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Having a beautiful garden is such a pleasant thing. And thinking about a great garden landscape is very important. Having a garden is great for the aesthetics of your home, but it takes on-going maintenance to keep it clean and healthy. It’s useless if you can’t take good care of your garden. At least, you have to clean your garden regularly. Garden cleaning is an important part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden. It helps keep the plants and flowers looking their best. It is also a great bonding activity with children. Always avoid cleaning a garden on a rainy day as wet soil can be difficult to work with. There are some simple ways to clean your garden. Here are some ways that you can do.

Garden maintenance how to keep your garden clean1


Weeds steal nutrients from soil and crowd out grass and garden plants. They also serve as perfect hosts for plant diseases and pests. Weeding is best done while the weeds are young and their roots are still tightly coiled around the soil. This makes them easier to pull out of the ground. When pulling weeds, try to disturb the surrounding soil as little as possible. To prevent weeds from returning, cover the area where you’ve pulled them with a 3-inch layer of mulch. Organic materials like straw, hay, wood chips or bark work well to suppress weeds by blocking sunlight and adding nutrients to the soil.

Commit to a consistent weeding schedule and stick to it. If you have trouble keeping up, invest in a good pair of gardening gloves and a quality weeding tool like a garden hoe or Cape Cod weeder. These tools can sever the roots of a weed at its base without disturbing the surrounding soil.


One of the ways you can keep your garden clean is to buy the right garden tools. For example, you can buy a tool to pull weeds to make your cleaning activities easier in the garden area. In addition, this tool also helps to minimize back pain due to bending too long, this tool is equipped with a handle that is long enough so that it doesn’t require your body to bend. Garden Tool Fiskar Weed Puller from @littlecanyonlandscaping


Remove weeds from your garden to give it an overall clean look. You can pull this weed out by the roots so that it doesn’t easily grow again and requires you to do repeated cleaning. After removing it, you can throw it in the organic waste bin to minimize decomposition so it doesn’t smell. Remove Weeds from @besudesu


After your weeds are removed, you can collect them on a rickshaw to make it easier for you to throw them into the organic waste bin. Push this rickshaw easily because it is equipped with four wheels made of iron so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous. After weeds are removed, your garden decoration will be cleaner and free of debris. Collect Weeds and Remove from Garden from @beverly_.j


Before carrying out your garden maintenance activities, first prepare the tools needed. You can use garden shears and a small shovel that has an iron material so that it has a smoother surface and is more comfortable to use. A rattan wicker basket is the best container you can use to throw weeds in the trash. Use a Weed Removal Tool from @thegreenqueen2022


Removing weeds in garden decorations is one of the important activities that you can do regularly. For example, you can do it once a week. Try to pull it out by the roots so that it is maximized and it doesn’t easily grow again. You can do this weed removal using gloves so that your hands don’t get blisters. Pulling Weeds from @semihomesteadlife

Pruning and Rake up Leaves

Pruning is essential for the health of your garden. It removes dead growth, shapes plants, and encourages new growth. It also helps to keep your garden looking tidy and attractive. It’s a good idea to prune before planting, and regularly throughout the growing season. This will help keep your garden free of overgrowth and debris.

You can use a sharp pair of gardening shears to trim your garden plants. Another way to clean your garden is to rake up leaves and other plant debris. This will help prevent the leaves from smothering your grass, and it will also eliminate any pests that may be hiding in them.


If you have a dry tree in your backyard garden, just cut it so it doesn’t get in the way of your eyes. Cut using the tools you have. The initial activity that you can do is cut the branches first so they don’t hit your roof and can cause damage or leaks, after that you can cut the tree trunks. Prune Dry Trees from @garden.alchemist


Prune your shrubs in the garden, this activity is done to get a cleaner, neater and orderly appearance. Try to cut it using sharp garden shears. Pruning can be done in the afternoon so that it is more shaded and you can avoid direct sun exposure. Pruning Shrubs from @southwestlawn


The vacant land in the garden area will of course be inhabited by weeds which are troubling and deplete the soil’s nutrients, causing other plants around it not to grow and develop optimally. Clean this weed using a special tool or gloves that you have. After it’s removed, you can throw it away to minimize decay that might occur. Clear Weeds from @southwestlawn


After you have finished pruning, you can sweep away any remaining leaves, twigs or debris so that the garden area appears clean and healthy. Piles of leaves that are not swept will cause the presence of insects such as mosquitoes or ants which can interfere with your movement activities. Try to keep the pathway area clean as well, carry out regular sweeping activities. Sweep Pathway Section from @battlecleanout


Eliminate or clean the soil surface of your garden area by sweeping it and throwing it away from this garden area. Use the right cleaning tools such as a broom or vacuum cleaner that you have so that your movements are minimal which is quite tiring. It’s a good idea to trim before sweeping so that the cleaning activities you do can work as neatly and as well as possible. Rake up Leaves from @gardennoviceuk


