Fake home cleaning ideas for quicker home refresh2

Does your guest drop by any minute? Do these fake home cleaning ideas to make them feel impressively comfortable in a faster way.

Fake home cleaning ideas for quicker home refresh1

Clutter Hiding Places

Clutter hiding places Fake Home Cleaning Ideas For Quicker Home Refresh


It is yes every home has clutter but not every home has clutter hiding places, right? It is important to buy a coffee table with drawers for your living room. The coffee table will stash the clutter that habitually builds up there. You can also repeat this idea in the entryway with baskets for shoes. Then, a closet with a basket in the bottom for everything else to be slung into in the guest bath with drawer space.

Boost Those Reed Diffuser By Open The Window

Boost those reed diffuser by open the window Fake Home Cleaning Ideas For Quicker Home Refresh


Opening your windows in 10 minutes will make a stale room instantly fresher. It is always great to make your home smell friendly with a stock of scented candles. To maximize its function, you can shake the reed diffusers for the best scents. The house that smells nice seems cleaner than one that is not.

Wipe Down Surfaces With A Scented Spray

Since guests will potentially spend most of their time in the kitchen. Therefore, wiping down the surfaces even the sink is a must. You may use a scented natural homemade cleaning spray that does not leave a chemical smell behind. Moreover, it is also mild enough to use in the living room where everyone spends time together.

Put A Pot Of Coffee On

You can put a pot of coffee on and anyone who comes to your home will instantly feel welcomed. It is an incomparable way to disguise any stale smells and a lived warm home vibe. The roasted coffee aromas combined with beautiful orange-scented diffusers are so blending.

Flip And Fluff The Pillows

Flip and fluff pillows quickly turning all the pillows and cushions around. It will give you each a quick bash as you go. It is an effective way to instantly create a more refreshing, clean, and tidy space for guests.

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