Have you ever looked at your bathroom and thought… meh. We don’t blame you. Bathrooms are pretty tricky rooms to get right when it comes to home décor. They aren’t rooms that anyone “hangs out” in, and they are ordinarily quite small, which means you can’t really do anything that impressive with the design.

But nothing is impossible when it comes to home décor. Any room can get some life instilled into it, and that tiny bit of life can make a space 100% more inviting. If you’re thinking “meh” when you walk into your bathroom, then it’s probably because you’ve overlooked one easy answer: artwork. 

That’s right – it really is that simple. One of the best ways to rejuvenate a bathroom space is through artwork. Anything that can fill the room with some colour without taking up any of the space. But what kind of artwork actually works in the bathroom, and how can you do something a little different? 

Different Forms Of Art

What you need in a bathroom is something quirky. As mentioned before, this is a space that no one really stays in for a long period of time; you don’t exactly invite your guests for some welcome drinks in the shower. 

But this means that you can play around with the artwork and choose something you wouldn’t go for anywhere else in the house. For instance, 3d paintings on glass are innovative design features that can really elevate the feeling of your space. When placed in front of a mirror, specifically, this kind of artwork can reflect the light beautifully and really shine in such a small room.

Still-Life Art

If you’re not keen on going quirky, however, then traditionalism is certainly not a downgrade. Well-designed bathrooms radiate a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness, and if you’ve done your home décor homework, you will know that plants can do the same thing. 

But it’s not always possible to have plants in a bathroom – either because it’s a tight space or because the steam can easily cause leaves to die. This is why still-life artwork – such as foliage or fruit – is often utilised in bathrooms. Not just because they can add a bit of colour, but because they can give the illusion of relaxation – without the effort of having to water them every day!

Create Space For Your Art

But what if you’re a quick-switch home designer? The kind of designer who likes to switch things around constantly in order to keep things fresh and interesting? Well, as we’ve mentioned, space can be an issue in the bathroom, but it isn’t impossible to get around. One of the many home decor trends in 2023 comes in the form of floating shelves. 

If you have wall space, instead of hanging pictures, place a floating shelf in their place and utilise that space instead. This is a great idea if you have some small artwork frames already in your possession – that you know will look good in the bathroom – and you can also utilise the space for other artistic features, such as intricately designed candles, incense or books. 


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