Enjoying the sunlight during summer is really great. However, you should remember that UV light will risk our health. In this case, the existence of the canopy is needed so that you can protect yourself from UV danger. It is true that you might already apply your sunscreen but it doesn’t mean that you can let your skin be exposed to direct sunlight for such a long time. Another interesting idea about the canopy is that you can use it to protect your furniture and anything provided on your patio when the rain or the snow falls.

To fulfill your need, there are some choices of the canopy that you can install. It will be great if you can choose the material that has anti-UV material. However, if it is too expensive to have the UV material canopy, then you can choose the one that can simply cover the area that you want to protect or protect your activity from the too-strong sunlight exposure.

To give you ease in choosing the right material for your canopy, here we have listed some ideas for you.

Tara Canopy

This kind of canopy will make the decoration around to have a Bohemian feel. It is true that this kind of canopy is usually used for the bed but look at the reference below. It is beautiful even for your outdoor space, right? With this canopy, you will get the function to protect the area and to get the beauty for aesthetic decoration needs.


Tara canopy is a canopy that has a more beautiful design than other canopies. Placing it in an outdoor area makes it look extraordinary and will provide unique beauty for your outdoor area’s decoration needs. Apart from that, this type of canopy also provides perfect shade and comfort with a bohemian touch in your garden area. Tara Canopy from @nadjaaleth

Custom Canopy

The custom canopy is designed based on a certain utilization. You can choose to have it if you want to have an exact size and design so that it will fit your space and function needs. You may also add some details for the beauty reason based on your taste. This one is really great but needs more time since you should wait for the finished product.


Different from other canopies, this custom canopy has a different design because it is made according to the wishes of the customer. This time it comes with a size that is quite large and has a rectangular pyramid-shaped roof so it will provide perfect shade and also provide an attractive appearance. The striped pattern that is present on the canopy roof will provide its own charm. Pattern Canopy from @gardenwinds

Entrance Canopy

Exactly like its name, the entrance canopy is installed in your home entrance area. It is useful to protect yourself from the UV light in entering the house from your car especially when you have a baby. Also, when the rain is falling, having an entrance canopy is so much helpful. You don’t need to worry to get wet while entering the house. Another beneficial of having it is that you can park your car, bicycle, or motorcycle there if you don’t have a garage.


One type of canopy that is often owned is the entrance canopy. This type of canopy has a very large function, which is to protect every guest or anyone who comes to visit from the hot sun. Usually has a size large enough to allow cars to enter your entrance canopy area. Entrance Canopy from @tensile_fabric

Fabric Canopy

Fabric canopy is also loved by people. It is because the fabric canopy is easy to be folded when you don’t need it. The installation will also be easy. It is great so that in some seasons when you can store it inside the house, you can do it yourself and then install it again when the right season comes. Your canopy will be way more durable in this way.


As the name suggests, this fabric canopy is made using a cloth that is quite thick and can protect from the hot sun, so it is often used in garden areas. This fabric canopy is very easy to fold for storage and can be reused in the season to come. In addition, this fabric canopy also has many color choices and designs that can be adjusted to your wishes. Custom Canopy from @abba_patio

Sun shade sail rectangle canopy fabric cloth screen

The easy installment is a thing that makes this sunshade sail rectangle canopy become a choice for many people. It is also effective since it allows water and air to go through. The material used makes it possible to block up to 95% of harmful UV and sunlight. This significantly reduces temperature by at least 10-15 degrees.

Retractable Canopy

The retractable canopy is the best one that we do really recommended. It is interesting because you can simply retract it when the season and weather are lovely and save it for you to open it. Then, when the sun is too strong, you can make the canopy cover you completely without any effort. No need to uninstall and reinstall it again.


Look at the picture above! This is a kind of retractable canopy. This canopy has a frame that is strong enough and a tent cover that can be pulled so that it is simpler. The advantage of this retractable canopy, you do not need to take it apart when the summer has passed but only need to pull it until it is folded perfectly. Retractable Canopy from @sardoe

Shade Canopy

The shade canopy is the simplest canopy of all but still worth it if you have only a small space. You can install and uninstall it yourself because the technique is really easy. Anyway, although it is simple it can protect you from UV light because there are some materials available that have the ability in protecting you from UV. Here is an example.


This is one type of canopy that you can use to create a shady and comfortable sitting area in an outdoor area. The shade canopy has support legs and a roof made of UV-resistant fabric making it perfect for providing shade. In addition, this type of canopy has a fairly simple design and is also quite easy to disassemble and install, making it more flexible. Shade Canopy from @globalsombras

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