Steps to follow in creating a modern rooftop design

Utilizing the rooftop as the outdoor space when you don’t have any area left in the yard is the best solution you can have. It can’t be doubted that the existence of the outdoor area is so much needed. It won’t be good if we are spending all of our time inside the house. We need to enjoy the weather outside, especially during summer. No matter what size of the space you have in your rooftop area, you should maximize the utilization of the space and function it well.

The rooftop can be dedicated to varied utilization but we recommend you to at least provide the proper seating there. Of course, you can use it as a garden or whatever it is. But, enjoying the outdoors won’t be comfortable without any seating there.

The existence of the rooftop is mostly in the city with a modern decoration style. Well, yes! The city won’t have enough space for the house to have a yard. So here, we are going to show you a modern rooftop design that will be completely proper since it has a wide area with many functions. It can be said as a complete rooftop facilities area. Go follow the steps in building the space!

Build the Open Space Area

The open space area is used when the summer comes or when you want to finally feel the air during spring after the cold winter. Since the utilization is to enjoy the weather, then you should provide a proper seating area or lazy space. You may also provide a playing area for the kids.


The modern touches can be seen in the color scheme which is dominated by white color. Although there are some wood pallets applied the color helps to show the style trying to make. You can also see from the yard area that is added with grey gravel for the modern impression. The furniture and lines that are applied there are also rigid so that we can easily recognize the style. Open Space Area from @rumahlouie

Build a Shade Area

The shaded area is important to let you able to enjoy your time on the rooftop during rainy days or when the snow falls. Also, remember that UV light is quite dangerous so when you think the sunlight is too strong, you should move to the shaded area even when you already wear your sunscreen.


The shade that is applied here can protect you from varied weather conditions. The interesting thing is that the shade still let the sunlight enter the area so that you can still enjoy the sunlight there without worrying about too strong sunlight. The choice of shade color and material also represents a modern design with its simplicity and minimalism style. Shade Area from @rumahlouie

Providing Greenery Around

Even a modern decoration concept is all about simplicity but the greenery is still needed there so that the decoration won’t be too boring. Also, a welcoming atmosphere is still needed to make you feel cozier. Anyway, you should consider the plant’s choice where you should choose the simple plant type.


There are some plants provided there and all of them are tropical plants with a tapering style for the modern impression. The positioning of the plants are spread out in almost all corner which make it feel enough although the plants are not too much. Greenery Around from @rumahlouie

Installing Fence for Safety

Remember that the rooftop is in a high position and will be risky especially when you have kids. Related to that, the fence is an important thing to install for safety. Especially when you have kids and left the space for the kids’ area, providing the proper fence is such a must.


There are two kinds of fences that are installed here. The one is in metal material with black color and the other one is in concrete with grey color. Both material and colors work well to create a modern decor impression. The line or layer of the concrete fence reflects its modern style. Then, the metal fence has some details not to make it looks boring yet not too much. Rooftop Fence from @rumahlouie

Installing Reflective Lighting

The rooftop will also be used during the night so installing the lamps is a must. The thing that you should consider is the lamp design so that it won’t only be used to light up the space but also to beautify the decoration.  Also, make sure that the lamp design that you install supports the decoration style you apply on the rooftop.


This rooftop has some reflective lighting that is installed almost all around the space. The reflective lighting is simple but can create a beautiful ambiance. You can see how the lamp can brighten up the space without being seen. There are also some pendant lamps installed for the shaded area that will surely beautify the decoration. Reflective Lighting from @rumahlouie

Providing Dining Area

If you have a spacious enough rooftop space, then having a dining area there will be great. You can have dinner for a certain celebration with your family and close friend. It will be great to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while having intimate dining.


The dining facility is located in a shaded area to make it safe enough to dine there no matter what the weather is going through at the moment. This dining area is completed with black and white furniture and decoration. You can see from the dining table, chairs, centerpiece, and even the pendant light over the table. Dining Area from @rumahlouie

Complete it with Tea Corner

The tea corner is something that can be fun to have. You can imagine you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee there while enjoying the morning atmosphere. That will be a good start for your day. You can simply provide a small coffee table and some seating. Just the kind of seating that will be most comfortable for you.


The wood coffee table and stole provided for the tea corner can be a good match for your modern rooftop design. You don’t need to worry that you will lose the modern touches there because the touch of the wood material there even makes your modern rooftop more comfortable and welcoming. Tea Corner from @rumahlouie

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