According to experts sharing their predictions for the major bedroom trends of 2023, while decorating trends typically focus on looking ahead, this year we will be embracing a nostalgic journey into our design history.

In the upcoming year of 2023, the concept of bedroom design will revolve around the creation of a stunning sanctuary that exudes individuality, aiming to counterbalance the monotonous and uncertain world we have experienced in recent times. With a strong inclination towards vintage influences, we can anticipate a revitalization of existing bedrooms through the inclusion of bold patterned furniture, vibrant color schemes, floral patterns, soothing color palettes, decorative scalloped edges, as well as check and stripe designs.

Modern Florals

Floral prints, known for their timeless appeal, will maintain their popularity in 2023, making their presence felt throughout bedrooms. Upholstery and wallpaper will be adorned with these delightful prints, featuring vivid hues like canary yellow. The trend of rich floral prints is set to continue into the following year, showcasing vibrant blue, green, pink, and yellow designs against pristine white backgrounds. Contemporary floral patterns are characterized by larger flowers such as gerberas, hydrangeas, peonies and poppies, lending a bold and visually striking aesthetic.


Every day will be a bright one when you wake up in this floral bedroom. The Blooming Peonies design creates a beautiful bedroom. Wallpaper like this is also easy to remove, so if you get bored, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new theme. Floral Wallpaper Bedroom from @spacejoyapp

The Feature Headboard

Instead of opting for a feature wall or a prominent ceiling light, shift the attention to your bed by introducing a captivating headboard design.

Patterned upholstered beds offer an excellent means to infuse personality into the bedroom, and it comes as no surprise that they are expected to gain significant popularity in 2023 as individuals strive to fashion their ideal sanctuary. When incorporating this trend into your own space, it is advisable to contrast it against a neutral color palette, allowing the pattern to make a statement on its own. Alternatively, for a more eclectic approach, embrace the pattern and let it guide your choices. Echo the headboard design through complementary rugs, bedspreads, and cushions, creating a harmonious visual ensemble.


To create pattern and a statement in the bedroom, this headboard makes a real impact, bringing in contrasting neutrals on the walls. This creates a beautiful headboard and outlines a beautiful shape. Neutral Bedroom from @athomewithfran

Scalloped Edges

In 2023, nostalgic design influences will make a notable appearance in our homes. We can anticipate the presence of low-slung 70’s style sofas, an abundance of rattan in home accessories, and the return of charming vintage elements like pantries and breakfast bars in our kitchens. In the realm of bedroom decor, we’ll witness the incorporation of nostalgic trims and scalloped edges on soft furnishings and accessories.

Drawing inspiration from the vintage glamour of 1920s America, scallop trim has gained considerable popularity, particularly in the realm of soft furnishings such as bed linen and pillows. In the coming year, we can expect this trend to continue, but with a modern twist featuring exaggerated and oversized scalloped cuts, adding a contemporary touch to the nostalgic aesthetic.


The scalloped edges on this bedding set are here to decorate any bedroom in a European-inspired and Australian-inclined style. Gracefully beautiful and undeniably romantic, its shell-like shape adds a playful, subtle whimsy that fits almost any aesthetic: contemporary, coastal, Art Deco, or classic. Scallop Bed Set from @reedfamilylinen

Calming Color Palettes

On Instagram, the hashtag #slowliving is associated with more than five million posts, highlighting a lifestyle trend that emphasizes mindfulness and intentional consumption. In the realm of interior design, this trend manifests in the creation of serene and tranquil havens, drawing heavy inspiration from the natural world. This approach aligns perfectly with bedroom design, aiming to cultivate a sense of peacefulness.

A notable emerging trend is the use of pale blue hues, while the demand for various shades of green is expected to continue into the next year. Embracing design aesthetics that invite the outdoors inside will enliven color palettes, incorporating subtle beach-inspired motifs with blue and white color schemes, houseplants, and wicker and rattan furniture. This holistic approach creates a well-rounded look that seamlessly blends nature and tranquility into the bedroom space.


Blue is the most popular color, and its peaceful and casual vibe makes it perfect for the bedroom. Pale Blue Bedroom from @bedfolk

Checks and Stripes

In 2023, we can anticipate the resurgence of nostalgic design motifs, this time in the form of checks and stripes. A notable example from 2022 was the viral John Lewis gingham cushion, which sold out repeatedly. Checks and stripes in the upcoming year will lean towards being bold and colorful, moving away from classic plaids. Instead, we will witness the prominence of wide stripes and chunky checks in vibrant vintage-inspired hues.

Over the past year, we have observed the extensive use of check and stripe patterns, particularly in the fashion industry. In 2023, we can expect a significant revival of both patterns within the realm of homeware, accompanied by a strong emphasis on vibrant and contrasting color combinations. This playful maximalist approach to interior design will feature clashing bright colorways, breathing new life into living spaces and embracing a spirited aesthetic.


Link : https://www.amazon.com/Zzlpp-Comforter-Striped-Bedding-Pillowcases/dp/B0C4DYZWWX/ref=sr_1_33?crid=13SAZHZ7XHPU0&keywords=stripes%2Bbed&qid=1689553283&sprefix=stripes%2Bbed%2Caps%2C443&sr=8-33&th=1&tag=talkdecor-20

Color Drenching

If you prefer a more vibrant and bold approach over the simple and understated palette associated with #slowliving, the trend of color drenching will be a delightful option.

Indulge yourself completely in the stylish and calming hues of 2023 by effortlessly saturating your walls from ceiling to floor. This technique of color drenching not only adds depth and richness to your bedroom but also creates an illusion of expansiveness. By employing this cohesive paint application throughout, the walls will appear never-ending, making it an excellent trend to consider when renovating smaller rooms, in particular.


Color drenching is a simple way to create a striking impression in a room. Choose a color and similar tones to incorporate into the decor, fabrics, and walls of a space. This creates a thoughtful, modern, and sophisticated interior aesthetic. Covering the walls, millwork, and ceiling in the same color (sometimes referred to as color-drenching) is quite daring, and the result is incredible! Color Drenching from @oneroomchallenge

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