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House cleaning is a routine activity for every house. Every house cleaning activity requires cleaning tools to support it. And it means, you don’t need just one cleaning tool, you even need many cleaning tools for different purposes. Because of the many cleaning tools you need, sometimes makes you confused about how to store them properly. Powerful household cleaners aren’t something you want lying around the house, especially if you have kids or pets. But finding a place to store them that makes it easy and convenient to grab them when you need them is a big step in keeping your home clean.

Actually, there are smart ways that you can do to store your cleaning supplies at home. Whether in the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen, smart ways to store your cleaning supplies make these frequently used items less likely to get lost or tossed around. Such as using employ drawer dividers, plastic bins and a variety of organizers to keep solutions, brushes, cloths and other tools within easy reach. Hanging organizers designed for sweaters and other clothing are ideal for holding spray bottles, while Lazy Susans work well under sinks. Furthermore, here are some smart ways to store your cleaning supplies.

Smart ways to store your cleaning supplies11

Tips to Organize Cleaning Supplies

Before you decide what method you will use to store your cleaning supplies, preferably, take a few moments to think about how and when you will clean your home. Determine what cleaning supplies you will use, like the use of cleaning tools and cleaning products. And also determine which ones you use often and rarely use. This serves to help you get rid of items that are rarely used and makes it easier for you to organize your cleaning supplies.

Cabinets Under the Sink

If the products you use most often are in your cabinets under the sink, they’ll be easy to grab. But it’s important to declutter and weed out seldom-used items, and choose storage solutions that fit comfortably within your cabinet’s dimensions.


A good cleaning supplies storage solution for you to try is to use a cabinet under the sink. You can hide your messy things and it will make it easier for you to find the things you want. Cabinet Cleaning Supplies Storage from @eatpraylovetidy


You can use this bathroom sink cabinet to store various cleaning supplies and tools. You can use this because it’s easy to find and it will certainly make your bathroom more organized. Under Cabinet Cleaning Storage from @simplicityandstylehome


You can use the cabinet under the bathroom sink to store various kinds of cleaning product stock. Utilizing the wardrobe door by adding this basket will also provide ample storage space in this wardrobe. Cabinet Sink Storage from @lemonaidsolutions


You can use the cabinet under this sink for a simple storage idea for you to try. In use to store various kinds of cleaning supplies equipment. This idea is a storage solution that fits your cabinet dimensions. Cabinet Storage from @ashley_kiely_living

Over-the-Door Organizers

An over-the-door organizer hangs on the door to hold spray bottles, wipes and other small supplies without taking up valuable shelf or cabinet space. Look for options that include a wire lip for hanging trigger spray bottles, or choose a storage workhorse with plenty of compartments to corral multiple kinds of cleaners. For example, a slim over-the-door towel bar can be used in the bathroom to store disinfecting wipes and cleaner sprays.


This overhead storage will make it easier for you to store a wide variety of cleaning products. In addition, using this type of storage will not take up much space and will certainly make your home tidier and more organized. Clean Supplies Over The Door from @tldboston


The door of one of the houses equipped with over the door shelves will spruce up your home. You can choose shelves to store your various cleaning tools that are easy to find. Shelf Door Clean Supplies Storage from @tldboston


The addition of an iron basket that is hung on the door succeeds in giving a different interior look. Used to store a wide variety of cleaning supplies, they will also work well behind your door. Cleaning Product STorage from @eatpraylovetidy


This door-hanging storage area for cleaning tools will make it easier for you to place a few brooms and mops. Made of iron, this will be more durable and of course stronger. Cleaning Supplies Over The Door Cabinet from @home.orga

Hanging Organizers

Maximize vertical space by using hanging organizers. You can use some hanging organizers, like hooks to hang long-handled tools like brooms, microfiber mops, and window squeegees. Look for a hanging organizer that also has s-hooks and binder clips to hold rubber gloves and cleaning towels. And don’t forget to install shelf risers to take advantage of unused vertical spaces.


