If you are far from happy with your current climate control, the obvious choice is a state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) system, which is energy efficient. The most popular type of HVAC is ducted with concealed channels that push warm or cool air into the home and with reverse heat exchange you can heat or cool the house. The days of separate heating and a/c are long gone, as HVAC does both, giving you fine control over the temperature and a trouble-free solution.

Ideal for larger spaces

When you install the best ducted air conditioning in Redland Bay, the large expanses quickly respond to the system kicking in and in only a few minutes, your lounge is a comfortable 25C. The energy you save is significant, especially over 12 months; some Australian homeowners report as much as 40% savings when calculated annually.

External compressor

The compressor is a critical piece of equipment, condensing air to cool it and with an interior fan coil unit installed in the roof cavity. The ducting is carefully concealed by a team of engineers and the system is silent, sending cool or warm air around the house efficiently. Rather than having an a/c unit in every room (which eats power), with an HVAC system, you have a single unit that services the entire house, thanks to concealed ducting, making it more affordable. 

Reverse cycle

Another name for this system is ‘reverse cycle air-conditioning’ and if you would like a quote for your home, start with a Google search to locate a local company that supplies and installs ducted air-conditioning. They would be happy to send an engineer to your home and you can discuss design options and a quote can be issued. 

Concealed system

The great thing about ducting is it does not impact your décor, as the ducting is concealed behind the walls or under the floor, with grills carefully placed to blend with your layout. There is no better climate control than one that is unobtrusive and heats and cools at the touch of a button while using minimal energy. Here is a great blog about how to make a nice reading corner in your lounge.

Wise investment

Having ducted air-conditioning installed will boost the value of your property, as this is considered to be a permanent improvement that stays with the property. If you would like to learn more about ducted air-conditioning, start with an online search to locate a local provider and ask them to send an engineer and you can discuss the many different options. The sooner you arrange for your installation, the faster your property value will increase.

Free onsite survey and design service

The system supplier is happy to offer you a free survey to determine the best type of climate control and they will design a system to suit your property. It is always best to invite several companies to quote for the project, then you can make an informed decision and your home’s value will increase, while you and your family will enjoy a higher level of comfort.

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