Focal Point Alternative Designs To A Bedroom Without Headboard

Somehow, a headboard makes your bedroom lack character. Check the ideas below to look for the ideas except for the headboard.

Awkward Bedroom Layout

Give your bedroom an awkward layout for best left minimal and without disruption. This bedroom design presents no headboard altogether to avoid an overwhelming space. You may go with awkward sloping ceilings, architectural features, and restricted room configuration will be dealt with by positioning your bed without a headboard.

Hang A Tapestry

Hanging a tapestry will create a unique interior, traditional, and welcoming look. In a contemporary design, tapestries are the darling of everyone’s taste. It will serve to add an extra touch of textile softness for a desirable element in a relaxing bedroom space.

Wood Panel

Wood paneling is a striking feature of any home to have humble origins of providing insulation to quickly become a highly decorative feature. It is a simple way to add character and add an authentic design. The bedroom will offer a cozy and warm atmosphere with wood paneling. It will create shadows and catch the light for interesting room definition.

Decor Bedroom With Shiplap And Panels At Dado Height

Creating a feature wall of paneling can hide a multitude of sins. In this bedroom, the dado-height wall paneling adds the illusion of width to a narrow bedroom. Besides, it is also protecting the lower path of the wall from any wear and tear. Moreover, adding a paneled area in a plain room is a clever way to bring a sense of character to a featureless space.

Hang A Pretty Mural

For the last, it is an obvious way for wall decor ideas in the bedroom to create something large-scale and more striking. A wall mural is a perfect idea for a more captivating wall look. Nowadays, there has been an explosion in high-tech digital printing that allow a huge amount of experimentation and emerging new designers. Murals have taken the interior world by storm in recent times and frankly, anything goes from floral and animal, geometrics and trompe l’oeil, grass cloths, fabrics, modern, or contemporary. The types of murals seen above are definitely soothing and stylish at the same time.

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