You can trim dry tree branches using garden shears made of copper or stainless steel to make them sharper when used. These garden shears have a comfortable handle and minimize your hands from getting tired easily, do this activity regularly or you can do it as needed. Just buy these garden shears online. Prune Twigs from @gardens_illustrated

Cleaning Pots & Planters

If you grow your pants in containers, it’s important to clean them before planting a new crop. Pots that have harbored bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens can kill young plants before they have a chance to thrive. Thus, you have to clean your planters. Scrub all sides of your plastic or terra-cotta planter to remove any silt or mineral deposits that have built up over the winter or season. If you have any stubborn white spots, mix a paste with baking soda and scrub away. Rinse the pot or planter, and let it dry completely before using again.


A water hose with a size that is long enough can be used as the main tool for cleaning some of the plant pots in your garden area. Cleaning this pot can be done when the surface looks dirty. After that, what you can do next is wipe it with a clean cloth and wait for it to dry so that it can be used again in a state free from mold which makes the pot easily damaged. Spray Garden Pots from @jjvb_organics


Do regular washing and cleaning of pots for your garden maintenance activities. This activity can be done alone easily and does not require a lot of spending. Use cleaning fluid and a brush to clean the pot optimally in the morning or during the day. Clean Terracotta Planters from @haikupainter


Before cleaning pots or planters in your garden decoration, remove the plants first or you can move them into new pots. Stack all the pots or planters that you have and flush them using clean water that can be channeled through a water hose. This pot washing activity can be done routinely once a year after the winter is over so you can welcome spring with joy. Wash Pots Garden from @ingridleenegardendesign


The outer surface of a terracotta pot usually looks dirty because of adhering soil or nested mold. Therefore, so that the pots or planters used are kept clean, you can wash and clean them regularly. Just prepare a brush, detergent water, clean water and a microfiber cloth so you don’t scratch the area of the pot you are using. Clean the Mold Terracotta Pot from @buildwhatmatters


The plastic pot parts in your garden decoration can be cleaned optimally to welcome spring this year. Make sure the pots you use have a clean, shiny surface for a visually appealing appearance. It’s not enough to get here, choosing thick plastic pots also needs to be done so that they don’t break easily when used for a long time. Sleek Planter Garden from @happisparrow

Cleaning Garden Furniture

Garden furniture easily collects dust due to continuous outdoor use. You have to clean them properly. It is recommended that garden furniture is cleaned twice a year; once as part of the spring garden ideas when you uncover the chairs and tables to wash away cobwebs and loose dirt, and again before they are put into storage in autumn to remove any mould or mildew that has formed over winter. For the best results, before spraying the furniture down with water, it’s important that you brush off as much dust and surface debris as possible. You can use a hose fitted with a spray nozzle, or for particularly stubborn dirt, a pressure washer can also be useful.


A microfiber cloth and a spray of cleaning fluid make a combination that will never fail to clean outdoor garden furniture. Microfiber cloth was chosen because it has a soft surface when applied to the coffee table which is made of glass. Spray liquid with a dose that is not too much to be more efficient. Use Microfiber Cloth from @squeaky.clean11


To provide maximum comfort while in the garden area, you can use outdoor furniture as a sitting area that can be used together with your family. Before that, you can do maintenance so that the surface of the pallet wood bench is cleaner and protected from mold. Use a brush and cleaning fluid to remove it to the fullest, this cleaning can be done properly and optimally. Clean the Moldy Bench from @neil_ndvgarden


Cleaning wooden chairs outside the room is usually done routinely to get a clean surface and free from dirt, dust or stains. This will be one of the important furniture that is often used outdoors. After cleaning, you can repaint it to make it look newer. Clean Up Moldy Wood Chairs from @neil_ndvgarden


If you have outdoor furniture made of iron, then sponge and soap are enough to be used as maximum cleaning tools. Rub the sponge together with the soap on the dirty or stained surface of the table. After that, rinse using clean water and wipe using a microfiber cloth so that it can be used again with a surface that is dry and cleaner. Use Special Sponge and Soap from @lisajane_coleman


Remove the stains on the surface of the iron chair that you have in garden decorations. Take good care of it, especially when you have plain white furniture. Cleaning fluids such as soap are the main ingredients that must be used. Buy this cleaning fluid at the nearest store at a fairly affordable price. Remove Table Stains from @anordicrose


Wood exposed to water and sunlight continuously will give a dirty, stained and mildewed surface. Therefore you can clean it using soap or baking soda that has been dissolved in water. Apply evenly or only on dirty table surface areas, rinsing with water can be done as needed. Spraying Wooden Table from @marcellinepiscador

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