different look for the room. Black Penny Tile from @trishaspearsdesign


This laundry room uses chevron brick flooring to give the home an attractive and rustic look. Choosing this type of stone floor will not make this room slippery, so it is suitable for you to apply to your laundry room. Brick Floor Laundry Room from @marinalibermaninteriores


Featuring wooden flooring which adds to the rustic laundry room style. This adds its own warmth and will make your laundry room look more attractive for you to try. The white DIning strikes a beautiful balance overall. Hardwood Floor Laundry Room from @amysfarmhousestyle


Add an intricate pattern to your laundry room with these tiles. Tiles in these patterns and colors are perfect for adding interesting features to your laundry room. You can also combine it with white walls and wooden cabinets for a contrasting space design. Tile FLoor Laundry Room from @radosconstruction_

Snapinsta.app_1080_330701987_1455584118545955_5648074766764117305_n (1)

Choosing intricate pattern tiles will give your laundry room design a fresh new look. These tiles require maintenance and make your laundry designs more attractive. This floor has a blue color that will look good with the white walls of this laundry room. Tile Pattern Floor Laundry Room from @studiomira__

Add Some Storage

Storage is key to making any small space more functional, and laundry is no exception. For starters, maximize the space above your washing machine with a couple of shelves for detergent and other items. Shelving units can add some much-needed storage for linens, laundry products, and cleaning supplies. Shelving also creates more vertical space on the walls, which can help a small laundry feel more spacious and organized.

You can even install a small cabinet there that will be an attractive and practical storage idea for your laundry supplies. Another good idea is to place a wire basket behind your laundry door so you can use it as a storage space for detergent, clothes deodorizer and more.


Using open shelves to store soap jars in the laundry room is an interesting storage idea for you to try. You can place this open shelf above the washing machine to make it easier for you to reach it. Open Shelf Storage from @interieur_by_charlene


Take advantage of the area above this washing machine as a storage idea by installing a cabinet shelf. You can use this rack to store a variety of towels and clever wicker baskets for a cleaner, more organized finish. Open Cabinet Laundry Room from @kayuaya_id


You can use the space under the cabinets for your laundry room storage ideas. You can use a trolley type storage area to store some dirty furniture and clothes neatly. Trolley Storage Laundry Room from @kitchenartdesign


An easy way to make your laundry room look new and less cluttered is to use baskets placed in the laundry cupboard. In addition, you can apply this washing machine to the cabinet for a neat and clean room design. Basket Storage Laundry Room from @ckpdesign


Utilizing the area under the stairs by applying this laundry room will maximize the space. You can also add extra woven cloth to place on top of the washing machine to make it easy to store various dirty clothes. Wicker Basket from @zhush


Don’t let your ceiling area go to waste decorating a small laundry room, a clever idea you can do is hang a clothesline. You can hang it using iron to make it more sturdy and strong. Hanging Drying Rack from @bilottakitchens

Add Lighting

Often, laundry rooms are dim and dark, so you may need to add some lighting to the room. Adding lighting to your small laundry is an easy way to make it more aesthetic and functional. Laundry rooms are often overlooked during home renovations and remodeling, but they are often a vital space that should be well-lit to make them easier to use.

The type of lighting you choose depends on how the space is used. Task lighting is essential for them, but ambient mood lighting also needs to be balanced to create a relaxing feel in the room.For this reason, downlights are a great choice for laundry rooms as they offer both useful task and ambient light. They’re easy to install, and the light can be dimmed for a more dramatic effect too. Another popular option is a chandelier, which will add more than just light to your space but also give the room a more luxurious feel. Consider adding small tap lights under cabinets and shelves to increase illumination.


Under cabinet lights are a great choice for laundry rooms as they offer useful task and ambient light. This type of lighting is suitable for you to apply to your modern laundry room cabinets. Lighting Under Cabinet from


This flush mount adds lighting to your entire laundry room. Having this luxurious appearance will balance the appearance of the laundry room with the farmhouse style. Flush Mount Laundry Room from @homewardesign


This LED lamp will illuminate the laundry room’s open shelving. Having yellow lighting will make for an interesting design and romantic lighting in your laundry room. This type of lamp will save electricity while providing the perfect room focal point. LED Cabinet Laundry Room from @adparadigm


This is a beautiful laundry room decoration. The reason is, by installing this wall lamp it provides dramatic lighting throughout your room. Placing them around this mirror will reflect the light and make this laundry room design brighter. Wall Light Laundry Room from @designrumah.malang


Hang an ombre chandelier in this laundry room to create dramatic lighting throughout. Choosing this lamp balances the coastal look in this laundry room style. Choosing this blue ombre will make your home decor charming and fresh. Ombré Beaded Chandelier from @reginaandrewdetroit


Using a light rattan basket placed on the laundry room table will provide perfect lighting throughout the room. Choosing this lamp will give your laundry a natural touch and a different design. Wicker Basket Lighting from @3rdgenerationhomes

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