Believe your home has exhausted all its storage options? Think again! Take a moment to look up, and you might just notice that there’s some extra space above one of your doorways. Seize this opportunity to transform it into a practical asset. It could become your own mini-library, a cozy garden nook, or even a convenient storage spot for towels in your compact bathroom. Let your creativity take flight! Regardless, if you require inspiration for utilizing this newfound space, there’s no need to search elsewhere.

Utilize Doorways to Organize and Showcase Your Extra Books

Whether you have a limited shelf space extending above the doorway or the opportunity to create a full wall book display, this solution allows you to store your extra books effectively and put them on proud display, clearing up clutter.


A clever and creative concept involves utilizing the space above the door as a storage area, resulting in a warm and tidy bookshelf with a simple and minimalist aesthetic. The addition of a white color scheme adds a clean and pristine look to the overall design. Storage area from @maison.cotidiano

Cultivate an Overhead Door Garden

Believe you lack the room to nurture a green thumb? Think again! By adding a shelf above your doorway, you can transform this often overlooked space into an ideal indoor garden. Opt for shelves that blend with your wall color, and watch as vines and tendrils gracefully cascade down, creating a beautiful frame around the doorway.


Persist despite your limited space challenge. Transform your surroundings with a clever solution – install this kind of shelf above your door to bring in the lush greenery. Top Shelf from @ maggieleaflovin

Optimize Towel Storage

In a compact bathroom with limited storage options, finding a suitable spot for towel placement can be challenging. Maximize the available space by installing a shelf above the door, creating a convenient area for stacking towels. Additionally, you can utilize any remaining space on the shelf to store other bathroom essentials and toiletries.

Over the door towel rack - bathroom towel holder

The bathroom towel holder boasts an impressive array of features, including 5 hooks, 3 towel bars, 1 basket, and a plank bar for hanging and storage. Designed as an over-the-door towel rack, it maximizes storage without occupying much door space. This setup provides ample space to display and access your daily essentials effortlessly. Keeping your bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom, or kitchen tidy and organized has never been more convenient with this multifunctional and space-saving solution.

Store Sentimental Items and Files

Keep cherished memories and important documents in elegant storage boxes placed above the door. Since you don’t require frequent access to items like old photos and important paperwork, storing them in this elevated space will not be inconvenient.


Every household is haunted by memories and documents, occupying valuable space, and necessitating a clever storage solution. The answer lies in placing them in boxes and storing them above the door! Storing files from @ simplyorganized

Make the Most of Your Doorway Space

If you have the opportunity to personalize your home with a built-in feature, consider utilizing not only the top of the door but the entire door frame to store kitchen supplies and showcase decorative dishes and cookbooks. This thoughtful addition allows for efficient use of the doorway space while adding a touch of style to your kitchen.


This home office is brilliantly designed with a bookshelf integrated into the entire door. I adore how this space has been utilized; it would undoubtedly make working from home more enjoyable. Home office from @ scoutandnimble

Maximize Pantry or Closet Storage

Optimize the available space in a small pantry or walk-in closet by incorporating shelves above the door. This clever solution allows you to create extra storage capacity, whether it’s for pantry items or organizing linens, shoes, or bags in a closet.


Elevating kitchen designs to new heights, this vertically inspired cabinetry boasts natural wood grain that creates a spacious and majestic feel. Kitchen Cabinetry from @ elmwoodcabinets


If you’re seeking to give your utility room some tender loving care, these exquisitely tailored laundry rooms provide the ideal combination of style and functionality. Custom cabinetry is ingeniously designed to improve efficiency, elevate your home’s aesthetics, and streamline your daily routines. Custom cabinetry from @ harveyjoneskitchens

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