21 unique outdoor wall ideas2

Your house-building appearance will be the first impression of your house. When people are already in awe of your house from the outside, then your house will have a high value. Of all of the exterior design aspects that a house has, the wall is the most dominating. So, rather than only having a flat and common white wall, what if you apply something that will make your wall looks unique? In this case, you can have a unique wall by considering on its texture, pattern, and material. For the pattern, it is possible for you to have a well-arranged pattern or the random one. Both are aesthetic with their own characteristics. To make you clear enough with the idea, here are the references for you.

21 unique outdoor wall ideas1

Stone Wall

If you want the touch of nature, the stone wall is the best choice. There will be so many different stones that you can use. Even for the application is also really varied. It can be in a rough texture or you may make it flat and just keep the pattern.

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The wall is one of the exteriors that you should pay attention to. Look at this one wall! Made using natural stone material, it makes it look natural and manages to present an aesthetic appearance. Having a gray color theme makes it very suitable to be paired with a white window frame so it looks beautiful and attractive. Natural Wooden Wall from @schwakestonechicago

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There are many types of walls that you can apply to your home’s exterior ideas, one of which is a stone wall. This time you can use a limestone wall so it will look different than usual. Having a white theme makes it look neutral and easy to combine with anything. White Stone Wall from @casitamx

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This wall made of natural stone has an interesting texture that makes it look very beautiful and attractive. This stone wall will provide perfect security for your home while providing an aesthetic appearance. Textured Stone Wall from @prolific.stone

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There are many stone walls that you can apply to your home exterior, one of which is limestone wall. This wall has shades of white and an uneven surface so that it will present a texture that looks beautiful and attractive. In addition, using this limestone wall, will make your walls look aesthetic and make your exterior decoration look extraordinary. Limestone Wall from @womag_sa

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The flagstone wall in this outdoor area will give an attractive and natural look. An uneven surface will make this wall have a beautiful texture and was created accidentally. Having a natural color theme will make it successful in presenting an earthy tone and also look aesthetic. Flagstone Wall from @genstonediy

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Make the exterior of your house look beautiful and attractive. This time you can use a stone wall so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and manages to steal the show. This stone wall has a combination of terracotta and gray colors so that it will present an attractive appearance and make your exterior decoration look very perfect. Stone Wall Exterior from @schwakestonechicago

Brick Wall

This one is already quite popular be used as the wall. The brick wall can bring varied decoration style impressions which are really interesting. Anyway, when you commonly only know the brick in red color, then you should try to color it with your favorite tone or the one that represents the decoration style you want like some neutral colors for a modern impression.

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This home exterior uses walls made with brick material so it will look attractive. This time, the bricks used are no longer red, but have a slightly brown color so they look attractive and are suitable for rustic decoration. By using this brick wall, your exterior will look perfect with an earthy look. Rustic Brick Wall from @acustructbuilders

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Using a brick wall for exterior decoration is a perfect idea. This time you can use a brick wall that is painted with a blue theme so that it will present a perfect nautical look. Combined with white windows and wooden fences, this exterior will look extraordinary. Blue Brick Wall from @bosleyrealestate

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There are many types of walls that you can apply to your home, one of which is a stone wall. This time you can use natural brick for exterior decoration ideas so it will look extraordinary. It has a white theme, making this brick wall suitable for farmhouse-style decorations. Therefore, you will never fail to complete the exterior decoration in your home. White Brick Wall from @ann_marie_co

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Look at this house! He uses a brick wall so that it will present a perfect natural look. This time you can use a light brown brick wall to make it look simple and elegant. Equipped with yellow lighting ideas, will make your walls look amazing. Light Brown Wall from @mermansarchitectureanddesign

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You can never fail to use brick walls for exterior decoration. Instead of using a red brick, this time you can use a gray wall so it will look different than usual. Combined with a black door, it will present a simple contrast and look attractive. Grey Brick Wall from @macneilconstruction

Wood Pallet Wall

The wood has a welcoming and warm impression that makes people love to use it to be a part of their house. Including the wall, you can use the wood pallet as your wall material that can represent farmhouse, rustic, or coastal home design. However, for the coastal design, you should also adjust the color to make it has the design character.

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Wooden pallet is one material that will never fail to complement interior and exterior decoration. This time you can use a wooden pallet for an outdoor wall idea so that it will present an aesthetic appearance. Having a natural color theme will make your exterior decor look stunning without going overboard. Natural Wooden Pallet Wall from @cannorhome

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Instead of using a brick, you can also use a wooden pallet to complete the exterior decoration. Use this wooden pallet for the walls so it will present a natural look. Then you can paint it green to make it look more attractive and look fresh. This method is quite easy and will never fail in your exterior decoration ideas. Green Wooden Pallet Wall from @little_star_renovations

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This house uses wooden pallets for the outer walls so it will look beautiful and attractive. This wooden pallet wall has a vertical design so it will give the effect of the house looking taller. Meanwhile, the beam of light that hits the wooden pallet wall will make it look extraordinary. Brown Wooden Pallet Wall from @amystormandco

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Look at this home exterior decoration! This wall made using wooden pallets looks simple and attractive. The owner painted it a white theme so it looks clean and manages to convey a modern charm. The idea of using wooden pallets to decorate your walls will never fail to try. White Pallet Wall from @elysiaenglish

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If you like a natural look, using wooden pallets for the outer walls is an interesting idea. This time you can use a wooden pallet with a horizontal design so it will look different than usual. Leaving it with its original wood color will make your exterior decor look amazing with its natural appearance. Natural Wooden Pallet Wall from @intressantahus

Concrete Wall

If you love the industrial decoration style, you can try to have a concrete wall. It can be presented in a flat smooth texture or you can make it rough for aesthetic reasons. It will be cool if you don’t apply the color there, but if you think that you need the color, then just do it!

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Talking about the outer walls, concrete is the right choice. The reason is that it has very strong properties and makes it durable and suitable for outdoor decoration. This time you can paint it with shades of white so it will make it look beautiful and attractive. Concrete Wall Exterior from @home.modee

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Using concrete walls for home exterior decorating ideas will present an attractive industrial look. This concrete wall has a smooth surface so it looks very beautiful. Having a light gray theme and being exposed to the spotlight will make this concrete wall look extraordinary. Light Grey Concrete Wall from @engindaily

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You will never fail to use concrete walls for industrial-themed exterior decorations. Not only the walls, here you can also use stairs made using concrete so that it will look the same. The owner left it unpainted and has a gray color so that it has its own charm and looks aesthetic. Dark Grey Concrete Wall from @thinkoutsidegardens

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This exterior design uses walls made using concrete material so that it looks perfect. Because this concrete wall has strong properties so it lasts a long time and also manages to present a perfect industrial appearance. It has a smooth surface, making your wall look more beautiful and attractive. Light Grey Concrete Wall from @restless.arch

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Look at the exterior decoration of this house! Concrete walls will be the perfect backdrop for this exterior design. Then you can combine it with a metal accent so that it will present a perfect industrial look. Meanwhile, the shooting lights that are at the bottom of this wall will provide a spotlight that looks stunning. Natural Concrete Wall from @restless.arch

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