Different kinds of floor and how to clean them2

Floor is an important element in every home. This is not only a base but can also contribute to the beauty of a home interior. However, because of the traffic in every home, floors can look worn and not look attractive anymore. Meanwhile, floors collect dust, grime and hair that must be cleaned to keep them looking their best. Spills of milk, oil, water and any liquid on the floor can cause stains. If not cleaned immediately it will leave traces on your floor which will reduce its beauty. Regardless of the type of flooring you use. Therefore, different types of floors require special techniques and products to be cleaned effectively. Here are some different kinds of floors and how to clean them.

Different kinds of floor and how to clean them1


Hardwood floors offer a classic look to your home and are very durable. They’re easy to clean and can last decades if they are treated properly. However, they’re susceptible to scratches & dents. Choose a species of wood with a high hardness rating that can stand up to traffic, like oak or hickory.

Hard wood flooring is also expensive, but it can be sanded and refinished to restore it to its original condition. Avoid damage to your hardwoods by putting felt pads on the bottom of chair and table legs, avoiding drags of furniture across them, and laying runners or doormats at each entryway.

How to clean: If your hardwoods are sealed with polyurethane, you can simply mop them with a microfiber mop and a water-based cleaning solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners, especially those that contain ammonia. Instead, a diluted mixture of white vinegar and water is the best way to keep your floor clean. A ratio of 1/2 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of water is typically recommended.


This hardwood floor with a semi-gloss surface has a waterproof design that can be cleaned using a cloth or mop that has been dampened with water and a little floor cleaning liquid you have. Rub it on the floor and immediately wipe the same area with a clean, dry cloth so as not to produce a slippery surface. For cleaning fluids, you can use the correct dosage according to the instructions for use on the product packaging which are clearly written. Semi-Gloss Hardwood Floor from @atypicalteele


The treatment of wood floors in your home decor is a little different because they have a water-resistant surface. What you can do now is prepare a mop made from microfiber cloth so it won’t scratch the floor surface as a whole. Before you mop it, do a sweep of the floor to avoid dust or hair loss which causes the level of scratching the floor when mopping is higher. Wipe Using Microfiber Cloth from @newenglandcustomfloors


Perform regular maintenance on hardwood floor designs in your home décor. One way that you can consider is not to scratch the floor surface just by rubbing it or cleaning it using an improper tool. The combination of a vacuum cleaner with a microfiber cloth mop is a combination that will never fail, try not to have standing water on the wooden floor area to minimize excessive moisture. Minimize Hardwood Floor Scratches from @mariothehardwoodfloorman


Tile flooring is a tough floor covering that is cut into tiles with the spaces between them filled with grout. It can be made of ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. The specific material used will affect how easy the floor is to clean, as some cleaners may harm it over time. It is also important to note that the surface of many tile floors can be very slippery. It is therefore advisable to use mats at entrance points and to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

How to clean:

  • It is a good idea to put in place regular cleaning schedules and to mob your tile floors regularly to avoid permanent damage. Just use a wet mop and mild floor cleaner.
  • Keep the grout clean with regular brushing.
  • It is important to make sure that any grout lines are sealed periodically as well.

Tile is a type of floor design that is suitable for decorating your bathroom. Why ? Because this material will be more robust against splashes of water falling from the area where the sink is used. Take a look at this combination of black subway tiles with white grout, doesn’t it look interesting? You can mop it regularly using a soft cloth and avoid using cleaning fluids with a high acid content. Black Tile with White Grout from @lovelivinghere


When you are going to clean the tile floor, of course you need a cleaning fluid to perfect the use of the selected mop that has been provided. Try to use soap or cleaning fluids with a low acid content so as not to damage the tile surface which causes the tile pattern or color to fade easily. Use the cleaning fluid according to the instructions on the product section which is written on the back of the packaging. Prepare Cleaning Liquid from @robertpassal


When you use a tile floor, pay attention to cleaning the grout as well. Now you can use a brush with soft bristles to prevent the floor tile grout from breaking easily and being damaged. Just rub it gently using baking soda if needed. Baking soda will help you to remove stains that are difficult to clean. Use a Soft-Bristled Brush from @maviceramica


Vinyl flooring is a popular option for homeowners because of its affordability and durability. It is also water resistant, making it a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is available in tiles, sheets or planks and can mimic the look of wood, stone or ceramic tile. It is easy to clean, making it a good choice for households with children or pets.

How to clean:

  • To keep your vinyl floor looking like new, sweep or vacuum it regularly and wipe up spills right away. Don’t let the vinyl floor terlalu lembab karena itu musuh nomer satu lantai vinyl. Regular mopping with warm (not hot) water should remove most dirt and grime.
  • For stubborn stains, use baking soda.
  • Deep clean using a mild and neutral floor cleaner. If you need to use a stronger cleaner, choose one with a pH level between 7 and 8. Stronger acids like bleach or ammonia could damage vinyl floors, even when heavily diluted.

