Tips for you before you sell a house2

Before you sell a house, you should make sure that you make the house ready to sell. What is meant with ready here is about the appearance from the outside and the good house condition inside. You should make sure that there is no damage in your house and every facility can work well. Don’t sell the house if it is in a bad condition because the value will be low. Here, if you can make your house in a condition that is ready to sell, then you can get a high price for the house and a high profit for sure.

Tips for you before you sell a house1

To make a well-prepared house before you sell it, we have made a guide with some to-do lists that you can apply to the house. By following the guide, you will get a good price for your house. Check them out!

Cleaning the House

It can be said that cleaning the house is the very first important thing that you should do for the house. Especially when the house is not inhabited for a long time. You should check the ceiling where the spider web will appear. Then, you should also clean the floor, wall, sink, toilet, bathtub, and just every part of the house.

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Cleaning the house is something you have to do before selling your house. The ceiling is one of the areas that you have to clean because it is often exposed to dust or cobwebs. This time you can use a mop with a high handle to make cleaning the ceiling area easier. Clean the Ceiling from @acleanerturnkc

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Apart from the ceiling, the floor is an area that is often dirty because it is most often stepped on. Therefore, the floor is one of the areas that you must clean before selling the house. You can use a mop and a mop to clean the floor area. This way your floor will look clean and like new again. Clean the Floor from @crazy_mama_does_it_all

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Before selling the house, all you have to do is clean the area of the house, one of which is the wall area. If your wall has a lot of dust attached, here you can use a special tool that is used to clean the wall. In this way your house will look cleaner and maybe it will be a plus for buyers. Clean the Wall from @houseblisscleaning

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Cleanliness is one of the things that must be considered when selling a house. The sink is an area that cannot be overlooked because it is closely related to cooking activities which must be kept clean. Here you can clean it using a sponge and soap until it’s clean. If necessary, you can also spray anti-bacterial in your sink area. Clean the Sink from @casabellaclean

Declutter All the Stuff

To let the house in a messy condition will be really bad. You should declutter everything there. In this case, you should remove unnecessary items to make the house looks wider and more spacious. For example, if there is an unimportant ornament or an old rack, then just remove them all. Your buyer can provide her/his own ornament and new furniture if needed. Just concerned about how to make the house looks spacious and valuable.

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Tidying up the house is the next tip that you can do after cleaning the area of the house. This time you can throw away unused items in the living room area and only the sofa, coffee table and hanging lamp are left. This way it will give the impression of a larger space and will probably attract the attention of buyers. Minimalist Livingroom from

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A tip that you can do before selling your house is tidying up the house. In this case, you can throw away old and unused items such as ornaments and wall hangings. This bedroom only has a bed, side table and table lamp remaining so it looks minimalist but can still function perfectly. White Bedroom from @aikokaii

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Clean and looks spacious! This living room has been tidied up by the owner by removing unnecessary items so that it looks spacious and clean. In this area of the dining room, only a dining table set and a trash basket are left, making it simpler but still functional. Minimalist Dining room from @the.wild.whimsy

Check the Plumbing System

This one is really important for occupancy to let the house owner can do the daily life activities. Let’s say that the plumbing system covers the pipes connected to all parts of your house. It will influence the stability of your kitchen sink, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and more. So, make sure that there is no damage to your plumbing system.

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Plumbing checks are things you have to do when you want to sell a house. This time you can check the pipe under the sink. This is because pipes in this area often get damaged and will cause chaos such as causing water not to flow in sink pipes and others. Check the pipe under sink from

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The plumbing system is one of the things you should pay attention to when selling a house, make sure everything is in good condition. Therefore you can check the plumbing system and make sure there is no damage. These tips are quite simple, but don’t ever miss them because they will affect the selling price. Check the Plumbing System from @belikov_stavteplo

Check the HVAC System

To give a comfortable living, the HVAC system takes an important role. Also, it affects the health of the householder. It will cover the heater, ventilation, and air conditioner. So, when it comes to the HVAC system, you can concern about those three things. Make sure that those three things are available in the house and can work well.

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HVAC checking is one thing that cannot be missed when you are selling a house. This time it’s about ventilation! Do a check on your kitchen ventilation or often called the kitchen hood. The reason is this is very influential in everyday life and affects the interest of buyers as well. Kitchen hood from @lodesigns

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Air conditioning is very influential on the comfort of your home. Check the performance of your air conditioning before selling the house. Make sure the air conditioning is in good condition so that it will affect the selling price of your home. Air Conditioning from @kt_plumbing_airconditioning

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Apart from AC and Ventilation, the water heater also includes an HVAC system that you should pay attention to before selling a house. Here you can check it and make sure it is still in good performance. However, if there is damage to do repairs immediately so as not to reduce the interest of buyers. Water Heater from

Repairing the Damages

For a house that is not inhabited for a long time, the damages will appear here and there. If you don’t repair it, it will lower the value of the house. You have to check all parts of the house both inside and outside and find the damages. Here are the lists of the damages that commonly occur in the house. Get the list and check them all.

Roof Damage: The parts that you should check for roof damage are not only the roof itself but also the gutter. For the roof itself, the damage can be about the cracked roof, uneven shingles, and faded color. Then for the gutter, it can be sagging, cracking, and eroding.

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Look at the roof on this one! it suffers damage in the form of small cracks which will result in water damage to your home. Before selling the house, all you have to do is repair the cracked roof. This time you can patch cracks or replace cracked parts. This idea is quite simple but never to be missed. Cracked Roof from @roofgirlresto

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Not only is the roof cracked, sagging gutter is one of the roof damages that can affect the resale value of your home. Therefore you can make repairs to this gutter. Fix the gutter by tightening all the nuts and bolts until they are strong again. But when there are cracks you can patch them using special gutter duct tape. Broken Gutters from @multiformgutters

Ceiling Damage: The ceiling damage can be seen clearly. Mostly, it is caused by the leak from the roof. After repairing the roof, you should repair the ceiling by changing it because it can be risky if not changed.

