Knowing building maintenance you should do frequently2

Having a building whether it is a house, an apartment as your property business, a shop, a hotel, or whatever it is, doing maintenance is such a must. It is the thing that will be seen as exhausting but it really profitable for you. It is true that you will spend a lot of money for the maintenance but the result that you get is way more profitable. What is meant here is that when you do not do the maintenance regularly until your building is damaged, what you will get is only the loss. You will need more money to repair the damage than do the maintenance.

Knowing building maintenance you should do frequently1

Related to that, most building owners do not know well about things that should be done with building maintenance. Some of them only do the maintenance for things that can be seen such as the ceiling or wall. However, there are surely many things that you should do and can give such a big impact on the building if you don’t do the maintenance regularly. The ideas will be explained below. Get the ideas and start doing the maintenance before it gets too late.

Gutter Cleaning

For you who live in four season country, when it comes to gutter cleaning, you should do this for each season. Even more, when the season brings too much interference to the gutter, you should even do the cleaning weekly. An example of that is during the fall season when the leaves fall and the twig is scattered on the roof and gutter, you should check your gutter periodically so that you won’t let all of those wastes clog the gutter. You should know that when there is too much waste on the gutter, it will sag and damage the gutter for sure. Then, during spring, you should clean the gutter from the moss that will damage the gutter and bring insects that will enter your house silently if you don’t clean it. Here are the gutter cleaning projects that you should do.

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Cleaning the gutter is a must-have for caring for your building. This time you can clean the gutter from the green grass that grows freely in your gutter because it will cause clogging. Use a special tool to clean this gutter so that it will be easier and get maximum results. Cleaning Gutter from Grass from @jamaintenanceltd

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Talking about building maintenance, cleaning the gutter is one of the things you have to do. Clean dry leaves and other dirt that is in the gutter so as not to cause damage. Here you can do it yourself at home so that it saves more costs but your gutter also stays clean. Cleaning Gutters from @cleanmade_australia

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Gutters that are dirty and full of moss will cause damage and water will become clogged. Therefore, cleaning gutter from moss is one of the right ways to care for your building. Use a special tool to clean your gutter so you will get maximum results. Cleaning the gutter from moss from @maddisonspropertyservices

Drainage Checking

The drainage is an important part of the building that will let people who live in the building feel comfortable and not be disturbed by the drainage that is clogged. The drainage is related to your building’s plumbing system and water disposal smoothness. Additionally, with a bad drainage system, it will cause a flood that will damage your house. So, even when it is not something that you see directly, but you should deal with this seriously if you want to safe the building and live comfortably there.

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Apart from cleaning the gutter, checking the drainage is one of the things that you can’t miss to care for your building. Make sure your drainage is in good condition and can drain seep and drain water perfectly. By checking, you can find out damage earlier and can fix it more quickly. Outdoor Drainage Checking from @un_jour_notre_longere

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Pipe is one of the important components in drainage. This time you can check the pipe drainage and make sure everything is in good condition and there is no damage. This way, your building will stay safe from flooding and other water damage. Therefore, never miss this one treatment idea. Pipe Drainage Control from @roccolandscape

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Drainage is one thing that is quite influential on the health of your building. Therefore, as an effort to maintain your building, you can periodically check the drainage. Make sure the inground drainage can work properly and is not clogged so it doesn’t cause any damage to your building. In Ground Drain control from @campione_plumbing

Sealing Crack

The crack of the building can possibly exist in some parts of the building. It can be on the roof in case you have a concrete roof, on the wall, and on the floor. All of those cracks will cause bad impacts. Let’s say that when you have it on the roof, your building will get a leak and damage the building. Then, the crack exists on the wall, it will be bad during winter when the cold winter weather will enter the building and let the cold temperature attack the occupant. For the crack one the floor, it is risky where the small insects will hide there and bad for your health.

