If you rent a house or apartment, not everything comes in good condition. Especially, if the house or apartment has been abandoned for a long time. The thing that is most often found is the condition of the bathroom that is not maintained, it even looks ugly and disgusting. In fact, a well-designed bathroom should feel like a serene retreat. But many renters face decorating challenges when it comes to creating a guest-ready space, including restrictions on making structural changes to the room.

As a renter, there’s no way you’re going to destroy or remodel it. It may also not be allowed by the owner. But you don’t need to worry, there are still many things you can do, even as a renter, to make your bathroom look beautiful and less ugly even if you don’t do a renovation. There are stylish solutions for ugly rental bathrooms. You can coverups and do clever decorating tricks to spruce up your rental bathroom. Here are some ideas that you can adopt.

The Problem : Wall Problems

Daily wear and tear, especially in a damp environment like the bathroom, can leave wall tiles looking dingy. If you’re a renter, changing out the tiles from the walls may not be possible — but you can do some quick and easy things to cover them up.


Maybe this is an exaggerated example, but incidents like this could possibly occur where the condition of the walls was so dingy after being abandoned by irresponsible old occupants. Dingy Wall Tiles from @life_and_fetter_reno

The solution:

  • Paint. Painting the walls a bright color can instantly liven up the space. It’s also a great way to create a focal point for the room.
  • Embrace some wall art. Hanging artwork is a stylish solution to drab walls. Caroline & Ty at Sylvan Park Life turned their bathroom wall into a gallery of prints, but you could also use framed fabric, an inexpensive print, or even a large swatch from the inspiration wallpaper. Just be sure to use adhesives that won’t damage the tile when you move out (like peel-and-stick or tacks). A little creativity can help make a rental bathroom feel like your own home.

This image was taken after the dingy wall’s repainting. How? looks cleaner and more cozy, don’t you think? The restful color chosen for this bathroom has created the feeling of sanctuary, that must be a lovely place to retreat to at the end of a busy day! Repaint Wall from @life_and_fetter_reno

The Problem: Floor Problems

Changing out ugly bathroom tiles isn’t an option for renters unless your landlord agrees to it (plus you’d have to pay the bond). If you’ve performed a deep clean and brightened the grout but those hideous floor tiles are still letting your bathroom down, cover them.


The bathroom floor seems unsightly and nasty not only because of a lack of maintenance but also because of the age of the floor itself. Old Bathroom Tiles from @floorsofstone

The Solution: Cover the Floors

  • Self-adhesive floor panels. Self-adhesive floor panels are a quick and easy fix that look stylish, hard-wearing in wet areas and can be easily cut around fixtures. Quadro style designs have a strong pattern that distracts from fine lines, and they come in a range of colors to suit your style.
  • Foil tile stickers. Foil tile stickers are another temporary way to cover ugly floors and walls. You can use it to cover the grout. A little goes a long way!

Foil tile stickers

Seeing an ugly bathroom floor will reduce comfort when in the bathroom. When your rented bathroom is not possible to be remodeled, try applying foil tile stickers. This item will update the look of your bathroom floor without having to remodel it. It’s also easy to remove or replace when you get bored or have left your rental home.

  • Install a rug. You can also cover the floors with a pretty rug. In addition to add comfort to the floors, a rug can be use to hide the ugly floors. It can also add colors to the bathroom.

Install a rug

Well, there is another easy way to hide ugly bathroom tiles and trust me it works without much effort. Yups, an attractive bathroom rug will hide the ugly tiles. In this case, you can buy a rug according to your needs and styles. Makesure to buy a rug that has good absorption and a non-slip backing.

The Problem: Sink Problems

Usually, the old sink looks unattractive. As a renter, it is impossible for you to replace it, most owners do not allow changes to their property to be made. However, the unattractive condition of the sink will disturb you while occupying it.


A typical sink like this may be less appealing since it has a very basic look. When you inhabit this unappealing sink, it will disturb you. Simple Bathroom Sink from @jnr_designs

The Solution: Cover the Sink

If you’re renting and can’t do any structural changes, as a renter, use an easy technique to skirt your sink and hide whatever lurks beneath it (like ugly plumbing or the plunger). Skirting your sink in a stylish curtain hides the plunger, toilet brush and other unsightly tools while providing extra storage. Plus, it’s an easy way to add color to a neutral bathroom. It’s a great temporary solution that can easily be removed at the end of your lease (no bond lost!).

