Bedroom trend 2024 a decoration that tech savvy will love

In 2024, the bedroom decoration trend will be about something convenient, luxurious, and modern for technology. It can be said that the trend in 2024 will give you the best version of a bedroom when being seen from all of the aspects. It will give you ease in doing things in the bedroom because there are some smart technologies provided. It is ok! if you want to be lazy while in the bedroom with some help from smart technologies the bedroom i surely the place where you can rest and be lazy by lying on your bed. It is even said that the 2024 bedroom decor trend is for the tech-savvy.

There are some details that you should know about this 2024 bedroom decoration trend. We want you to check it below.

The Existence of Smart Technology

The existence of smart technologies will help you to have a really qualified rest in the bedroom. Even when you feel really tired, the technologies will deal with all of the tasks. Let’s say that you can have a smart curtain railing that can be opened and closed remotely. Then, you can have smart lighting that you can operate remotely too.

There are so many other technologies that you can have but make sure that you research the benefits and the budget. Since it won’t be cheap, don’t waste your money for something that you don’t really need or give you the benefits. Purchase and install only for the items that fit your place, needs, and budget.


This bedroom has a smart curtain and smart lighting that can be controlled remotely to help the owner deal with those things while lying on the bed. Smart Tech from @artpartner_architects

Luxurious Impression

The luxurious items here are used to balance the smart technologies that are already installed in the room. You can use the high-quality bedding material. You should also provide a good blanket to be paired with the bedding. The bed is the most important item in the bedroom so you should have it in the best material. For the other furniture, you can provide durable and classic ones that will be surely able to bring a luxurious impression to the room.


It can be said that this bedroom is really adorable with its luxurious impression even when only uses the simple white and grey color scheme. All of the items that are applied in this bedroom are a high-quality one. Luxurious Bedroom Impression from @classy___interiors

The Mix of Old and New Items

History is always meaningful and each of it has its own story which is adorable. You can even get the character from the historical items. This one becomes the idea of mixing the old and new items into the room. The touches of the old items will help you get the warmth of the history owned by the items. Also, the old items will let you get a good inviting atmosphere inside the bedroom. That is why mixing the old and new items is used for the 2024 bedroom decoration.


If you see the fan on the ceiling, you will be brought into the old years when the fan is being used. Also, the rug has an old-style impression to bring the warmth of the decoration. No need to worry because you can still have some smart technologies inside the room and modern touches there. Old and New Items Mix from @missjessicanicoleblog

Botanical Prints

To bring nature inside the room will always be needed. However, to put the plants in a luxurious, modern, and simple room is quite difficult. Although it is still possible to have the real plant inside the room, it will distract the decoration concept you want to bring if you can’t choose the right plant and planter. In this case, simply having the botanical print is already enough. You can have it on the wallpaper, curtain, bedding, rug, cushion, etc.


The botanical print that this bedroom has can be seen on the pillows and the birds’ images on the wall. Botanical is all about the plants and animals which is able to bring the peace of nature inside the room. Botanical Print from @susannaharbin

Textures Implementation

The texture will be able to bring the dimension. It is great for the tech decoration concept. Also, the texture will be able to create comfort when you touch it. Since there are so many kinds of textures available, you can surely layer them. However, make sure not to make it look too much because that will make the room look full and crowded.


The layering technique is used in this room. The sofa has a soft texture on its velvet material. Then, the blanket has a furry texture to give you comfort. The pillows and rug also have their own texture the best combination without making the room look crowded at all. Texture Implementation from @ceciliarefojos

Sustainability Items

With all of the smart technologies you can have for your 2024 bedroom decor, don’t ever forget the sustainability that the room should have. It is important so that you can save the earth by implementing eco-friendly living. There are some sustainable materials that you can have for decoration such as rattan, bamboo, wood, wool, etc.


It feels really fresh and calming to spend time in this bedroom with all of the natural-friendly materials applied in the decoration. The color of the wood floor is soft and calming and blends really well with the wall. Sustainable Items from @minimal_interior_space

Earthy Tones

The earthy tones will always be able to bring a certain peaceful ambiance to the room. It can also be combined with other tones beautifully. Anyway, the earthy tones won’t be only brown and green but also blue from the ocean, red from the flowers, yellow from the foliage, etc.


This room has a strong characteristic with the bold blue color. There are also some sustainable items provided there and the pattern that the owner must be really love. Blue Scheme from @nestingwithgrace

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