If the surface of your vinyl wood floor has stains that are difficult to clean then you can use a splash of vinegar to clean it. The steps you can take when using vinegar are dissolving it in clean water at the dosage on the package. Leave it for a while and rinse the floor using warm water and wipe it dry so that the floor surface is not slippery. Remove Stains with Vinegar from @castelhomeimprovements


To keep wood vinyl floors moist, you can use water-repellent ones. This is the best choice for minimizing moldy vinyl flooring and causes it to become porous. To avoid excessive moisture, don’t let there be standing water and try to wring out the mop so that no water drips, this floor maintenance can be done easily. Use Waterproof Vinyl Flooring from @deltafloorworldballarat


To minimize damage to the vinyl floor area, you can clean the surface using a vacuum cleaner. This tool minimizes scratches that may occur. You can use herringbone vinyl flooring to instantly add texture to a room. Cover it with a rug that has an interesting pattern for a softer, warmer and softer surface. Prepare Vacuum Cleaner from @elle_the_home_bird


To clean the wood vinyl floor area, you can just sweep it. You can do the maximum treatment by mopping it using a microfiber cloth which has a smoother and softer material. The use of vinyl flooring can be applied throughout the room and is highly recommended because it has a fairly affordable price and is easy to find in hardware stores around your home. Sweep Ultimate Cleanup Tool from @agi_at_59


Carpet is the softest of all flooring and it comes in a range of colors, textures and styles. It’s also hypoallergenic and great for reducing noise. The basic makeup of carpet is a fiber that can be natural (wool, sisal) or synthetic. Nylon is the most common. It stands up to wear and tear but doesn’t fight stains so well, so it’s often treated with stain-resistant chemicals. It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms or play rooms with kids.

How to clean: It can hide dirt well compared to a wood floor, but it still requires weekly vacuuming and occasional deep cleanings.


If you cover the entire floor of the house with rugs, it’s a good idea to vacuum every day. This activity is carried out in order to avoid too much dust which causes the air in the room to be unhealthy. A vacuum cleaner with a long enough cable is an option that you can buy because it’s easier to slide according to your carpet maintenance needs. Use a Vacuum Cleaner from @ddtflooring


Rugs are one of the most commonly used floor coverings. But it’s a good idea to do routine maintenance and also pay attention to the parts of the carpet that have more stains. When your carpet has a stain that is difficult to clean, you can use a chemical solution with an adequate amount and not excessive so it doesn’t damage the color and carpet material used. Use Chemical Cleaner from @thebestcarpetasmr


The last way you can do for carpet care is to wash it regularly every two to three months. This washing is done in quite a long time because the carpet material does not dry easily when washed and of course it takes quite a long time and is quite expensive too because it cannot be done alone at home. Washing Regularly from @bkflooringservicesinc


Marble is a gorgeous and classic material that looks fabulous in any home. But it is also delicate and susceptible to staining, which requires special care to keep your floors looking beautiful. You need to clean the marble, from routine maintenance to stain removal.

How to clean: For routine cleaning, you can use a microfiber mop or spray bottle with water and a cleaner designed for natural stone floors. If possible, choose a pH neutral cleaner that won’t damage the marble. Use soft mop heads to clean the surface. You should also vacuum regularly, but be careful not to use a metal nozzle. This will damage the marble surface.


When cleaning marble floors, you can use a cleaning fluid with a low pH. This marble floor with a white color will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight entering through a transparent glass window. This cleaning fluid can be obtained easily online or can also be obtained at the nearest store at a fairly cheap price. Choose a Neutral pH Cleanser from @nasze_siedlisko


So that your marble floor is not easily broken and more durable, use the best method for routine maintenance. What you can avoid right now is to do maintenance using a metal nozzle because it has a hard material and causes it to break. This marble floor with an interesting pattern has a combination of black, white and gray that can work together well and optimally. Avoid Using Metal Nozzle from @lindsay.nagley


When you are going to use liquid detergent to care for marble floors, it’s a good idea to mix it with water at the right dose. Brush using a finer material and rinse using clean water until the foam is clean. Maximize watering this marble floor to avoid a slippery floor surface. Use Liquid Detergent from @myvictorianhouselove


The soft and smooth mop head is one of the cleaning tools that you can apply when cleaning marble floor areas. This tool avoids scratches that will damage the floor surface as a whole. It’s not enough to get here, you can also clean this floor area with the cleaning fluid that you have so that the surface you get is more shiny and clean as much as possible. Use the Right Mop Head from @glaze.uae

Concrete Floor

Concrete floor is a durable and affordable option for your garage, workshop or basement floors. It’s easy to keep clean with a little bit of regular maintenance, but it is important to understand what kind of cleaning materials and techniques are safe for your flooring because some methods may damage your concrete or make the floor slippery.

How to clean:

  • You should start by cleaning it with a broom or blower to remove any loose dirt and debris.
  • Protect your concrete floors with a sealer to prevents moisture and debris.
  • Bleach is another common and effective method for cleaning concrete floors. It is a proven disinfectant and kills bacteria, so it will remove any lingering mold or mildew spores from your concrete.
  • With a scrubbing it regularly, you can quickly make your concrete floor look like new.

Remove dust and dirt from scratching the concrete floor using a broom and blower. Do this treatment regularly so that this dirt doesn’t stick any longer. This is a combination of powerful cleaning tools and has a fairly affordable price. Immediately dry the floor after mopping so that there are no puddles which can cause the floor to swell. Use Broom or Blower from @trijntje__visser


This concrete floor with a brighter color is a suitable floor surface to be applied throughout the room, including your kitchen decoration. Try to do routine maintenance so that the floor surface remains clean and shiny. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use cleaning fluid to maximize removing stains that have been attached for too long. Light Color Concrete Floor from @devolkitchens


Don’t worry if your concrete floor has stains attached. Because now you can use a splash of bleach to clean it. After applying this bleach, you can let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it using a softer brush so it doesn’t cause scratches that will damage the surface of your concrete floor. Bleach Splash from @insideoutmag

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