How to upgrade the exterior of your windows2

Windows are important part for every home. They can make a huge impact to your home with a great treatment, both for interior and exterior. Your home’s windows have a big impact on visitors, neighbors and potential buyers. However, over time your windows may look outdated. You need a way to upgrade your windows to add appeal, especially to the exterior of your home. Upgrade them to boost your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Here are some ideas to upgrade the exterior of your windows.

How to upgrade the exterior of your windows1

Add a Splash of Colors

Painting your windows can make a big difference to their appearance. Bright colors can give your house a lively ambiance while soft grays and whites can create a classic cottage feel. Before painting, thoroughly clean the window casing and glass with a brush and a soap solution or a hose with water to remove dirt and grime. If necessary, sand the wood to smooth transitions between existing paint and raw surfaces before applying primer and then a final coat of paint.

Paint the sash frame first, working around the edges and corners with care. After completing one sash, start on the other and work your way down to the jambs. Remember to dip the brush often to keep it wet and to avoid missed spots. Then finish with the sill and trim. Be sure to caulk any exposed crevices.


The simplistic look of this window’s exterior design features splashes of gray paint. Combine with the use of a red brick wall for a final look that has an instant classic design. Both of them will work well together and are ready to be made as the focal point of your home facade. Arched doors are the final look that you can apply to emphasize a bolder classic theme. Classic Gray Paint from @phillydoorways


Looking fresh and cool is one of the advantages you can get from using light blue paint. This color is one of the most favorite pastel colors and you can try it on the exterior windows. Not only on the window, but you can also apply it to the front door which is made of natural wood. Light Blue Paint Window Design from @phillydoorways


White and sage green are a color combination that can work well together for your home’s exterior decoration. Just apply these two colors to the windows and wooden doors. Apply evenly in an eye-catching style. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enhance it with various types of green plants around it to add natural outdoor color. Combination of Sage Green with White Paint from @garden_and_grace


The white exterior walls combined with the dark blue wooden windows have quite a bold splash of color. This wooden window has a bold colored paint with a shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of sunlight. Complete with a window box filled with blooming flowers to add natural outdoor color. Bold Blue Window Paint from @walkablecharleston


To welcome the Christmas theme this year, you can repaint the windows with splashes of red and white. These two colors look contrasting and ready to be used as an outdoor focal point. Do this painting yourself to save more on your spending budget, just prepare a brush and do the cleaning first so the paint sticks better. White and Red Window Paint from @landojulia

Add Window Boxes

One of way to upgrade the exterior of the old windows is by adding a window box. The window box will make your exterior of your windows looks more attractive. On the other hand, window boxes dimension to your home and can give nice curb appeal. You can fill the window box with some fresh flowers. And this is a great idea to add color to your home’s exterior.


Don’t let your exterior window decorations look boring. Now you can try to apply and hang a window box that can be adjusted to what you have in the backyard. A window box filled with vegetables might be the best choice and will be useful for everyday life as well. You can harvest some red chili seeds and some green mustard strands that are ready to be harvested. Vegetable Window Box from @thistlecontainers


Take a look at this wooden window box repainted in pink, doesn’t it look feminine? To make it look more colorful and beautiful, you can plant it with several grow up flowers of only one type. Yellow flowers might be one of the right choices because they have a contrasting color with the window box which is ready to be made as the focal point of your outdoor home. Grow Up Flowers Window Box from @all_thats_quirky_


Various types of plants and flowers that are planted simultaneously in a window box are ready to welcome spring this year with joy. Try to choose types of plants with a variety of different colors to add color to the exterior of the house instantly. When this window box is made of wood, you can also repaint it with a choice of plain white for an elegant appearance. Spring Window Box Themed from @thecharlestonlens


Dominate the contents of the window box with only green plants so you are ready to add natural colors that will never fail. This green plant will look contrasting with the wall paint that is used. Not only green plants, but you can also add some blooming flowers for a fresh and beautiful look. Get this greenery in the backyard garden without having to buy it. Greenery and Flowers Window Box from @plant_parenting

Install Shutters

Another way to update the exterior of the windows quickly is by installing window shutters. There are plenty of styles and designs of window shutters to choose from. From neutral to bold paint color. If you want to have a striking and bold look, you can choose a bold paint for the window shutters. And for the classic but trendy look, you can apply wood stain to finish them off. In addition to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior, the window shutter also protect windows against severe weather.


