Practical shoe rack designs for your varied house space condition

Each house will have different needs in every decoration aspect including for the furniture. Let’s say that as simple as the shoe rack, each of you will have different needs based on your house design. We can say that for the shoe rack, it won’t be only choosing the design that will fit your home decor concept but also its practical aspect. Those two main things should be considered so that you can get its best function.

Talking about the shoe rack, you will find out that there are so many designs. By only looking at the design, you will know whether the shoe rack will fit your house or not. For your consideration, here are some aspects that you should know when choosing the right shoe rack.

  1. The material
  2. The design
  3. The size
  4. The color
  5. The possible placement

You should see the following shoe rack designs that will be varied. We do really sure that at least, one of them can fit your house.

Multifunction and Aesthetic

The multifunction shoe rack design is a must for small home spaces. It is because you should be able to fulfill all the needs in the most effective way. This shoe rack is designed with cozy seating which is added with pads even for the back part. The design is really aesthetic and unique so that even when you have to maximize the function, you still get the beauty also.


Metal material shoe rack in black color makes the rack looks sturdy. This one will be perfect for your modern house, industrial, and even Scandinavian. Such a simple yet aesthetic one! Multifunction Shoe Rack from @product.minimal

Entryway Shoe Rack

It can be said that it is a must to have a shoe rack in the entryway so that you can wear or store your footwear easily. However, we do recommend you provide a complete shoe rack function design. It means that the shoe rack is best when paired with the seating area so that it will give you ease.


This entryway reflects a natural concept in the green color scheme which is really welcoming. Things that make it complete are the seating over the rack, the hanger, and the storage on the top part. The plaid seating pad gives a certain impression to make the decoration looks cheerful and not too plain. Entryway Shoe Rack from @thehouseofhooper

Fun but Practical

If you want to provide a shoe rack for teenagers, then you should choose a fun design. However, remember that the main purpose of the rack is its function. So, make sure that the design won’t complicate you to store the shoes. Here is an example of a fun but practical shoe rack design.


The colors and the pattern represent the teenage. It is simple but cool and aesthetic. The design is antimainstream but still, be used effectively and easily to store the shoes. The vertical design also allows you not to be worried about the space. Fun Vertical Shoe Rack from @smallfrydiy

Letter S

The common design is boring for some people. They need something more eccentric even for their furniture. If you are one of them, the letter S shoe rack design can be a good choice for you. Just like its name, the rack will form the letter S. Don’t worry about the function because it can surely function well to store your shoes.


Although made of wood, but this shoe rack has a modern impression with its futuristic design. The line is rigid to show its simplicity. It can also be called a bench rack since there is a spot to sit on the top part of the rack. The space sizes of the rack are also different so that you can put your different sizes of shoes there. This one is simple yet multi-functional. Letter S Shoe Rack from @build_something.

Simple Yet Aesthetic

Having something simple doesn’t mean that it won’t have its special value. The simple yet aesthetic rack can be placed in a modern house design or the industrial one. The thing that should be concerned is its function. Even though it is simple, you should choose the one that is functional.


The simplicity comes from its material color choice and design. The design is as simple as storage under the pallet to sit. For the material, look at the wood pallet choice where it is in its natural color without any burnish. Then, the pipe and the wire for the frame and storage are also simple in silver color. Such a simple, sleek, and functional!Simple yet Aesthetic Shoe Rack from @diycartel

Drawer Style

The drawer-style shoe rack is a rack that has doors just like a drawer. This one will help you to keep the shoes secure as you don’t need to worry about rats that may hide inside the shoes and the dust that stick to the shoes. However, you should consider the humidity of the shoes inside the rack. Since the shoes will be stored in a closed space, it will be quite difficult for you to maintain the humidity.


This drawer shoe rack is made of wood which will make it sturdy. As you can see, it has many drawers that allow you to store many shoes there. The interesting thing about this rack is that it has gaps between the rack doors so that the air from the outside can enter the rack inside to maintain the humidity. Such a brilliant idea! Drawer Style Shoe Rack from @pipercrafts_official

Space Saving

The space-saving shoe rack design is a must for you who have a small home space or for those who live in a small apartment. The space-saving shoe rack is one that can be put or installed in a small space area or the left space in the house. You should see this brilliant design that will help you deal with the small home space.


This shoe rack design not only allows you to install it in a narrow space but also to store the shoes practically. Look at the shoe’s position which will surely let you save space. This shoe rack is made of wood and can be installed high on the wall. Just based on the possible space you have in the house. Space Saving Shoe Rack from @onabudgetofficial

Luxurious and Effective

Having a luxurious home design demands some luxurious furniture too. Just like other furniture, the shoe rack can also be designed in a luxurious one. Anyway, don’t forget to consider its effectiveness related to the function so that you won’t only get the beauty but also the function.


This shoe rack is completed with some additional stuff like a mirror, hanger, and console. The rack itself is made of metal in a high length from floor to ceiling. The black color choice, the detailed design, and the additional furniture there is such a good combination for a luxury rack design. Luxurious Shoe Rack Design from @tamstudio__

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