A deck is an excellent investment. It extends your living space, enhances the backyard, provides a spot to entertain guests, and increases your property’s value. However, the deck-building process can be challenging. You could make costly mistakes that compromise your family’s safety and ruin enjoyment, especially if it is your first time building a deck.

An effective way to avoid making deck-building mistakes is to familiarize yourself with the errors before beginning the construction project. If you plan to install a deck on your property, here are four common building mistakes and how to avoid them to streamline the construction process.  

1. Picking the wrong building materials

Most people prioritize cost when shopping for deck-building materials. This results in choosing materials that are not durable and require extensive maintenance. To avoid investing in the wrong decking material, research the various decking products and weigh their pros and cons. There are different deck-building products, including aluminum, natural wood, plastic, pressure-treated wood, and composite materials. 

An ideal deck-building material should be durable and resistant to rust, decay, and warping. It should also require little or no maintenance. Visit The Deck Store to shop for high-quality supplies that help you build a deck that lasts many years.

2. Poor planning

One of the most significant mistakes homeowners make when building a new deck is failing to plan adequately. Deck building is a complex project that requires consideration of the local building codes, lifestyle and interests, and the available space. Before beginning the construction project, determine the purpose and functionality of the deck, the location, and the size. You should also ascertain the deck’s shape and size complement your property and the landscape. They should also accommodate the intended purpose of your deck.

3. Overlooking local building codes

You may fail to get a permit or familiarize yourself with local building codes, especially when it is your first time installing a deck in your home. This could result in additional expenses, legal issues, and safety problems. Here are steps to  take to ensure you adhere to your local building codes during deck construction:

  • Check the local building authority to familiarize yourself with building codes, rules, and regulations established for your state
  • Learn and understand the requirements associated with zoning, safety, and structural integrity
  • Get the required permits
  • Conduct routine inspections during construction to ascertain your project complies with local building codes.

4. Failing to hire a contractor

You may opt to DIY to keep deck building costs at a minimum. However, building the deck yourself could not only compromise safety. You could also void the material warranty if you do not install supplies correctly and with the proper framing layout and fasteners. You may also be unaware of the increasing local building codes, which could lead to legal trouble. 

Consider working with a professional builder to guarantee quality results. Local builders are familiar with the changing building codes and will help you remain compliant. With that being said, take time to research and read reviews to find a reputable deck builder at an affordable rate.


Deck building can be challenging, but with proper planning, informed choices, and excellent execution, you can ensure a seamless construction process. Invest in the right building materials, hire a contractor, and comply with local building codes to build a durable, safe, and beautiful outdoor space. 

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