To add an outdoor color statement, you can repaint the shutter window with a fairly bold color, such as dark blue. The color of this shutter window has a color harmony with the decoration of the window box which contains small blooming flowers. That way the existence of this shutter window looks beautiful and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Statement Blue Shutter Window from @harmony_in_my_kitchen


The shutter window design, which was repainted in plain white, looks elegant and can be combined with the presence of pink blooming flowers around it. This shutter window will add a more stylish exterior home decoration, usually its existence can emphasize the modern farmhouse theme that will never go out of style. Green plants are a beautiful addition to natural decoration. Elegant Shutter Window from @windsorflorida


Apart from making your home’s exterior more stylish, the use of shutter windows is also able to add texture to the room instantly. You can paint it with a neutral color choice when the wall already has a bold orange color. The color of this shutter window also has a color harmony with the fence which has an elegant pattern. Use wood to make it more sturdy with all the changing outdoor temperatures. Textured Shutter Window from @curacaomonuments


The use of shutter windows in this outdoor decoration makes the exterior appearance of your home more stylish. The classic theme is definitely a hit, but you can make a change by repainting parts of the windows in pastel colors like light blue and white which work well together. That way you can get a classic modern look at the same time. Modern Classic Shutter Window from @thecharlestonlens

Enhance with Window Grids

You can also add patterns to your windows by adding removable grid. Adding window grids adds dimension and a modern look to your windows. It can enhance the exterior of your window look.They comes in some instalation kits that you can choose from according to your needs and styles.


Choose and use a window grid according to the budget you have. When you have a low budget, you can use a custom window grids design that has a simple but still stylish design. When you use this window design, the maintenance that is carried out is also quite low. Part of the pallet wood wall becomes an attractive appearance that can add outdoor texture. Custom Window Grids from @handyman_solutions_ct


These Prairie window grids are unequal in sections and feature a rectangle in the center and small squares at each corner. This window design features an abstract and asymmetrical style with simple, straight lines. With a large space in the center, this pattern leaves more glass unobstructed, a feature of modern design that you can try right now. Prairie Window Grids from @cl_inton800


Now you can choose a double hung window design because it has better airflow for the interior and exterior of your home. Double hung windows also help on higher floors as most can be cleaned completely from inside the room. The double-hung window design also adds patterns to outdoor decorations that you can apply with a modern, classic or farmhouse look. Double Hung Window Grids from @renovating_123


This textured wall made of wood is enhanced by the use of traditional glass windows that have solid black frames. This glass window has a large enough size so that it can enter more sunlight into the room. Just use this window with one size and of course with more than one number and not too far away. Traditional Window Grids from @gravinawindows

Thicker Frame

Your old windows may need improvement. By updating your window frame it will improve its appearance. Using thicker frames or trim will make your windows appear wider and give your home a classic look. This will give your home a character and stand out from the street.


This thick window frame design made of wood is the best choice that you can try because it is not porous when used for a long time. This painting can be done by yourself for an elegant design that will never fail. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a glass frame window design with an elegant appearance and can be combined with the use of colorful wall paint. White Thick Frame Design from @flowerpotspoetry


This arched window design with thick frames is a smart choice that you can try. It will display a classic style that will never fail. Combine with a red brick wall for a more eye-catching look. The presence of green plants and flowers around it is a natural decoration that you can take good care of to add color to the room. Arched Thick Frame Window from @larry_watkins_photography

Use Angles

Last, you can make your windows look larger and add extra dimension to your home by using angles. In this case, you can use sharp angles. It can enhance your home’s window shape. This idea can be adopted to upgrade your window look.


This single angles window design made from transparent glass enhances your home’s exterior decoration to be more stylish and different from the others. This is a different look that you can apply. It doesn’t end here, the use of window angles also adds an outdoor dimension that looks wider, bigger and open. Take care to keep the glass surface looking clean. Single Angles Window from @spectrum_architectural_glazing


Try using angles window decorations with the main ingredient being transparent glass. Combine with an iron frame that can be painted in jet black for an elegant look that will never fail. The two glass materials used will work well together. Adjust the slope of the window angles design according to the needs of your home. Transparent Glass Angles Window from @astra_windows

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