Ways to maximize the space to create best small bathroom design

No need to worry even when you have only such a small bathroom space because it can still have the potential to be proper, functional, and charming at the same time. Of course, there are some limitations that you will get but that won’t stop you from having the best bathroom version for you. Let’s say that you can’t have too many color combinations, or pattern combinations, or put too many things in the bathroom because that will only make the room to be as too crowded and narrower. However, you should know that even without those things, you can still make a good bathroom decoration.

We all know that making a plan is a must before we start to do a decoration or re-decoration including for your small bathroom. In this case, you should be able to choose the items that you should provide and the ones that won’t be too important. Here are the examples of the must-have items for your bathroom.

  1. shower
  2. toilet
  3. sink
  4. bathtub (conditionally)
  5. lamp
  6. mirror
  7. storage/rack
  8. mat

At least, you provide all of those items except for the bathtub because as long as you have the shower, you’ll be ok. You can still add vanity, chairs, pots, or whatever it is as long as you still have the space and the existence won’t make the room to be seen as narrow and crowded. Also, you should make sure to choose the right color and pattern to make the room balanced and harmonious.

Now, please check the following advice that will help you to maximize the space in making a proper small bathroom decoration.

Doorless Shower

The doorless technique is already known widely to make the bathroom space look spacious. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to install any door there because the door will still be needed not to make the floor area wet and slippery. You should separate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom. For the doorless shower, you can install a glass door or wall around the shower area.


This bathroom uses a glass door/wall for the shower room with a black frame so that the glass can still be seen and no worry about crashing the glass door. Doorless Shower from @a_devon_home

Bring Minimalism

Minimalism will be the best thing that you can apply for your small bathroom. With the minimal style, you will bring only the minimal pattern, texture, color, and even the items that are provided have minimal details. Those things that you apply to the small area will help you to get a proper, functional, and stylish bathroom design.


This bathroom applies the all-white decoration with a high level of minimalism. You can see from the tiles, storage, sink, toilet, door, and anything provided there have minimal details. Minimalism Design from @our_big_renovation

Big Mirror

Big mirrors are already known for their ability to create an illusion in the room that will make the room be seen as more spacious. That is why, here we do recommend you install a big mirror for your small bathroom so that the room can be seen as spacious. You can choose any shape of the mirror such as round, rectangular, square, etc.


This bathroom makes such a great change by installing the mirror with backlighting in the bathroom. It can have a spacious impression from the big mirror and the bright effect from the lamp. Also, the lamp is really aesthetic to give a stylish impression of the bathroom. Big Mirror from @dreamhouse_byme

Natural Element

A small bathroom is supposed to be simple when talking about the decoration. It will give a boring impression, sometimes. Here, we recommend you bring the natural element into the bathroom so that the room can be more comfortable, not boring, and fresh at the same time. For example, you can bring the wood furniture in the bathroom. Or, you can put some greeneries there.


Even when there are some greeneries provided in the bathroom they don’t make the bathroom look crowded and full. It is because the greeneries choice is right in varied. The sizes also fit really well which makes everything in balance. You should also see that there are some wooden items to bring the natural element inside the room. Nature Implementation from @homewithrue

Floating Vanity

Vanity is quite important so having it is a must for some people. For those who don’t even have a space for the vanity, you can choose the floating vanity. The floating one will give a spacious impression since it doesn’t use the space on the floor.


This floating vanity is perfect for a small bathroom space. It has a simple white color in a small size but really proper since it has the sink, the cabinet, and even a space on the top to put things. Floating Vanity from @therenohoe

Built-In Storage

To help you deal with the space limitation. the built-in storage is one of the solutions you can take. This one is a kind of storage that is built jutting inward on the wall. With that, you can surely save the space in the bathroom area. Not only functional but this built-in storage will also be aesthetic as it creates dimension.


The built-in storage here is not only used to put things but also to be the space to install the mirror and lamps. The dimension is created really well to bring the aesthetic look. Buil-In Storage from @helenklloyd

Big Window / Skylight

Both the big window and the skylight are functional to give a wider space impression since it gives an illusion as if there is no border and limit in the room. However, you should learn about the environment to make sure that your privacy is safe.


Even when only in a small space, look at this bathroom that doesn’t seem as narrow at all with the wide glass window and the skylight. The scenery provided is even more adorable and you can get the natural beauty with that. Big window and Skylight from @gracecottagehhi

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