Snapinsta.app_272981592_1097857697458699_3446600943404935217_n_1080 (1)

All one needs to do is add a sink skirt made from an old curtain. Much better, I believe. Of course, you have more storage. Sink Skirt from @milaetmoi

The Problem: Outdated Mirror

Renters are usually prohibited from changing out light fixtures or swapping out ugly bathroom faucets, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring in a lot of character and style with totally temporary tricks. For example, if your rental has an ugly builder-basic mirror.

The Solution: Cover the Mirror

Try to cover the mirror with a simple frame of crown molding cut to the size of the existing piece and painted to match your vanity. Then, simply attach it with heavy-duty Velcro strips that will allow you to easily remove the frame when you move out.

The Problem: Unattractive Cabinet

A bathroom that has not been used or cared for for a long time will result in the appearance of some unattractive bathroom furniture, one of which is the cabinet.


The stains on this cabinet are outdated from a long period of disuse, making it look unappealing. You can definitely update it without spending a lot of money. Unattractive Cabinet from @homeon_ellingtonlane

The Solution: Cover with Contact Paper

If changing your cabinetry isn’t possible, give it a makeover with contact paper that offers the look of granite or marble in a range of colors and textures to suit your style. The best part: It’s easy to remove at the end of your tenancy and won’t leave marks or sticky residue on surfaces.

Gray marble contact paper

Don’t hurry to change the cabinet in your rental bathrooms. You can get a new look of the cabinetry by covering it with contact paper. The best part: It’s easy to remove at the end of your tenancy and won’t leave marks or sticky residue on surfaces.

The Problem: The Shower has Problems

Since the bathroom has not been used for a long time, usually the shower has problems. Apart from spoiling the appearance of the bathroom, it will also interfere with your comfort when bathing.


You can’t just ignore a malfunctioning shower because you need to take a shower, can you? If the damage is confined to the leak in the pipeline, it may be tolerable, but if the engine fails, it will be extremely inconvenient. Broken Shower from @ourlittlechurchcottage

The Solution: Install a new showerhead

The most obvious way to transform a bathroom is to install a new showerhead. While you’ll likely need your landlord’s permission to do this, it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to change the look of a bathroom and make it feel more like your own.

Just be sure to clean the threads of the shower arm before you start and wrap a strip of Teflon tape (also known as plumber’s tape) around the female coupling of the new head before screwing it on. This will help ensure a tight seal and prevent any leaks.


Replacing a broken shower head is the best way to get it working according to its function. Of course, it doesn’t require great skills to be able to do it; you just have to do it yourself. A New Shower Head from @katrinaonthego

The Problem: Lighting Fixtures

The good news is that if your ugly rental bathroom has a hideous light fixture (or worse, no lighting at all), it’s usually OK to replace the fixtures as long as you don’t alter the wiring.


The most important thing in the bathroom is lighting; of course, you will not feel free and comfortable in it if it is dim or even dark. Old Bathroom from @kreatecube

The Solution: Change the Lighting Fixtures

You can instantly brighten up your rental bathroom by replacing the light fixtures with something more stylish. You don’t need to rewire anything to swap out ceiling fixtures, and even sconces can be easy-to-swap for a more modern look. Plus, you can easily replace your light bulbs with ones that add more warmth or brightness to the space. It is a cheap and totally reversible fix.


Look! Everything seems so much clearer after installing lighting, and repainting the walls makes everything great, right? A New Bathroom Makeover from @kreatecube

The Problem: Looks Dull

Rental bathrooms are usually not well-concepted and look dull. Lacking a pop of color or something eye-catching makes a rented bathroom look ugly.


A bathroom like this would be very uninteresting. There are no beautiful plants, no decorations, no unique motifs, and no contrasting colors. You need to makeover it! Uninteresting Small Bathroom from @candycoloredhome

The Solution: Add Accessories

Adding pretty accessories in a color that coordinates with the walls brightens the room and helps to distract from plain or ugly features. A coordinating towel bar, soap dish, or wastebasket can make a dramatic difference to the space.


There are many differences, but there are still changes that don’t cost much. You only need to add wallpaper, repaint the tiles with pattern art, and the greatest thing is the additional shower curtain. Small Bathroom from @candycoloredhome

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