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Simple but perfect doing crack sealing activities is a simple way to take care of your building. The reason is by doing a sealing crack your house will avoid greater damage. Therefore, you will never fail to do this as a building maintenance effort. Floor Sealing Cracks from @strengatrium

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Look at the picture above! One of the building maintenance efforts carried out by the home owner is sealing cark. In this way the cracks you have in the wall will seal again and your building will be protected from various possibilities. Your building will remain safe and will not cause wider cracks and also avoid pests. Wall Sealing Cracks from @mbrantphotography

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If your building has cracks, one of the right ways to deal with them is to seal the cracks. This way, your building will look good again and not cause more damage. In addition, this method is quite easy to do and also cost-effective. Therefore you can apply it in your home. Sealing Cracks from @kw.9229

Inspecting the Ceiling from the Leak

When a leak occurs in your building, especially on the roof, what is most affected is the ceiling. When it happens, your ceiling will have a stain and it is really bad for your house’s beauty. Well, honestly, it won’t be only about the beauty but also about your health because the stain that is caused by the leak will make the moss grow there. It is clear that the moss will affect your health. See, how the leak in the ceiling will bring such a bad impact on you and your house. So, make sure that you inspect the ceiling for the leak.

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Easy but very influential on your building. This time you can do ceiling damage as an effort to maintain your building. By checking, you will find out the damage and its causes. Therefore, you can deal with it faster and more precisely so that your building will remain safe. Check Ceiling Water Damage from @amberlynne1184

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There are many steps for building maintenance that you must take to keep it in good condition, one of which is to check for ceiling damage. Here you can do it yourself, and check it regularly. Recognize the signs of damage and make repairs more quickly and precisely so that it will not result in greater damage. Check mold on ceiling from @our_new_build_gaff

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Look at the picture above! This is damage to the ceiling. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss checking for ceiling damage as an effort to maintain your building. Find damage to the ceiling and carry out repairs so that your building will avoid the possibility of a damp room due to a leaky ceiling and also a collapsed ceiling. Checking Ceiling Leaks from @1033theeagle

Check the Fire Alarm

It is something that commonly most people do not aware of. Just because the possibility of using the fire alarm is rare, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check it. What will happen if bad things happen while the fire alarm is not working well? Not only for a commercial building such as a hotel, restaurant, or apartment. The fire alarm is also so much needed for your house.

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Simple but quite important. Checking the fire alarm is quite easy to do, but this will greatly affect the maintenance of your building. Make sure the wall fire alarm is working properly and can sound when there is an indication of a fire. The reason is if this is missed it will make the fire not detected earlier and as a result damage to the building will occur. Wall Fire Alarm from @chubb._.12._.c_

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Checking the fire alarm is one of the easy building maintenance ideas that you shouldn’t miss. Not only the indoor area, you also have to check the fire alarm on the outside wall so it will be safer. Make sure your alarm is in good condition and there is no short circuit. Outdoor Fire Alarm from @secureitsecurities

Check the Door and Window Alarm

The door and window alarms are something important these days. The alarm will let you have good security for the house. There are so many criminal cases that happen that you have to increase the security of your house. Anyway, don’t wait until the alarm is broken, just check the alarm regularly so that you can make sure that it works well and can protect your house anytime it is needed.

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Alarm is one small object that is very influential on the security of your building. Therefore, you have to check regularly and make sure your alarm can work properly. By having door and window alarms in good condition, your building will be safer. Check Door Alarm from @stealthsecuritysystems

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One thing that should not be missed for building maintenance is checking the foor and window alarms. By checking the door and window alarm, you will find out more damage and can repair it. When your door and window alarm is in good condition, your home will be safer and monitored. Door and window alarm from @cthulhusrage

Check the HVAC Filter

The HVAC system is something important for a building. It will let you get the comfort of living and a healthy life quality. The HVAC system quality is influenced by the filter. This is something that will make the HVAC can provide healthy air inside the building. So, when doing the maintenance for the whole HVAC system is quite exhausting, at least you should do the filter changing regularly so that you can maintain your health inside the building related to the air.

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HAVAC is one of the most important things in your home. Therefore, it cannot be overlooked when it comes to maintenance. The simple way is that you can check the filter and clean the filter heater so that it will remain clean and work effectively and efficiently. Water Heater Filter Checking from @trustedmechanicalservices_

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Not only heaters, air conditioning is one of the HVACs that has a filter and must be kept clean. You can clean the air conditioning filter periodically so it will stay clean. In this way, air conditioning will provide cleaner, cooler air and make your building healthier. Air Conditioning Filter Checking from @pugetsoundenergy

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Cleaning HVAC filters is one can’t-miss thing for building maintenance ideas. Here you can periodically clean the ventilation filter to keep it clean. As a result, ventilation can properly filter dirty air and successfully deliver cleaner and healthier air. Therefore this idea should never be missed.Ventilation Filter Checking from @garbagedayco

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