The beauty of the stained glass that is used to complete a home decoration can not be doubted anymore. It brings colors that beautify the space even without any other ornament touches anymore. It is great how applying a simple thing can give such a big effect on your home. Well, if you have a small home space and are confused about how you can beautify the house without making it looks crowded, then the answer is by applying stained glass.

The stained glass itself is really unique. It has a sophisticated detail that is made by using colors. The pattern itself commonly comes in an ordered color arrangement but sometimes it looks complicated just like a mosaic. However, the complicated stained glass won’t decrease its beauty and otherwise, it increases the uniqueness of the product.

It is true that stained glass is commonly used to create a vintage decoration impression. Well, you’ll never fail to have a vintage atmosphere by simply applying stained glass to some parts of your home decoration. Then, what is it for you who have a modern home decoration but really want to add the beauty of stained glass products to your home? The answer is that it is still really possible for you to have it. You should know the varied application of the stained glass products that we will show you below.

Stained Glass as Parts of Your Interior

This one is the most common way about applying stained glass to your home decoration part. In this case, when talking about the interior, the stained glass will have a big portion of your home decoration. So, if you want to present the stained glass only in one short way, then apply this to one part of your interior, then it will be enough. Here are the examples.

1. Ceiling

The stained glass ceiling will make your house looks magnificent. If you want to use it to impress your guests and increase the value of your house, then applying it to your living room ceiling and other public space is recommended. But, if you want to enjoy the beauty of your ceiling while you are in bed, then applying it to your bedroom ceiling is the best one!


Your eyes will be spoiled when you look up at the stained glass ceiling on the bed. The pattern is really artistic and the beautiful blend of colors is such a perfect combination. stained glass ceiling from@glassartstories

2. Door

There are already a lot of people who install stained glass on the door. It will be pretty but you should be careful if you live in a criminal area because that can be risky to install the glass door. Beyond that, the stained glass door is really beautiful.


Stained glass on the door adds confidence to the home. This one has a modern design with stained glass in the middle, a pretty pink color on the wood, and a touch of brass on the iron accessories that make everyone want to own it. stained glass door from@arytonbespoke

3. Window

If you want to have a different treatment to your window, then you can do it by installing stained glass to your door rather than the common clear glass. Trust me that it will be really adorable as you can see in the following references.

2 snapinsta.app_169256724_198611181772662_8537962322157848332_n_1080

Since the function of the glass door is to let the natural light enter the house, then it is true that the clear glass is the one you need. But, look at how the colored stained glass looks pretty. To make it doesn’t lose its nature to let the sunlight enter the house, then you can let one or two blocks have the clear glass material. Stained glass window from @nuaxdesign


4. Stair Railing

To guarantee the safety of your stair, the railing is added with a pallet. The pallet itself can be from wood, metal, and stained glass for sure. The stained glass railing will add to the beauty of your stair with its colors and varied patterns.

15 snapinsta.app_53216196_272218603712572_5648343666234754890_n_1080

This stained glass railing looks fresh with the blue color applied. Then, the floral pattern makes it even prettier. The varied colors and patterns make you feel at home when going up or down the stairs. Stained Glass Railing from @3tinteriordesigns

5. Room Divider

Having a small home space or an apartment won’t let you divide each room with walls. However, it is needed to add privacy. If you want to have a room divider for your house, having it in stained glass material is recommended. Look at how it looks pretty on the reference below.


The color of this stained glass room divider is attractive. The wooden frame can also be folded making it easier if you want to open the space without moving the divider. Room Divider stained glassfrom@stokescuration

Stained Glass Ornament

The stained glass ornament comes in small parts of the ornament. It means that the product won’t be as bigger as the door or window. You can have it to decorate your table, fireplace, rack, etc.

11 snapinsta.app_301647489_3246652958945196_8557418915479369786_n_1080

This one is the succulent stained glass that you can use as an ornament. For this, we recommend you place it near the window so that it gets the sunlight to produce light bias. Adorable! Cactus Ornament from @shikisaiglass

Stained Glass Furniture

Although it is risky that can be cracked easily, having stained glass as your furniture still be really possible. Well, we all already have the glass material for your furniture, right? Let’s say that you can have a stained glass coffee table. Here are the other ideas.


This side table has a circular flower pattern stained glass. It has two levels where the bottom level is a mirror that can make the top level with the stained glass can be reflected under. So beautiful! coffee table stained glass from@boltedlighting

Stained Glass Lighting

There are so many lighting ideas available. It can be from the design and the materials. One of them is the stained glass lighting. With its varied colors, the illusion that comes from the lamp that meets the colored glass will be really pretty.

7 snapinsta.app_30830848_179693446189925_9157444344695750656_n_1080

This table lamp has a combination of the vintage metal holder and stained glass as the lamp shade. The color combination that the stained glass has is simple but able to create a pretty look with simplicity. Stained lamp shade from @viceversapr

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