Outdoor garage designs for your small home space2

Having only a limited land space for your house won’t let you stop to do an effort to have such complete and proper house facilities. Of all of the rooms you have in your house, the one that you can eliminate is the garage. However, you don’t need to worry because you can still surely have it outdoors. If you have left space for the porch, you should use it for your garage space. You can measure the space based on your car size. Then, left the space for a small porch if it is possible.

Moreover, the garage area is also used for an office. Determine how you want to divide the space between the porch and the office area. If you do not have a garage, you could rent one via kirbykirby.com where experienced real estate agents can help you secure the best rental terms for the garage space. They can assist in structuring the lease agreement, ensuring that your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are protected.

Outdoor garage designs for your small home space1

Talking about your outdoor garage decoration, you can add things there not to make it boring. The first important thing might be the shade or the roof which comes in many materials. What you have to consider when choosing the shade or roof is its function to protect your car from direct sunlight or rain. Then another important thing is the lighting. You should have it because you will surely need it at night. If you want to make the lighting to beautify the garage, then choose the one with a unique or good design.  There are still things that you can do to make your outdoor garage not seem as boring such as applying a unique wall with pattern, texture, and more. Here are the complete examples.

1 snapinsta.app_236168418_886638788928749_5588316482637986521_n_1080

If you have a small house, building a garage in an outdoor area is a perfect idea. This time you can make a garage using a combination of wood and metal so it will give you the perfect industrial look. Having a large enough size, this garage can accommodate more than one car. Industrial Garage from @steda_de

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Take a look at this outdoor garage! Made using wood material will make it look natural and succeed in presenting an earthy tone. Having a shed roof makes it look sleek while still providing the perfect shade. This garage is also equipped with a wall so that it is very safe to place your car. Shed roof garage from @steda_de

3 snapinsta.app_101570982_262005588347852_1763913823379430135_n_1080

Don’t worry if you have a small house, here you can make a garage outside. Take a look at this garage! Made using galvanize and metal materials will make it is resistant to all weather including rain and heat. Having a modern design makes this garage look beautiful and manages to steal the attention of everyone who comes to see it. Black and White Outdoor Garage from @maisonetjardin_insta

4 snapinsta.app_104170396_3145082635550691_356489398631222923_n_1080

The outdoor garage is the right solution for those of you who have a small space. This gate is made using galvanize and is equipped with a roof so it will provide shade and can protect your car perfectly. Meanwhile, the fence around the garage will reduce the risk of crime in the garage area. Large Outdoor Garage from @stegasiepe

5 snapinsta.app_247236846_121814393581257_717121828506007469_n_1080

Interesting right? This outdoor garage is made using wood so it looks more natural. Equipped with a galvalume roof will make it successful in providing perfect shade. This garage has a size that is not too big and only enough for one car so it looks simple. Natural Wooden Garage from @additimedia.habitat

6 snapinsta.app_329906760_180724437987947_8360552021554523533_n_1080

This outdoor garage is right next to the house and is equipped with high fences at the back and sides. Having a large enough size can be used by more than one car or can be used as a relaxing area if needed. Having a transparent roof will allow sunlight to enter and keep your garage from damp. Transparent Garage Roof from @steda_de

7 snapinsta.app_299322817_1505596453187522_2181157462366904025_n_1080

The garage is one of the spaces that serve to provide protection to your vehicle. Take a look at this garage! Made using concrete material will make it very strong and durable. Painting it white will make it look prettier but not overly so. Therefore you will never fail to have it. Concrete Garage from @biossun_fr

8 snapinsta.app_293972008_835446757841750_927251685670122818_n_1080

Instead of building a garage at home, this time you can build a garage in an outdoor area. This time you can use a garage made using concrete and wood so it will look attractive. Painted white will make it look more modern. Meanwhile, the LED lamp will provide beautiful and attractive lighting in your garage. Modern Garage from @profils.systemes

9 snapinsta.app_241664132_178168727762510_3549488249264547813_n_1080

This outdoor garage has a gray color theme so it looks natural but looks perfect. Equipped with a fence on the side, it will provide security to your outdoor garage. While the shed roof will provide perfect shade in your garage area and your car will be protected from rain and heat. Grey Garage from @steda_de

10 snapinsta.app_25037906_160075204609346_6527945085525426176_n_1080

You will never fail to build a garage in an outdoor area so it won’t make your house narrower. This time you can make a garage using wood materials so that it will present a perfectly rustic look. Equipped with a shade that will make this garage perfect and manage to provide excellent protection for your vehicle. Rustic Garage from @tylerjensondesigns

11 snapinsta.app_325855321_479663837700928_310388142819121644_n_1080

Interesting right? This garage has a sleek design that will make it look simple. Having a high enough size, this garage can be used to place large vehicles. While the combination of white and black that is displayed will present a perfect monochromatic appearance. Simple Garage from @abrisud_france

12 snapinsta.app_271042151_299531598853448_1613035356460523640_n_1080

This outdoor garage has a design attached to the house so that it will present its own charm. Equipped with a shade that will provide perfect shade so that it is protected from rain and heat. Meanwhile, the fence next to the garage will be a simple but perfect barrier. Garage Attached to the house from @steda_de

13 snapinsta.app_56314865_1581365328665321_2743025081634371919_n_1080

Simple but perfect! The garage in front of the house looks simple but can function properly. Equipped with shade, will make this garage perfect and can provide shade. Even without a fence, this garage can still work perfectly as it functions. Wide Garage from @stratcoaustralia

14 snapinsta.app_313026596_682499166411207_6165684526666646275_n_1080

Having an outdoor garage is an advantage. The reason is that it will provide security to vehicles without having to spend space in your home. This outdoor garage uses a terracotta roof so it will present the perfect earthy touch. Meanwhile, the glass wall will make the car inside exposed from the outside but it will be kept clean. Glass garage wall from @vanhauwood

15 snapinsta.app_199380291_392705542059987_6275230173761925906_n_1080

Extraordinary! This garage is made using aluminum material so it is quite strong and resistant to wind and rain. Having a curved design will make it look more attractive. Located right in front of the house, making it very easy to access but won’t make your house cramped. Aluminum carport from @chinawindowdoor


16 snapinsta.app_284911263_136727598690108_2511914583494162043_n_1080

If you only have a small house, building a garage in an outdoor area is the perfect solution. Use strong materials such as metal and others, so that it will make your garage more durable and strong against all weather. Don’t forget the shade. This time you can use a flat roof so it’s simpler but still works perfectly. Black Metal Garage from @outdoorlivingsystem18 snapinsta.app_274312136_1314141755753071_7027338081207653567_n_1080

This small garage is made using wood material so it will present a rustic look. The owner left it in its original color so it will make this garage look very aesthetic. The shed roof will provide protection against rainwater and hot sun so that your vehicle will remain safe and well-maintained. Wooden Carport from @dutchvalleywoodworks

19 snapinsta.app_279118285_384471026921963_1952897995227010935_n_1080

The garage is one of the facilities that cannot be missed in your home. This time you can build a garage in an outdoor area so it is very space-saving for your home. The garage next to the house is quite large and is equipped with a shed roof so it looks perfect. Meanwhile, the bamboo trees next to the garage will be an extraordinary natural fence. Garage with shed roof from @profils.systemes

20 snapinsta.app_287946515_583894213156836_5234126767893689408_n_1080

Take a look at this garage! Being in an outdoor area will never damage its function. This garage is made using metal material so it is very strong and resistant to various kinds of weather such as rain and storms. Meanwhile, a transparent roof will provide shade and will not make your garage damp and moldy. Metal Garage from @sunjoylife

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