Dopamine decor trend 2024 the ways to bring happiness into the house

For the 2024 decoration trend, the dopamine decor will be the latest one! It is a kind of decoration that can make you feel good while inside the house. That is why it is called ‘dopamine’ decoration. Since it is all about bringing joy into the house and the perspective of ‘joy’ for each person is different, the dopamine decoration will be closely related to the decoration that allows you to implement your personal touches. It will be about ‘you’. When you already know about maximalist decoration, then it can said as quite the same.

In decorating the house, you can bring the colors that give you a lift and bring you joy while inside the room. Of course, it won’t only be about the wall paint color but also the furniture, home accessories, and other elements inside the house. Besides the colors, you can also deal with your favorite patterns and textures that can give you comfort. You should be able to bring your feelings inside the house.

Anyway, from all of those considerations, you should know that there is one important aspect of the 2024 decoration trend. It should be natural-friendly since the trend supports the effort to save nature. Here are some examples that you may use as a reference in decorating your house with dopamine decorations for your 2024 home decoration.

Providing Your Personal Touches

In providing your personal touches, you can ask yourself about what things you like, what colors you like,  what is your favorite things, etc. Even when you have some collections to be displayed, you can do it. It will be really fun to see things you like while spending your time in the house. If you like art, you make the decoration as aesthetic as possible with some artworks displayed. The point is that you should know who you are.


This one is the collection display of the plate painting. Look at how it can be really aesthetic. Not only to satisfy you but also for your guests who will be in awe with all of the plates. Collection Display from

Providing Texture

There are so many texture choices that each person will have a different favorite texture. We all know that the soft texture is comforting but not everyone makes it their favorite. Some people love the rough texture to create a strong impression. You can get the texture from many parts of the house such as furniture, rug, cushion, blanket, and even the wall. Just put things that you like.


The texture comes from the padded table, cushion, sofa, rug, and baskets provided there. The owner can feel different textures in the room that will fulfill the needs of any mood of the owner. Such a great idea! Textured Decoration from

Installing Wallpaper

The wallpaper will also become the thing that people do for their 2024 home decoration. It is an easy way to juggle the house into the new impression. The wallpaper will also able to bring your personal touch since there are so many different choices of wallpaper. You can choose the ones that can characterize your personality and represent your need for joy.


The wallpaper is installed on the fireplace wall area not to make it look boring since the wallpaper has a pattern. The color matches the wall color around. Wallpaper Installation from @weeny_victorian_house_in_ware

Pattern Implementation

For dopamine decoration, the pattern becomes the point because we all know that patterns can characterize our personality. You can express yourself through the pattern. also, the pattern is really rich so that no need to worry about finding the pattern that can represent your personality.


The patterns provided in this room are really varied. But we can see the point that this room uses a botanical theme that represents the owner’s personality. Besides, it is also able to bring the decoration to have a natural theme at once. Pattern Implementation from

Go Natural

From all of the things that we have mentioned above, you should remember that the 2024 decoration also brings the natural-friendly principle. So here, make your decoration go natural so that it can have a relation to the earthy things. Besides, we all know that natural elements will always be able to bring a peaceful atmosphere inside the house.


Some aspects make this decoration can be said as a natural decoration. You can see from the materials used that most of them come from nature. Then, the greeneries also represent the nature. The last one is the natural sunlight that enters the room to make it more natural-friendly. Natural Decoration from @homewithrue

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