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This ceiling damage is caused by seepage of rainwater from the cracked roof. This causes the roof to become damp and peeling paint occurs. At this time you can repair it by replacing the ceiling, because if it is not replaced it will cause greater damage and greatly affect the interest of buyers. Peeling Paint from @annettemegaughin

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Apart from peeling paint, the damage that is often experienced by ceilings is seepage. Usually caused by a cracked roof and rainwater that enters freely into the ceiling. Therefore the ceiling will seep and it will cause the roof to collapse. To fix this, you should replace the roof with a new one to make it safer and have a higher selling value. Seepage water from @oldtownhome

Wall Damage: You may see a crack in the wall. Although it is not dangerous, it should be repaired because it can surely lower the value of the house. Then, there is a stain left on the wall sometimes when the wall is affected by water damage.

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Apart from the roof, the walls are also an interior that you should pay attention to Look at this one wall! This wall area has small cracks that make it look less attractive. Before buying and selling a house, you should be able to cover the cracks in the wall using a pin and re-paint it so that it will look perfect again. Cracked Wall from @dreamhomeinthemaking

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Look at this wall! there is damage in this area of ​​the wall caused by water damage. The wall is experiencing peeling paint and is making it look dirty and ugly. To overcome this you can repair the water damage and then repair the wall. In this way, will affect the interest of buyers. Stain Wall from @scolaalmeida

Floor Damage: Floor damage is commonly caused by the period of use. Especially when the floor is in wooden material, it will be less durable than granite, marble, or ceramics.

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This wooden floor has damage in the form of holes in the floor surface. This is because the period of use of wooden floors is too long and they are also exposed to furniture friction. To fix it, you can replace part or all of the damaged wooden floor. In this way the appearance of your home will look more beautiful and attract buyers. Wooden Floor Damage from @estrelaflooring

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Damage to wood floors is caused by long-term use, resulting in faded floor colors. This is pretty easy to fix! Here you can repaint it with the same color so it will look beautiful again. With this repair, your house will have a higher selling value, but on the contrary, if it is not repaired, the selling price will be very low. Faded Color from @tommirestoration

Repaint the House both Indoor and Outdoor

It is important to repaint the house especially when there are stains here and there on the wall. You can concern only about the indoor wall but also the outdoor wall. Both are important and should be treated the same way. You can paint the wall in the same color or you may be combining the color in a monochromatic color to make it still harmonious.

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The outer wall is just as important as the interior of the house. The thing you have to do before selling your house is to repaint the outer wall because it will be visible to the buyer first. This time you can paint the outer wall the same as the inner wall so it will look harmonious and more beautiful. Outdoor Wall Paint from @stoneandblackinteriors

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One thing that is very easy and should not be forgotten is to repaint the walls in your home. This time you can paint the walls in the indoor area with white paint to make it look clean and bright. This way your house will look like new and will definitely have a higher selling value. Indoor Wall Paint from @yellowplastic_design

Concern on the Exterior & Outdoor Parts

The outdoor and exterior part of the house is other important parts that you should be concerned more about because they can be useful to attract the buyer’s attention. Those parts will be the first impression of the buyer in giving the value of the house. If the buyer is already interested in the outdoor part, then they will be happy to go inside and check the indoor part of the house. Here are the things that you should consider when dealing with the exterior and outdoor parts of the house.

Outdoor Furniture: The outdoor furniture will cover the furniture that you have on the porch or front yard garden. It can be chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, a bench, or even a swing.

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Show your concern for outdoor furniture to buyers to portray your home as well maintained. You can do this by changing the sofa and also changing the pillowcases. In this way, your porch area will look more beautiful and well maintained and can attract the attention of buyers. Change Pad and Pillow from @lifeofblissblog

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The outdoor area is one of the things that must be considered before selling a house. The easy thing you can do is paint the furniture in the porch area so it will look more beautiful and very well maintained. With this, buyers are interested in checking the area in the house and maybe your house will have a higher selling value. Repainting Furniture from @rachelrsimon

Mowing the Lawn: Don’t let your garden be seen as messy with an untreated lawn. You should mow the lawn and make it clean, presentable, and welcoming. If you have some flowers there, then make sure that you arrange the flowers in a good arrangement. Keep the well-grown flowers and left out the bad-grown flowers. If you’re in need of assistance, consider looking for a lawn mowing service to ensure top-notch care.

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In addition to the porch area, the front yard is an area that must be maintained. Here you can take care of the front yard garden, namely by mowing the lawn. In this way your garden will look more beautiful, neat and also very well maintained. Therefore, mowing the lawn is one of the tips that you should not miss to do if you are going to sell your house. Mowing the Lawn from @kenyablac

Trim the Tree: The availability of the tree can be good to create a fresher air around. But, you should make sure that the growth of the tree doesn’t damage your house. Trim the tree well before you sell the house so that the buyer won’t be afraid of the tree.

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Apart from mowing the lawn, you can also trim the trees. This is because trees that are too dense can cause damage to the roof of the house and may be considered detrimental by prospective buyers. Therefore you can do tree pruning before selling your house. This method is quite easy and not to be missed. Trim the Tree from @angelique_arnhemsblond_aquazz

Hire a Real Estate Agent

After all of the preparation of the house that you have done, if you want to sell the house quickly, you can hire a real estate agent. You don’t need to waste your time and energy to market your house. Just wait and get the money! So, are you ready to prepare everything and get a good buyer for your house?!


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