The future of bathrooms 7 trends forecasted for 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, numerous designers are already turning their attention to the New Year, anticipating the home and interior design trends that will captivate 2024. One particularly intriguing area of focus is the bathroom.

Bathrooms are evolving beyond their purely utilitarian roles in homes. Homeowners are increasingly inclined to craft bathrooms that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, trends in bathroom design hold equal significance for designers compared to trends in other areas of the home.

To gain insights into the anticipated bathroom design trends for 2024, we engaged in discussions with three interior designers. Here’s what they had to share.

Warm, Neutral Colors


Instead of opting for the starkness often linked with all-white bathrooms, envision incorporating warm whites, creams, and beiges. Warm bathroom from @

Designers unanimously agree that warm neutrals will take center stage in bathroom design for the approaching year. Rather than the starkness associated with all-white bathrooms, imagine embracing warm whites, creams, and beiges. Throughout, you’ll find lighter wood tones such as maple and white oak, complemented by shades of mushroom, taupe, and warm browns and camels.

The aim is to craft a serene space by incorporating nature-inspired colors and tones that evoke a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Touches of Vibrant, Natural Hues


Earthy greens and deep shades are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for features like cabinetry and tile. These profound, saturated tones introduce a soothing and grounding effect. Green bathroom from @ genevanessdesign

While neutrals take the spotlight, it doesn’t signify the absence of color. Designers suggest keeping an eye out for bursts of rich, earthy tones in bathrooms in the upcoming year. Earthy greens and deep shades such as raisin, purples, and blues are gaining traction, especially for elements like cabinetry and tile. The profound, saturated tones bring about a calming and grounding effect, ideal for cultivating a relaxing, spa-like bathroom ambiance.

Spa-Like Features


Outfitting primary bathrooms with spa-like features has been a prevalent trend for the past few years, and designers agree that this inclination is set to persist. Bathrooms with spa-like features from @ lustre_home

Equipping primary bathrooms with spa-like features has been a prevailing trend for the past few years, and designers concur that this trend is poised to endure.

Homeowners are increasingly incorporating features such as steam showers, towel heaters, massaging shower heads, soaker tubs, and heated floors into their bathroom designs. While an aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom has always been a priority, the shift towards having the space double as an in-home spa has redefined the concept of functional design.

Relaxation Zones


Currently, homeowners are in search of spacious bathrooms that offer ample room for both morning preparations and evening relaxation. Bathroom design from @ juleeireland

The era of designing bathrooms with mere functionality in mind has faded away. Presently, homeowners seek expansive bathrooms with abundant space for both morning preparations and evening relaxation.

With bathrooms evolving into havens for mindfulness, individuals are increasingly seeking opportunities to slow down and unwind in these spaces.

Moreover, spacious bathrooms offer the canvas to incorporate the luxurious, spa-like features that homeowners desire.

Carefully Chosen Designs

Snapinsta.app_188991152_351141529685647_4710787975778687349_n_1080 (1)

In 2024, there is a predicted trend of integrating gallery motifs onto bathroom walls. The shift towards viewing bathrooms as spaces deserving of deliberate design choices, akin to any other room in the home, extends to the inclusion of wall art. Bathroom wall art from @ hendidesign

Bathrooms have transcended their utilitarian role in homes, and designers anticipate an even more pronounced reflection of this transformation in 2024. Homeowners now view the bathroom as an artistic and creative sanctuary deserving of meticulous design choices, mirroring the attention given to more prominent areas like the living room or kitchen.

Examples such as handcrafted tiles, artisan wallpaper, and bespoke cabinetry illustrate the thoughtful customization increasingly invested by clients in their bathroom spaces, according to experts.

In the upcoming year, there is a forecasted trend of incorporating gallery motifs on bathroom walls. The shift towards considering bathrooms as spaces worthy of intentional design choices, akin to any other room in the home, extends to the realm of wall art.

Aesthetic Lighting Fixtures


In addition to its visual appeal, decorative lighting holds the potential to elevate the ambiance, creating a more soothing and spa-like atmosphere—a trend anticipated to gain prominence in the upcoming year. Bathroom lighting from @ design.only

Anticipate an increased use of decorative lighting in bathrooms for the upcoming year, as many experts predict. Given that bathroom spaces typically provide fewer chances for non-functional decor, the strategic integration of lighting becomes a noteworthy method for transforming functional elements into decorative objects.

Beyond its aesthetic contribution, decorative lighting has the potential to enhance the ambiance, fostering a more calming and spa-like atmosphere—a trend expected to gain prominence in the coming year. Watch for attention-commanding sculptural fixtures and a profusion of ambient lighting as noteworthy features in bathrooms throughout 2024.

The Renaissance of Medicine Storage


Recessed medicine cabinets, in particular, are gaining traction, mimicking the appearance of regular mirrors while providing more storage space compared to their counterparts from previous decades. Mirror from @  duramendesigns

An unexpected trend emerging in 2024 is the growing popularity of medicine cabinets. Traditionally found in older homes, these small wall-mounted cupboards often serve dual functions as vanity mirrors, thanks to their mirrored doors.

If the term “medicine cabinet” conjures images of outdated and unappealing wooden boxes from your grandmother’s bathroom, it’s time to reconsider. Modern medicine cabinets come in diverse shapes and sizes, boasting stylish features and high-quality finishes. Recessed medicine cabinets, in particular, are gaining traction, mimicking the appearance of regular mirrors while providing more storage space compared to their counterparts from previous decades.

As clients increasingly seek additional storage solutions to maintain clutter-free countertops, the use of medicine cabinets has undeniably witnessed a resurgence.

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