Exterior home trends in 2024 you should consider

The exterior decoration trend in 2024 won’t be difficult to follow. It will be about embracing the traditional touches, the ability to bring comfort, and the efficiency in the decoration. Anyway, the exterior here will be about many parts and not only about the outside part of the building of the house itself. It will also be about the yard, the patio, the porch, and other things.

Anyway, just like the indoor decoration trend in 2024 that brings the concept of sustainability and nature-friendly, the exterior design will also connected to that. You can use wood material, bamboo, rattan, the natural-friendly paint color, minimizing the use of chemicals for the pool, etc. For the color scheme, you can use earthy colors such as brown, gray, white, green, blue, etc.

Also, for the exterior decoration, you should make sure that the space that you have there is all functional. You should make the space and everything applied there is efficient and you can maximize the potency that the space has. For the wall, the floor, the yard, just everything! Are you curious about the exterior decoration that will be trending in 2024? Here are the complete ideas.

Color Scheme Choice

Choosing the color scheme is really important because your exterior part will be seen by people. It will give an impression of your house. In this case, 2024 will use the earthy colors and since it is also about bringing the traditional touches into the decoration, you can choose the colors that are earthy yet traditional. The examples are the brown color, grey, ivory, black, yellow, or green.


This house uses white color as the main and dominating color. Then, not to make it boring, this house uses black and brown as the color combination with gray color for the roof. Color Scheme Choice from @yardzen

Outdoor Living Area

The outdoor living area is the spot that you can use to do some daily living activities. For example the porch and the patio. You can have a fireplace, fire pit, barbeque tools, etc in those areas and do the living activities there. In this case, you should put forward the comfort in decorating the area. You can provide the furniture and tools that you really by considering the space possibility at once.


A porch is the front part of the house. Commonly, it is used to welcome the guest while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Or, you may also have chit-chat with your family there when the weather is great. Here, what you need to provide is the chairs or sofa with a coffee table, proper lighting, and some additional home accessories for an extra comfort.


There is a seating area on the porch that will let you enjoy the outdoor space while having a cup of coffee or tea with your guests or family. The fan is installed there for when the summer comes which will help you deal with the temperature. Such a great idea. Porch from @frenchcountrypassion


A patio is located in the back part of the house. It can be built with the roof or not just based on your need. The point is that commonly, the patio has some chairs or swing, coffee table, stools, lamps, etc.


This one is such a functional patio space. There are some chairs, a coffee table, lounge chairs, and a pool. The space is only small but this yard can maximize the function of the space really well. Patio from @beckiowens


The landscape is the yard area for both the front yard and the backyard. In 2024, the design of the landscape won’t have too many details. It is simple but pretty. No need to add many colors there or have some stand-out pots. Just make it as simple as possible but also as aesthetic as possible at the same time.

Front Yard

The front yard will be seen by strangers or at least your guests. You should adjust the decoration so as not to be seen as too much because it is a public area. Giving some neutral accent is the best choice you can make.


This front yard uses a green lawn, pretty wild grass, some garden plants, and gravel that creates such a simple yet adorable design. Also simple, this front yard isn’t seen as empty at all. Front Yard from @yourmoderncottage


For the backyard, you will be more flexible because it is your private area with your family members. However, even when you are free to do anything there, you should be able to maintain the concept of the decoration not being too much. Remember that it should be simple and efficient.


The landscape is really simple but intimate and aesthetic. There is a firepit added there with a space that will be enough to put a sofa or some chairs when the season is good enough to do an outdoor activity. Backyard from @yourmoderncottage

Pool Choice

In this case, we do recommend you have a small pool such as a plunge pool, splash pool, and spa. It is because we need to minimize the use of chemicals for pool maintenance. Remember that the 2024 decoration trend is all about a natural-friendly concept.


This plunge pool can give you pleasure even when the size is only a small one. It has a stair, really clean, and peaceful with the wooden deck and the grass around. Feels like ‘back to nature’. Plunge Pool from @elysiansteelpoolsltd

The mix of Materials Used

There are so many materials available on this planet. Related to the sustainable and natural-friendly decoration concept for the 2024 trend, you can choose some materials such as wood, rattan, sisal, gravel, etc. Also, to ring the natural material will let you have the traditional touches that the 2024 trend trying to bring.


This house uses limestone as the fence of the gate and the wall, slate for the floor, gravel for the driveway, and some wood pallets for the wall. The Mix of Materials from @theinteriorcollective

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