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The importance of key duplication is often underestimated until one finds themselves locked out of their homes or misplaces their keys. While a local locksmith can come to the rescue, being proactive and having duplicate keys made in advance can save the day during emergencies.

Losing or misplacing keys can be both frustrating and embarrassing. The reality is that keys are prone to getting lost, leading to significant inconvenience and potential safety risks.

It is always wise to have a spare set of keys to avoid such situations. Having duplicates readily available ensures that you can handle emergencies with ease and peace of mind.

Why Is Key Duplication Necessary?   

Getting a duplicate key made is always a wise choice, and here are some compelling reasons why:  

  1. A Duplicate Keeps You Away From Any Lockout Situation.

Owning a duplicate key offers you convenient access to your home or office in case you misplace the original. With a spare key, there’s no need to resort to forced entry or breaking windows to unlock the door. Instead, having a duplicate key provides a swift and effective solution to any lockout predicament.

  1. It Gives Family Members Easy Home Access.

Having a spare key in the possession of a trusted family member proves invaluable in various situations. For example, if your children arrive home early from school while you’re stuck at the office with a lot of work, a spare key ensures they can access the house without your physical presence.

Moreover, a duplicate key comes in handy during a long-planned vacation when you’ll be away for a while. You can entrust the spare set to the person responsible for caring for your house and pets while you enjoy your vacation. Providing family members with duplicate keys brings peace of mind, knowing someone can offer assistance when needed.

  1. A Duplicate Saves You From The Stress Of A Damaged Key.

All keys are susceptible to wear and tear. Even the most durable ones can develop tiny cracks along the shaft, making them vulnerable to breaking. Fortunately, if the broken key isn’t stuck inside the lock, you can rely on your duplicate spare key to gain entry.

A spare key is crucial for retaining access to your car or home. However, in unfortunate cases where the key breaks and becomes lodged inside the lock, you will likely need to call upon the services of an emergency locksmith in Edwards, CO,  to resolve the issue.

  1. It Saves You Time And Money.

While key duplication may appear costly initially, the expense is more than reasonable considering the savings it offers in case of losing or misplacing the original keys. In the long run, duplicating your keys is much cheaper than relying on locksmith services to open locks for safes or your family car. It’s an intelligent investment to ensure you have a backup emergency plan.

  1. A Duplicate Can Help Improve Business Security.

Duplicate keys are indispensable for business owners, especially when you have managers and supervisors who require swift access to company documents and you are not physically present. Additionally, having spare keys becomes crucial in emergencies such as fires, where people may need to access fireproof rooms for safety. Having duplicate keys readily available ensures seamless operations and enhanced security during unforeseen situations.

  1. It Can Ensure Seamless Car Sharing.

Car sharing is another compelling reason to prioritize key duplication. Nowadays, it’s common for car owners to share their vehicles with family members or close friends. Whether it’s a spouse, children old enough to drive, or trusted family friends, having duplicate car keys readily available is a more practical approach than constantly passing around the original key. This ensures convenient access to the car for all authorized users while safeguarding the original key from the risk of being misplaced or lost during frequent transfers.

  1. Key Copying Is Quick And Cheap.

The cost of crucial duplication varies depending on the type of key you own. On average, it typically ranges from $2 to $5. However, the cost may be higher for keys with a “Do Not Duplicate” label, ranging from $8 to $20.

Aside from the cost, another concern for many people is the time required to copy a key accurately. Skilled locksmiths can duplicate a standard house key in just a few minutes. However, more complex key models may take at least 25 minutes to complete the duplication process accurately. It’s essential to consider the cost and time involved to make an informed decision when duplicating your key.

  1. A Duplicate Prevents You From Doing Something Drastic.

Losing the keys to your safe can be a frustrating and worrying experience. Some people may be tempted to force open the safe, leading to even more frustration and damage. To avoid this unnecessary stress, it’s always wise to seek the services of an expert locksmith who can copy the key to your safe and provide you with a spare. Having a spare key can save you from the hassle and anxiety of losing your keys and ensure you can access your safe whenever needed.

 Key Takeaway   

Key copying or duplication is one of the most commonly sought-after locksmith services. Although some people may not see the need for having duplicate keys, there are numerous practical reasons to consider getting copies, especially for cars, safes, and vaults.

Duplicating a key is quite affordable, and the process is quick, taking up very little of your time. Additionally, numerous professional locksmith companies offer excellent services without charging exorbitant fees. Having duplicate keys on hand can provide you peace of mind and convenience in various situations.

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