Adding some plants to the bathroom is really popular these days even becomes a trend. Anyway, when you are one of those who has willing to put one or two pots in the bathroom, then you should know that there are some considerations that you should have. The most important thing here is about the plants choosing where you should choose the right one if you want to make it grow well and pretty. Then, the other one is about the readiness of the place. You should check on your bathroom whether there is enough lighting, a dry spot, or enough air circulation or not.

What you should also know about shower plants is their benefits. It won’t be only because you want to make your bathroom to be seen pretty and fresh with the greenery available there but also about more valuable benefits that the shower plants have. Check the following benefits to give you more motivation in adding the right shower plants to your bathroom.

Absorbing Moisture

The main thing that should be concerned about the bathroom is its humidity. It becomes the first issue that comes. In this case, shower plants can help you to maintain the bathroom humidity since it absorbs moisture. Of course, not all of the plants can do this, and here are the recommended plants for you.

1. Air Plant

The air plant is an interesting choice for your bathroom. It has the ability to absorb moisture and has a minimum mess. Why? The air plant doesn’t need soil to grow. It uses water as the medium so that there won’t be any mess with the soil in your bathroom. Anyway, if you choose this plant, make sure to change the water periodically to minimize the germ.


They like the humidity of the bathroom but still need watering, as below. The maintenance is also very easy; just change the water periodically and avoid too much heat and bright light, which can scorch the leaves. Air Plant from @poppielady

2. Spider Plant

The spider plant can withstand the high humidity in your bathroom. But, be careful about the placement of this plant because you can’t let it saturate with the bathwater because the leaves may rot. This plant can grow well and easily even with very low maintenance. So, for those who don’t have much time to do the maintenance, this plant is a good choice for you.


They are one of the best hanging bathroom plants. They love moisture and can also handle low humidity levels. Simply place your pot on a bench, hang it over the tub, or place it on a shelf to add some greenery to your bathroom. Spider Plant from @the60sproject_

Purifying the Air

It can’t be denied that even your windowless bathroom is still exposed to pollution. Also, since the humidity is mostly high, then there will be germs and some toxins around the air. No need to worry because some plants can help you to deal with this problem. Here are the examples for you.

1. Snake Plant

Just like the spider plant, the snake plant is also really easy to grow. It can even be said as a plant that is hard to kill. You don’t need to think about watering it or providing enough light for this plant because it will survive even without those things. The difference between the spider plant and the snake plant is its benefit. The snake plant is popular as a plant that has the ability to purify the air. It can absorb the pollutant, toxins, and even provide better air quality.


Snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most popular for good reason. They do fine in low light or bright light, so you can basically put them anywhere. Laying out the bathroom only requires flushing once a month! Snake Plant from @jennaskitchen

2. Boston Fern

The best thing about the boston fern is its ability in removing formaldehyde and xylene from the air very effectively. So, if you want to make sure that the air around the bathroom is clear and healthy, the boston fern is the right choice.

56789665_540720764775411_8482517746032120901_n_1080 (1)

The Boston fern, with its masses of lush green foliage, is one of the best air-purifying house plants. This prolific plant loves moisture and bright, indirect sunlight. They purify the air and are known to filter out formaldehyde, which is commonly found in bathroom products. Boston Fern from @nestledbeneaththecomeraghs

Creating a Positive Energy

It is great how some plants are able to create positive energy including some bathroom plants. This kind of plant is really beneficial to add a cozy feeling while you are bathing to release all your stress and tired body after a long day of work. However, not all plants have the ability to make you feel secure and relaxed. Here are the references for you.

1. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus is already popular to be used as an indoor plant. The good thing is that this plant is also proper for your shower plant. It has a therapeutic scene which is great to give you a relaxing feeling. You can hang it in your shower and smell the peace while you are bathing.


Eucalyptus displays stunning, delicate foliage that everyone loves. These adorable little plants would look great on your bathroom counter. The benefits of this plant can improve air quality, increase relaxation, and clear nasal congestion. Usually,  people hang it near the shower. Eucalyptus Plant from @apartmenttherapy

2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is known for its impression that represents peace, purification, and hope. With that fact, it can’t be doubted that the peace lily will give you benefit in increasing your positive energy when you put it in your bathroom. However, it needs sunlight so you should make sure that there is sunlight exposure in your bathroom. Also, water it periodically because it needs heavy watering.


Peace lilies are very showy with their glossy leaves and white flowers, which are great for decorative additions. Another benefit of this plant is that it can purify the air. They require moist soil at all times and prefer the high humidity levels provided by a bathroom. Peace Lily from @carolinefhood

Beautify the Decoration

Not only your living room or any indoor space you have, but the bathroom is also needed to be decorated well so that you need to beautify it. Since the bathroom space is not that spacious, rather than putting the ornament, it is better for you to put some shower plants that have a pretty look to beautify your bathroom. Some of the shower plants are able to beautify your bathroom decoration.

1. Cyclamen

Not only the foliage that has a unique pattern, the cyclamen has a pretty flower when it is blooming. Even more, the flower has a sweet and pleasant scent. There are some varieties of the cyclamen but all of them are pretty and will make your bathroom looks beautiful.


Cyclamens are very beautiful plants to add to bathroom decor. Their pluses are that they are easy and reliable to care for, and they will thrive in the bathroom if placed in diffused light. You only need to water the cyclamen once a week, and less often in the winter (about every ten days). Red Cyclamen from @minty.greenhouse

2. Orchid

The beauty of the orchid can’t be doubted anymore and surprisingly, it can grow well in the bathroom. However, you should make sure that the orchid get enough sunlight sometimes.


By decorating your bathroom with orchids, you create a luxurious spa ambiance. These plants do need sunlight, so if you don’t have a window in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to occasionally place them in indirect sunlight. Orchid from @leeminwoung

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