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Spring is the perfect time to get your house in tip-top shape for a fresh start. It is time to revamp your home and give a new spirit. After a long winter, now is the time to make some plans to clear your home of the stuffiness. This spring, once the temperature starts to warm up, you can start opening your windows to get some fresh air. And the best way to enjoy spring in your home is to do a thorough cleaning. It means you need spring cleaning to refresh your home.

Spring cleaning ideas for a fresh start1

Spring cleaning can be a stressful endeavor. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone, it’s important to plan and set goals that are realistic and achievable. Spring cleaning can be done in a number of ways, including deep cleaning, decluttering, redesigning your home, or donating your stuff. But the task of tackling dust bunnies, stubborn stains and a whole host of other chores can seem daunting. You don’t need to be worried with the right plan and a few helpful tips, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Here are some spring cleaning ideas that you can apply.

Make a Checklist

Start by making a list of everything you need to do, without forgetting things that may need to be tackled later on. This list should include tasks like cleaning baseboards, dusting furniture, moving items around, etc. Make a checklist for each room of the house, without forgetting areas that you typically don’t think about during regular cleaning, such as the utility room, laundry room and garage. This will ensure that you’re covering all the bases before spring cleaning begins, and it will also give you a chance to think about what might be the most difficult task in your specific area.


You can sort items according to your needs. Items that are damaged or unfit for use can be thrown away to reduce the chaos that occurs in this garage area. When spring is coming you can clean the whole room for home decorations that are more comfortable to use all day to relax. Garage Organization from @goldenwestorganizing


Not only the garage, when spring comes you can also clean the laundry room area thoroughly including the corners of the room. This is done so that the room is protected from germs, dust and insects. Using the right room light makes the room work optimally during the day or night. Clean Spring Laundry Room from @butlerloweinc

Clean the Surface

Dusting is an important part of any spring cleaning routine. It helps to remove dirt, dander, and allergens from surfaces throughout your home to help keep it clean and healthy. Allergy and asthma sufferers especially need to dust regularly as it can help clear airways for easier breathing and fewer respiratory problems. It also eliminates lingering dust mites and pet dander that can trigger symptoms.

To get the most out of your dusting routine, begin at the top and work your way down. This will allow you to quickly knock down clinging dust to the next area you clean. For example, you can clean your ceiling with broom, dust your bookshelves and coffee table with a microfiber cloth and more.


Because the kitchen is an area that is often used to serve food, you can do regular cleaning. This will be a good start to welcome spring this year. Take care of the countertop area, cabinet floors by wiping them with cleaning fluid and a soft cloth. The dominance of black and white becomes a monochromatic blend that makes the room look modern. Set Kitchen Cleaning Schedule from @larakimmerer


Try to keep the ceiling clean to minimize the presence of dust or insects nesting. You can use a special ceiling cleaning tool with a long enough handle. Moldy roofs can be replaced with new ones to make them appear more elegant, clean and shiny. You can do ceiling cleaning regularly. Clean Ceiling Area from @tailored_plastering_solutions

Vacuum the Dust

Vacuuming is a great way to remove dust and dirt from hard floors. It’s also much more hygienic than sweeping, as it contains the dust inside the vacuum cleaner’s canister or bag, rather than spreading it around in the air. A good vacuum can pick up huge amounts of dust and other debris in a single pass. This makes it a more effective cleaning tool for people with allergies, and can be much less tiring than sweeping. You can use your vacuum to clean your rug, sofa, mattress, pillows and other items.


