Guaranteed rules to keep a living room warm without heating2

Sometimes a cold living room is hard to make everyone relax and enjoy their free time. Therefore the living room needs to have a special treatment to offer a special space to spend time together.

Guaranteed rules to keep a living room warm without heating1

Upgrade Window Treatments

Upgrade window treatments Guaranteed Rules To Keep A Living Room Warm Without Heating


Upgrading your window treatments in a living room will absolutely give a special way to warm up the space. It is also a good investment to have good quality line curtains. They will be able to help keep the cold air from seeping into the home which makes them particularly useful during the fall and winter months.

Move Your Furniture Away

Move your furniture away Guaranteed Rules To Keep A Living Room Warm Without Heating


To make your living room warm without heating, you are recommended to move your furniture from external walls, windows, and heat sources. It will help you to feel warmer when relaxing by moving you away from sources of cool air.

Alter The Rotation of The Ceiling Fan

This idea will redistribute warm air rather than draw it away. Altering the rotation of a ceiling fan to move clockwise will help to push warm air collected around the ceiling back down into and around your living room. After that, your room will feel warmer for longer and get the most use out of your home heating system when you do turn it on.

Block Unused Chimneys

Block unused chimneys is a great idea to keep cold air out and warm air in. This idea will prevent heat from escaping in cooler months. Here you can use a specialized chimney balloon to snugly fit any size and shape chimney to prevent hot air from escaping and cool air from dropping down. Then, those balloons mentioned before are easy to remove later down the line too, should you wish to have a fireplace installed.

Layer Natural Textiles Like Leather, Faux Fur, And Wool

Layering in interior design is popular to make a space look more luxurious. Meanwhile, it is also a great idea to make a space feel warmer and more welcoming too. Therefore, the textiles like leather, faux fur, and wool are a go-to for a winter cabin look. It will accomplish warmth and coziness through the pattern. You will need extra rugs, patterns, and throws in a cooler season.

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