Make the wall more useful as your small kitchen decoration. Do a little storage sparingly, for example you can add a storage hook that hangs on the wall to keep various kinds of clean tools neatly. This allows you to separate and store tools vertically. Wall Hook Storage from @eatpraylovetidy


Hanging some cleaning tools on the wall is an option that you can try to organize your room because it offers sufficient storage space without taking up a lot of space. Putting it on one of these walls will save space and make your room look tidier. Hanging Cleaning Supplies Storage from @eatpraylovetidy


You can hang some cleaning tools like brooms and mops on this wall for storage ideas that don’t take up much space. Choosing to use the handle that is mounted on this wall will make it easier for you to find the tool you want. Handle Cleaning Supplies from @fullcircle


Tidy up your cabinets with clean utensil storage ideas like the picture above. The addition of this hanging storage area will change the appearance of the wardrobe and of course make it easier for you to find the clean equipment you want. Wall Hook Cleaning Storage from @living_neat

Caddies and Bins

Caddies and bins are a quick, affordable way to organize your products. Place a small bin on the back of a cabinet door to hold sponges and cleaning cloths or find one that fits in a closet or under the sink. Fill them with like items and label them so you can grab what you need when cleaning a room. To make it easier, you can label the caddies and bins to quickly see and find what you have on hand.


The eco bin storage that you can apply to the cabinet under the sink manages to create a neat room design and is able to deal with clutter in your home. You can label bins to quickly see and find what you have.Bin Cleaning Supplies Storage from @eatpraylovetidy


This storage area used to store various cleaning products will organize some of your things. With this idea your home will look neat and make it easier for you to pick up the items you want. Adding a label will also make it easier for you to find out which product you want to take easily. Iron Bin Storage from @eatpraylovetidy


You can place the bin under the sink as a low budget storage idea and you can make the most of it. It is used to store various kinds of pants supplies and adding this label will also make it easier for you to find the item you want. Plastic Bin with Labels from @simplicityandstylehome


Opting for this rack-mounted caddies storage does a great job of making your home look tidy. It’s a simple way to organize your cleaning product storage and is easy to find. Adding these labels will also make it easier for you to quickly find what you have. Caddies Clean Product Storage from @tidy_tribe


To avoid clutter in the cabinet area, you can only place essential items in your basket. Choosing a trash can as a place to store this organizer will give a neat appearance. Adding labels will also make it easier for you to know which item you want. Plastic Bin Cleaning Product from @eatpraylovetidy

Add a lazy Susan.

If you have a cabinet with plenty of floor space, consider adding a lazy Susan. It will allow you to spin around and easily reach the item you need without having to dig through messy drawers or cupboards. It’s important to store your cleaning supplies out of reach of kids and pets. That way, you’ll be more likely to use them regularly and keep your home clean. But cramming them into cabinets and corners just won’t do the trick. That’s why these creative storage ideas are so helpful.


Most of us prefer to have Lazy Susan storage in the closet. This type of storage saves space and allows you to rotate around and easily reach the things you need. Lazy Susan Cabinet Storage from @welcomehomeke


You can try this under-sink cupboard lazy susan storage for great storage ideas that are easy to find. This will allow you to turn around and easily reach the items you need without having to dig through cluttered drawers or cupboards.Lazy Susan Under Sink Cabinet from @sortedandplaced


Some of the home cleaning products that are placed in this lazy susan storage will make it easier for you to find them. You can rotate these storage types to make it easier for you to find the product you want to choose. Lazy Susan Cleaning Product Storage from @2borganizedsacramento

Use a Rolling Cart

If you have the room, a rolling utility cart is another smart way to store cleaning products. It freely movable around the room. A rolling utility comes in various sizes and styles that can be adjusted according to your needs and spaces. Search for one that fits behind the door, next to the washing machine, or between appliances. Sort supplies by room to make it easier to grab the right products when you clean a room.


In this area of the house you can add bar cart furniture that you can use for easy storage. Opting for this bar cart will look sleeker and easier to slide. In use to store various kinds of cleaning supplies, it will give a neat appearance. Bar Cart Cleaning Tool from @eatpraylovetidy


Having a cleaning basket will be useful for placing and storing various cleaning supplies. You can store some cleaning tools like brooms, mops and cleaning products in this basket to keep it looking neat and sleek. Buying it at a low price can provide a thrifty home decoration. Cleaning Cart from @yamazakihome

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