To save your energy when cleaning the floor and carpet area, you can just use a portable vacuum cleaner so that it can be brought into any room easily. This can be done every day so that your home room is free from dust and dirt. Because this vacuum cleaner has pipes and cables that are large enough, it can easily clean the entire room, not only the living room but also the kitchen. Vacuum Cleaner Ideas from @minnavuorinen


Hand vacuum cleaners can be used anywhere as needed. This hand vacuum cleaner is cordless so it can be more effective and practical. You can recharge this hand cleaner when the battery is low, use this tool on the surface of the sofa, bed sheets and some throw pillows in the living room or bedroom. Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ideas from @hometreasureslinens

Clean Your Linens

You can also take care of your linens. It’s time to wash all your linens because spring allows you to get some sunshine. Take out your linens that may become damp during the winter. Like your curtains. You can wash and change your curtains. Spring is a great time to use a sheer curtain. Wash your curtains and get a fresh nuance. Moreover, your tablecloths, blankets, and carpets also need to be cleaned. Put it in the washing machine and add fragrance for overall freshness. By cleaning your linens, you will make the spring atmosphere in your home more perfect.


To welcome spring full of joy, you can prepare the best and most comfortable living room decoration possible. One of the activities you can do is wash all the textile linen in this room so that it is free from dust and other dirt. Linen fabrics that you can wash are the curtains, sofa layers and some throw pillow covers which are commonly used as room accessories. Washing Curtains and Pillowcases from @ashley_interiors_denbydale


Because parts of the sofa cannot be washed, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and dirt from the surface of this sofa. Just choose and use the cordless vacuum cleaner design to make it more practical and easy to carry anywhere, this tool can be recharged after the way it works weakens. Vacuum Cleaner Sofa from @savvygadgetboutique

Wash Windows

Windows are often overlooked in a spring cleaning routine, but they’re an essential part of a home’s curb appeal and functionality. Dirty glass can prevent the flow of natural light and UV rays, which can reduce the energy you use for heating and cooling your house. Window cleaning in spring is essential to remove any accumulated grime and dirt that has built up over the winter. Salt deposits and streaks are common after a winter thaw, so removing these marks is crucial to the appearance of your window. Clean windows can also improve the view out of your front or back door. A clear, bright window is a great way to enjoy the green leaves and flowers of spring.


When winter is over, you can clean the part of the glass window that has been splashed from the imprinted snow. This is the best activity you can do to welcome the sunlight that will enter the room freely. Use the cleaning tools and cleaning fluids that you already have at home, just do it yourself. Clean Up Sticky Snow Traces from @nostreakwindows


This cleaning liquid that is sprayed on the glass window is one of the ways to clean your home to welcome spring this year. Furthermore, after being sprayed, you can use a tool to wipe it and make the surface of the glass window look more shiny and free from any adhering dust. Spray Cleaning Liquid from @windowcleaner


Welcome spring this year with enthusiasm, there are many things you can do. One of them is cleaning the window glass so that it has a cleaner and shiny surface. The existence of this window can be used as an area to see beautiful outdoor views. You can use a special top window cleaner with a longer wand to make it more effective. Welcome Spring Window Clean from @shine_brightcleaning


De-cluttering can be an important part of spring cleaning. It helps you feel more organized and can make your home look more refreshed. Start by decluttering any items that you aren’t currently using. This can include clothing, shoes, and knick-knacks. Donate or dispose of any items that you no longer want or need. This will help you keep your closet clean and clutter-free as well as keep your space feeling more spacious. To keep your decluttering on track, try dividing the items into three categories—keep, toss and donate/sell. This will give you a motivating sense of accomplishment at each stage of the decluttering process!


When you are going to add some accessories that can emphasize the spring theme, you can use a tray that has a nice round shape. A tray that is equipped with handles on both sides can be placed on the ottoman table so that it is not scattered and keeps the room tidy. This spring tray display can be moved according to the needs of the room. Spring Tray Display from @homebyrosie


Don’t use too many accessories in your living room decoration. This is intended so that the overall appearance of the room remains neat. A tulip vase and some candle holders can be placed on a wooden coffee table in a neat and orderly manner. Hang some painting frames on the molding wall not too far apart. Minimize Use of Accessories from @home_at_ivy_corner


Arrange the closet that you have with a neat and orderly arrangement. Take out items that are rarely used, for example, you can donate clothes, bags and shoes that are still usable. Or you can just throw it away when the item you have is damaged, torn and not suitable for use. Donate Clothing from @agv_my_lifestyle

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